Pile Of Lemons chapter 10

_-_-_-_-_The Next Day_-_7:A.M._-_-_-_

Naruto and Hinata were still sound asleep, but this time it was Naruto who awoke first. He raised his head and saw his arms were still wrapped around his favorite Hyuuga. Feeling a pleasant warmth on his dick he lifted the blankets carefully and looked down. Only to find that Hinata had positioned herself in her sleep so his morning wood was nestled in the crack of her large ass, almost completely hiding his entire length from view. Resisting the urge to wake her up by simply pulling back a little bit and thrusting forward into her tight ass, as she most likely needed her sleep, he laid his head down, setting the blankets over them as well, and thought about what, and how, he would go about seeing Tsunade today.

He was just in the middle of deciding if he would take the scenic route or just head straight there when he found himself in a familiar cozy cabin sitting in a wooden chair with a very nice padded seat.

He noticed the Kyuubi was laying on across the table from him on what looked like a large stool with a rather comfortable dog bed on top.

Hey kid, you did good yesterday. Haven't seen a good day long marathon like that since the Nibi last visited me. A crazy bitch, that one. If you ever meet her container you may want to run. The sex will be to die for, if you pardon the pun. The fox stared into nothing-ness as he remembered when the two tailed cat had literally tore a hole in his wall (The door wasn't even three feet away too!) and demanded he give her a long hard fucking or she was going to send an undead army into his section of the Bijuu district in hell.

Shaking his head to clear the wonderful memories he continued, On a related note, i also wanted to tell you that I can now contact the other Tailed Demons (1). Apparently they also struck up a deal with their containers, usually in exchange for more control of their demonic chakra but that comes naturally to you thanks to your vastly superior seal (2), and we've got a sort of, instant messaging system set up. I can tell your probably already thinking about who your gonna bag next...

pausing slightly as Naruto nodded while rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

"Yeah, I was thinking of who I should do next, I can't think of any though, then again i'm still half asleep so my thought process isn't so good right now. I've been here for a full twenty four hours plus when I go see Baa-chan and settle into my new place i'll have been gone for over two days. I'm willing to bet that the others will horny as all hell by then."

Kyuubi nodded sagely before continuing. Indeed, I may be able to help you find yourself another girl. I was talking to Shukaku, prick needs to stop talking in 1337 5p34k when we IM or I swear to God i'm gonna Turn his sandstones into glass and shatter them, and I found out that Temari is visiting Konoha, she was grumbling something about kicking a lazy genius's ass for beating her at shogi and then trying to find her crush. I have a suspicion it could be you from that manhandling she gave your junk 'on accident' when you visited Suna with Jiraiya a few months ago.

Naruto chuckled nervously at the memory, she had tripped and and caught herself on the waist of his pants. She had been nice enough to pull them back up... at the cost of her giving his dick a good squeeze. She was quick to apologize but looking back on it he should have seen the lusty look in her eyes and the way she licked her lips. He was still rather innocent back then so he didn't take her up on the offer she practically shouted at him but unfortunately, he just stuttered a quick "Bye!" and was off like a rocket to the village gate where his pervy Sensei was waiting.

"Hehe... yeah, your most likely right. So was that all? And wheres that astronach I gave you? … You didn't eat her or something did you?

The fox almost fell out of his seat laughing. Oh hell no kid, Hahaha, Shes over there. He pointed with his paw over to the bed where a large glowing orange puddle with scorched black armor in could be seen, Naruto thought it was just a lava puddle but the feminine moan and a small shifting of the armor alerted him that the fox had made her into a literal puddle of satisfaction. And besides, I dont mind a bit of my own seed when i'm eating a girl out but we seem to have something in common about exactly how much cum we each pumped into our respective lovers. If I actually did something as stupid as actually ate her I would swallow more me then I would her.

Flame astronaches are so rare because they're one of the few demons us big name fire demons can fuck, and keep fucking, until we're satisfied, provided we have enough of them. Most women can only last a few rounds with a fire demon as our cum is rather hot, even demons can get burns. Personally I round any up I can find and move them to a nice village where I satisfy all their earthly needs and let them grow in number, they reproduce asexually, before I swoop in and have the mother of all sex-a-thons with all of them. Which is why their so hard to find. I have most of them. Well... me and Diablo, but that retard just uses them as minions to fight for him.

