naruto camping



12 ninja rode in the back of a trailer. With a purpled hair joining driving (uh-oh), and a tan brunet teacher with a long scar across his nose criticizing her. The 12 ninja's sat at a table talking.


Tenten- I am so excited for this trip!!!


Ino-same here!


Naruto- yea! We're going camping! BELIEVE IT!!!!


Gaara, Sasuke, and Neji- HN.


Shikamaru- camping is such a drag…


Sakura- I wish Anko and Iruka would stop fighting…


Temari- …and that's how babies are made Kiba… any questions?


Kiba- I have learned so much… hey Ino—


Temari- KIBA!!


Kiba- what?! I was going to ask if she had a piece of gum!


Sakura- *slaps forehead*


Hinata- um… are we almost there?


Anko- don't worry maggots, just a little longer—IRUKA I KNOW WHAT THE SPEED LIMIT IS, JUST STOP PESTERIZING ME!!!!!!!!!!


Iruka-I didn't do anything! WTF is your problem?!


Anko-Just shut up and let me drive the damn trailer!


Gaara-If I have to listen to this anymore I'm gona kill some one.


Naruto-Hey come on! This is supposed to be fun!


Sasuke- Naruto just shut up.


Ino- Sasuke will you be in my tent?




Matsuri-Are we there yet?




Matsuri- ok! Ok! Geez… you kneed to calm dow—


Anko- OK! We're here!


Sasuke rolled his eyes. Hinata let out a small giggle.


Kiba- YES!




Sakura- Naruto! Sit down and stop saying 'believe it!'


Naruto- yes Sakura…


Iruka- it's about time…


Anko- Hey! Watch it scary.


Iruka rolled his eyes. Gaara twitched in anger. Tenten just sat there looking bored.


Neji- HN.


They got up and started setting up the tents. There were four tents. One for the girls, one for the boys, and one for each of the adults. The girls started. Before the girls had even done anything, the boys yelled: DONE! The girls glared at them. The girls were almost done putting up the tent, when Ino screamed.


Ino- Sasuke! Can you help us put up the tent?! Please!!


Tenten-we're doing fine Ino…


Temari- Ino… just shut up.


Ino grunted and got back to work. Soon the tents were built and the girls started to drag their bags into their tent, while the guys looked for firewood and started the fire. There were bathrooms and a kitchen to keep all of the food. They were going to be there for about two weeks, so they needed showers… especially Kiba.


Temari-Kiba you stink! UGH! (Temari gages after smelling him, when he comes over)


Kiba- I'll take one later. Looking away.


Sakura pinching her nose in disgust.


Sakura-No you need to take one RIGHT NOW!!!


Kiba- Dude! What the crap! I took one 3 days ago! Do I half to?!


All the girls gag at this and start spazing!




Kiba has a huge nose bleed!


Ino hits Temari over the head with a stick.




(Luckily for her Sasuke is out getting firewood. Sorry fangirls.)


Finely after much persuasion (and Naruto's sexy jutsu) Kiba finely takes a shower.


Everyone was sitting around the campfire, talking and laughing, except for two people. Gaara being the anti social hottie he is (A/N: I WILL EXPRESE MY FEELINGS FOR HIM FAN BITCHES!) was walking around the camp ground thinking.


And Hinata, who was feeling rather shy as usual, was sitting on a rock next to the river that ran next to the campground, looking at the moon.


She thought she was alone when she heard something behind her.


Hinata-W-who's there!


Gaara-It's just me.




Gaara-why are you out here alone?


Hinata- O-oh…I-I am j-just looking at the m-moon…


Gaara- seems nice over here… mind if I join… you are going to have to say 'yes' or else I will kill you.


Hinata got scared. Gaara didn't really know how to talk to girls, being that emo social reject that he was (A/N: HAHA! TAKE THAT FANGIRL BITCHES!!!!) He never talked to any girl but his sister and Matsuri. He has never really had 'feelings' for a girl except his sister, which he just didn't want to get hurt, but none that he 'loved' or 'liked'… yet.


Hinata- o-o-o-oh… um… I w-was g-going t-to say y-yes even i-if you didn't t-t-threaten m-me… so… umm… s-sure.


Gaara blushed a little. He thought she was (dare I say it)… cute. Hinata let out a small giggle when he blushed. She blushed as well. Gaara looked at her with an evil stare.


Gaara- what?


Hinata- you're blushing!


