FAMILY GUY part 2 Mother and Son Bonding

Ive been jerking off pretty much every day since then. I suppose you think about meg while youre doing it dont you chris? Lois's hand once more started stroking up and down chriss massive cock her thoughts were slowly turning from anger to intrigue as she imagined chris fucking his teenage sister meg. As the idea went through her mind it quickly went from intriguing to arousing and loiss hand moved faster and faster up and down her sons massive cock. Sometimes but mostly I . . . I fantasize about you mom. Me chris? Yeah ever since i saw you naked that one time I've wanted to see more of your sexy body. I think youre really sexy mom. Even sexier than meg? lois asked with a laugh. Oh yeah, a lot sexier. Id love it if you sucked my cock mom. Lois looked down at her son her pussy getting moist as she thought about the fact that her son pictured her when he masturbated. She felt nasty and perverted at what she was thinking of doing with chris's massive cock but she couldnt stop herself. Without saying another word lois got on her knees next to her sons bed. Leaning down she slipped his thick cock into her mouth and wrapped her lips around her son's monster cock. Her hair spread out around her tickling chris where it touched his stomach and legs. Chris moaned loudly as his mother ran her tongue along his 12 inch shaft as she sucked him. Her hands where fondling his balls as her mouth moved up and down on his thick long shaft. She would suck just his bulbous cock head pushing her tongue into his piss hole then shed slide the whole 12 inch cock into her mouth. "God I cant believe Im doing this lois thought to herself but she couldnt deny how turned on she was. Peter's cock was not nearly as long and as thick as chris's and shed always had trouble taking all of him into her mouth but she could easily take all of chriss dick for some strange reason was it because she was so turned on that it was her son's cock that was in her wet mouth?. She loved rubbing her nose against his stomach as she took all of him into her mouth the smoothness of his balls and pubic area excited her. She ran her hands along the rest of chris's body enjoying the smoothness of his skin. She caressed his stomach his chest, his legs then she slid her hands underneath him cupping his butt cheeks squeezing them. Oh mom Im gonna shoot real soon. Oh yeah that feels so good. Lois removed chris's massive cock from her mouth. Come on baby. Cum in mommys mouth. Let me taste your cum chris. Lois ran her tongue along chriss long thick wet shaft then sucked his balls into her small wet mouth playfully running her tongue along them as she sucked them lightly. This brought a deep groan from chriss throat and a wicked smile came to loiss face. She felt so nasty sucking her sons long thick cock like this begging him to shot his cum in her mouth. Lois returned chris's monster dick to her mouth eager to taste his thick hot cum. She sucked hard on his long cock working him with her wet tight lips and tongue. Oh . . . oh yeah. Im cumming mom! OH YEAH, OH YEAH!!! SUCK ME MOM OH OH OH OH!!!! lois slid her mouth back until just chriss bulbous cock head was in her mouth.

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