I also called you in here for another ability I wish to share. In exchange I would like a few more bed mates. I'm afraid having sex with a puddle is less then satisfying and i'm still horny.

The ability is rather simple. When your fucking your chosen vixen and you feel her start to tire simply wait for your next orgasm and start pumping your secondary chakra into her through your dick. Fairly easy, AND it will keep her going for a few more hours. She will most likely pass out as soon as the chakra dissipates as she uses a bit of it every time she climaxes so watch out for that and be prepared to finish yourself off with her limp body. It's good for threesomes with a less experienced partner because you can just divert all your attention to your second lover if the new comer passes out mid-fuck.

"Awesome, thanks fox! That was becoming a bit of a problem. Any particular demons you'd like? I'm not exactly familiar with demon lore. Much less your personal tastes."

a Kappa, cause they're kind of exotic. A Red Ogre, they might possibly have the tightest pussies i've ever had. Throw in a Cat Girl, because honestly... who doesn't like Cat Girls? And a Fairy, and yes i'm aware they're only a foot tall. They have the elasticity of rubber so they fit on like a condom and they blow up like a balloon if you cum in them. You don't have to worry about hurting them AND they get off on the little amount of pain they do suffer when you stretch them over yourself. Good to finish yourself off with if your current lover passes out. I made a house for mine on my nightstand so they would always be within reach back home actually. I'll send you a mental picture of what they look like so you know how what to make them look like.

Naruto closed his eyes as he got several mental images of how the demons looked from various angles. Kyuubi had good taste, that was for sure. A few seconds later four women appeared.

The first was a rather tall woman, and considering she was easily lifting a metal spiked club 3/4ths as tall as she was and twice as wide, she was quite strong as well. Her other hand had a jug just as bog as the club that was simply labeled 'Booze'. She had red hair that went down to her shapely ass. Her breasts seemed to be a large C-cup.

The second looked like a cross between a turtle and a woman. She had a turtle shell on her back and her fingers and toes were webbed. She was bald, but it fit her in a way he couldn't quite place. She was tiny, only slightly taller then the academy student Naruto had seen out for a walk on the way to the Hyuuga compound. Yet she still had the curves of a sixteen year old.

Third was a busty purple haired girl with cat ears and a tail. Her D-cups and bubble butt looked almost comical on her but the pure lust on her face promised she knew exactly how to use her weapons of choice. (3)

The Last 'girl' was obviously a fairy. She was a liitle under a foot tall, had blond hair and was the only one in the group who was wearing clothes. Those being skin-tight black thing length boots and bicep length gloves. She was also wearing a bra that barely covered her tiny nipples with two hearts and a G-string with a heart that covered her lightly furred, deceptively tiny pussy. To complete the Fae look she had what looked like dragon fly wings, only one pair, and two antenna like protrusions that couldn't have been more then half a centimeter long. (4)

"These good? You weren't very specific with the Fairy and Cat Girl so I made my own. I'm actually surprised you didn't want a succubus." He asked, slightly winded, even in his own mind making life was still the hardest thing one could do.

Perfect boy. More then I could have asked for, i'll give you another ability when i'm done with these. It should help you with that pink girl. As for the succubus, kid are you stupid? You lucked out with your little pet succubus your snuggling with now. She picked you as her Destined One. If a succubus doesn't think of you as the perfect lover she'll suck out pieces of your soul every time you have sex. I'm one hundred percent certain I could fuck any succubi except maybe lilith into a coma but it's just not worth the effort. Besides, that thing about succubi being the best lovers? A partial lie. It's a rumor started by the species itself to fuel lust in their potential snacks. Sure their within the top five lays in all of hell, but definitely not the best. Anyway, i'm ranting, and you have a blond haired Suna kunoichi to seduce. Check the training ground, thats where my instincts are telling me she'd go. See ya later.

"Lookin' forward to that new ability, both of em. See ya later fox.'