Hinata faced him and smiled sweetly. He could tell she was blushing as well… but him? He had never blushed. He looked into the river where the moonlight casted his reflection in the soothing water. His eyes opened wide. It was true. His cheeks were a small shade of pink. When he saw that he was blushing, he got embarrassed and blushed even more! Hinata giggled again. He splashed water onto his face. When he did that Hinata noticed something.


Hinata- Y-your n-not wearing y-your sand coffin. The s-sand… it didn't b-block the w-w-water.


Gaara looked up, his face was wet, along with his hair. Hinata blushed. He looked sexy with his hair wet and in his face (A/N: YOU DON'T KNOW HOW HARD THAT WAS FOR ME TO WRITE THAT!).


Gaara- well… of cores not…I can be normal just like all of the ninjas. Just like you, see?


He splashed water onto her. She giggle as she held up her hands to try to block some from getting on her face. Gaara blushed; she really was cute to him.


Hinata- H-hey!


Gaara- see? You can get wet as well.


Hinata- t-that's not fair!


She pouted, and then she smiled and splashed some moor water onto Gaara. Gaara and Hinata ended up having a water fight. They laughed and giggled. But little did they know… someone was watching.


Matsuri saw that Gaara had gone missing from the rest of everyone else, so she decided to look for him. She really liked Gaara. To her, he was her love. She loved him, and would care for and comfort him. She was looking for him, when she thought she heard his voice. She came to some bushes, where she saw Gaara splashing water onto Hinata. She stared; she had never seen Gaara like this… like he was… happy.


She stared as the water fight continued. They splashed each other and played around for several minuets, until suddenly, Hinata, being the klutz she is, slipped in some of the mud they had created and fell onto Gaara, and they splashed into the lake!!! They came up from under the water. Their faces were just centimeters apart. Hinata started to apologize.




Hinata was cut off by something… by… Gaara. Gaara pressed his lips against hers. They blushed. Hinata closed her eyes and enjoyed the kiss. Gaara did the same. They kissed for a few seconds and then released, staring into each other's eyes.


Hinata- ' he really is gentle and sweet… he was just lost before. He truly can understand me. He is sexy too, and he can protect me. I think I'm in love!'


Gaara- 'she is so gentle and fragile. She is sweet and cute. She can love me for me, I don't have to act like a scary emo kid around her, and I can just be my self. She is cute and her eyes are beautiful… I think I… love her.'


Gaara and Hinata stared into each other's eyes for a while.


Matsuri was heart broken. Tears ran down her face one by one as she watched this. She was speechless. She was going to confess her love to Gaara on this trip, but now…


Matsuri turned around and ran back, her hands covering her face. Her heart throbbed from the heartbreak, her cheeks burned from the tears.


Matsuri ran as fast as she could, as Gaara and Hinata remained oblivious to her spying,


and continued kissing in the lake, under the moon light.


---Before that incident back at the campfire----


Temari-See Kiba! Now That wasn't so bad! (Patting his now washed hair)


Kiba snorts rather pissed off.


Sakura-Aw come on! Your dog didn't seem to mind.


She said petting Akamru, who was in Kibas lap.


Kiba twitched, in anger.


Shikamaru- whatever. Why do you girls always worry about nothing!


Ino-It's not nothing! It's just really disgusting how you boys take like one shower a week!


Shikamaru- troublesome.


Naruto-When do we get dinner? I'm starving!


Kiba-Yah when DO we get dinner?!


Matsuri-We're having Chicken and rice!


She shouted as Anko just kicked her out of the kitchen, literally. She hated cooking for more than one person.




All-y-yes ma'am


Tenten- 'ooo-lala!'




Sasuke-What crawled up her butt and died?


Neji- Iruka did.


Tenten-Well they better hurry up. It's already dark.


Matsuri-'Where is Gaara? He should be here right now! Well I better go find him, and tell him dinners gonna be ready soon.'


Matsuri-I'm gonna go for a walk.


No one heard her as she left the camp sight.


She walked around and eventually heard some talking. Curious she crept over to the sound and saw Gaara, and HINATA?! She watched as they had there water fight and Gaara actually smiling! She felt her heart breaking as she watched Hinata of all people laugh with him! She felt tears roll down her face as she watched. She watched as Hinata slipped and fall on Gaara. (YES! That little freak gonna get it! Gaara gets pissed off very easily!)


But no HE KISSED HER! That was too much for her to bare! She crept away silently, and then when she was a safely out of earshot of both camp and Gaara and Hinata, She started to cry.


Matsuri-Why? Why?! What dose that little brat have that I don't?! Why?!


She stayed there and cried until she couldn't cry any more.


She quickly cleaned herself up and hurried back just in time for dinner.


At dinner Hinata came back just after Matsuri. Gaara came back a few minutes after Hinata, so it wouldn't seem suspicions.


Matsuri just picked at her food.


Kiba- you're not eating your food.


Matsuri- Huh, oh I ate too much at lunch. I have a bit of a stomach ache.


Naruto- I'll eat it!!!




Kiba gave Matsuri a concerned look. Matsuri noticed and got a little annoyed; she blushed because a guy was giving her a look that meant he cared about her… but she only wanted that look from Gaara! Just then, Matsuri had an idea…


Matsuri- what?


Kiba- could it be something you saw? That's why I'm not eating a lot…


---Kiba flash back---


They were trying to convenes Kiba to shower, when all of a sudden, Temari yelled:




Kiba thought for a moment; he imagined Ino and him in the shower. Ino's blond hair flowed down her back. She didn't have any clothes on sense it was a shower, and neither did Kiba. He imagined Ino's hand lightly touching his shoulder, her body pressed against his. She said to Kiba quietly:


Ino- be genital with me Kiba: pl-ea-se?


Her lips leaning in closer and closer to Kiba's and then—




Kiba whipped his nose from the blood that had squirted out because of that image.


Naruto- then Tenten will!!!


Tenten shot Naruto a death glare. Kiba had a bigger nosebleed when he imagined the same thing except with Tenten, because Tenten was moor… uh… 'developed'.


Neji twitched in anger. Tenten really liked Neji, and Neji really liked Tenten; but they had always been afraid to tell each other, that they had only gone to the point as friends.


Temari and the rest of the girls pulled Tenten aside.


Temari- come on Ten! Please do it!?


Tenten- no way! There's no ways I'm taking a shower with Kiba!!!


Ino- aw! Please! It's the only way to get him to shower!


Tenten- so? What if—


Sakura- Please Tenten! We won't think badly of you!


Temari- yea Tenten! You'll be like our hero!


Tenten- But—


All the girls- PLEASE TENTEN!!!


Tenten- …fine…


Ino- and don't worry… just imagine him as Neji!


Tenten blushed massively!


Kiba walked up to the girls, he didn't here their conversation.


Kiba- ok fine… but only with Tenten… and just so I am not alone, I'm taking another guy with me.


All the girls except Tenten nodded in agreement.


Tenten- WAAAAAAAAAT!?!?!?! SOMEONE ELSE?!?!?!?!?!


Kiba- well yea…just so he makes sure I don't pull any stunts.


Tenten rolled her eyes.


Kiba- Neji is the one coming with me.


Tenten's eyes shot open. She blushed even moor. She was speechless. A shower… with Neji… OMS (oh my Sasuke)


They made sure that Anko and Iruka weren't looking and the three of them quickly scurried in to the bath house with there bath stuff and headed to the huge handicapped shower (since those are so big). Kiba stripped down in 2.5 seconds.


Kiba-I'm ready when you are Tenten.


He said grinning.


Tenten wanted to get this over with as fast as she quickly as possible. But then again…She wanted this to last forever with Neji. She felt a little guilty about this thought but oh well.


Neji was a little nervous too. He had always thought Tenten was hot, she was a little older that the other girls, she was more developed that the others.


Kiba started the water and was getting in, Neji was now only in his underwear, as for Tenten, she was in her black thong and matching bra. She was having some trouble unhooking her bra because her hands were shacking so badly, from nervousness.


Tenten-Could one of you get my bra hook, I can't reach it.


She said as casually as she could.




And he jumped up and unhooked her bra and let it fall, and her perky breasts were completely exposed.


Neji and Kiba both had nosebleeds at the sight. Tenten blushed a little but enjoyed the attention she was getting.


She finally undid her buns in her hair, and let her mid-back length brown hair fall down.


Kiba who was still in the shower, just gaped at her. Neji who was out of the shower needed to get in, so he wouldn't get blood everywhere.


Tenten grabbed her purple loofa, and suds it up and started washing Kibas shoulders and back.


Kiba groaned as he felt her chest on his back.


He felt turned on! The same thought that he had earlier and before he knew what he was doing he grabbed Tentens wrist sliding her around in front of him and he looked up her lustfully.


Tenten-Kiba, what are you doing?


He pushed her up against the wall in the shower.


Neji-Kiba! Stop!


Neji shouted and shoved him away from her.


Kiba-Whoa. Sorry bout that.


Kiba said grinning but not meaning it, and he started rubbing her shoulders seductively.


Neji was feeling uncomfortable about Kiba. He saw the glint in his eyes. Neji wanted so bad to be with Tenten, but right now he was just trying to keep Kiba that bastered from raping her.


Kiba started feeling her breasts and up and down her body and she moaned in pleasure.


He felt her body and kissed her neck, Tenten guiltily loved it.


She finally got down on her knees and licked his manhood till he was completely worn out and could barely stand. He was clean and completely worn out.


Kiba-Tenten that was fucking awesome. Save some for me again.


He said with an evil grin.


----End of Kiba flashback----


Matsuri slumped into her chair. Kiba laughed.


Kiba- I'll take that as a yes!


Matsuri glared. She then looked over at Gaara who was sitting next to Hinata… they were playing footsy. She looked down, heartbroken. She then saw the group of girls that were sitting together, Sakura, Ino, and Temari. Hinata and Gaara were sitting with them. She then looked over at the guys table. Naruto was yelling something, Sasuke was yelling for him to shut up, and Shikamaru was staring at the sky. Neji and Tenten still hadn't come back from the shower yet.


Matsuri- hey Kiba?


Kiba- yea?


Matsuri- do you know where Tenten and Neji are?


Kiba- hm… come to think of it, I haven't seen them sense my shower… nope.


Matsuri- maybe we should look for them…


Kiba- ok sure, let's go!


Kiba and Matsuri got up from their table and started walking.




Matsuri- we were going to look for Tenten and Neji.




Kiba shook his head. Anko did a face palm.


Anko- crap…


Iruka- go ahead.


Matsuri- thank you Iruka.


And with that, Matsuri and Kiba went off to look for them. They weren't to far, when Kiba broke the silences.


Kiba- so what did you see that made you moapy?


Matsuri- what 'd you see?


Kiba- tell me first.


Matsuri- only if you promise to tell me second.


Kiba- deal.


Matsuri- ok… we… I sorta saw Gaara—


Kiba- oh gawd is his dick really that small?


Matsuri-… I wasn't done yet…


Kiba- oh… well then… continue on then.


Matsuri- I saw Gaara and Hinata kissing… Kiba?


Kiba was in shock.


Kiba- (thinking) no way… Hinata… the sweet little girl and… Gaara? The murdering freak?!(thinking)


Matsuri- Kiba… Hello?


Kiba- huh? Oh… sorry I must have spaced out… so… Gaara and Hinata huh?


Matsuri- yea…


Kiba- I am guessing you like Gaara?


Matsuri- yea…


Kiba- hn… well, I think you're hot and nice!


Matsuri blushed. Kiba lifted her chin up with his index finger.


Matsuri- Kiba…


Kiba leaned in and kissed Matsuri. Matsuri's plan was working. She and Kiba shared a passionate kiss. Kiba pushed Matsuri onto the dirt and continued the kiss. He started to lift her shirt up.


Matsuri- Kiba-kun… not here…


Kiba- but why not?


Matsuri- because we are on the dirt, and Anko could catch us!!


Kiba- oh… right… I must have gotten carried away…


Kiba got off of Matsuri and helped her up.


Matsuri- hn, I like you… your outgoing.


Kiba- tch… thanks and you're… hot.


Matsuri blushed.


Matsuri- (thinking) yes he is falling for it!(thinking)


Matsuri- oh Kiba!


Kiba- hn, Matsuri…


They kissed again, but then, when they broke apart they heard moaning. They went over to the bath house and fallowed the noise. They peeked into the handy-capt shower and saw Neji going in and out of Tenten; Tenten was moaning in pleasure.


Kiba and Matsuri's eyes widened.


Kiba- (thinking)…Neji… why did you do that? I like Tenten… she is hotter than any of the other girls here, and she is demanding, responsible and nice. (thinking)


Matsuri- (thinking) THE HOROR! OH THE PAIN!!!!! TURN IT OFF!!!(thinking)


Who knew? They both thought. They decided to leave and never tell this dirty little secret to any one.

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