After Naruto was done talking to Kyuubi he opened his eyes again and looked at the clock and saw it was 8:00. feeling his busty lover stir in front of him he let go of his restraint and shoved himself balls deep in her warm asshole.

"Morning Hime. So, you have a good rest?" He asked, reaching around and grabbing her breast he started playing with them.

She moaned and started tightening her ass. "Morning Master I had a wonderful rest, thank you. So what are we going to do today?"

"I have to go see Baa-chan today about my new house." Before she could protest that she wanted to go too he flipped them over so she was flat on her stomach and he was pounding straight down into her. Hitting places that weren't normally touched causing her to climax.

"I know you wanted to go and you will, but your tired. Don't try and deny it. I'll take the scenic route to the tower and meet up with you around Ten. Sound good?" He reasoned before he picked up the pace and blew his first load of the day into her ass, creating another orgasm for her as well.

Pulling out he was surprised as his cum shot out of her ass, as opposed to being absorbed, proof that she was quite a bit more tired then she let on.

"Okay then master I'll get some rest." She said with a pout, she was exhausted but she really did want to christen their new house, and she would need the energy for that.

"Hinata-chan only call me master when we're alone, other then that call me Naruto-kun in public." He told her as he got his clothes on.

"So you can only call me you Hime when we're alone?" She asked, slightly disappointed. She liked it when he called her that.

"Yeah, I don't want to hear the villager's talking. I know I'm their hero and stuff, but I don't want to hear them making rumors about why your calling be master in public. It'll just snowball from there and before you know it people will think I brainwashed you using me demon powers or some such bull." Having finished putting his clothes on he leaned down and pulled the blanket over her before giving her a kiss.

"I love you Hinata Hyuuga." She shuddered in pleasure when he said that, she had waited to hear those words for almost nine years. Since they started the academy.

"And I love you Uzumaki Naruto." She replied with a smile. She closed her eyes and snuggled into her blankets as he climbed out her window.

Remembering Kyuubi's advice Naruto headed for the closest training grounds, numbers fifteen through thirty seven. They were all rather small so he was able to search through most of them within a matter of minutes. Picking up a familiar chakra signature as he passed training ground thirty five he slowed down, concealing his chakra.

Creeping his way through the foliage he brushed aside a shrub and looked out into the field and saw his target. She was currently using her fan to turn the training posts into splinters. Quickly molding a bit of his secondary chakra he used his Advanced Fantasy Vision Jutsu.

As time froze he pondered for a second if he would have to get closer so he could see the screen or if it would come to him. Getting his answer a second later as the screen appeared right in front of him he scanned it briefly. I was dark yellow and had five options as opposed to four. Curious about the last button he read it to himself.

Ideal first time.

'Well that's new, I guess that wasn't there because the other girls were far from being virgins when I used it. Then again, I used it on Ino before I had sex with her.. Hmmm... maybe the more I use it the details I receive?' Shaking his head to clear that rant waiting to happen he clicked on the bottom button.

Only one sentence appeared on the screen after that.

Very roughly, preferably forcefully, in the ass.

Grinning he thought, 'Well that I can do! I'll have to keep this short, we can continue later. I only have an hour and forty-five minutes so I gotta be quick. I'll invite her over later and Hinata-chan, Temari, and I'll have a threesome, an excellent time to use my new ability. What should I call that anyway?... Whatever! I'll think about that later. Now, I need a plan.' He finished with a cackle.

Pondering for a second he decided upon a plan.

Letting go of the jutsu he wasn't prepared for the Cutting Winds jutsu that tore the bush he was crouching behind to shreds and threw him back a few feet, with a few new tears in his clothes.

"Ow." He muttered as the cause of his pain's eyes widened and she rushed over.

"Oh crap, Naruto! I'm so sorry! I thought you were my stalker, I don't know why she would follow me all the way here but she is extremely persistent." She explained as she helped him up.

"No problem Temari, nothin' a quick change of clothes won't fix. Whats this about a stalker?"

Blushing slightly in embarrassment she explained. "Thanks to you Gaara started developing a fan club. He actually started dating one of his more capable fangirls. So quite a few members decided that if they can't have Sabaku no Gaara then they're going to have a Sabaku. Most of them went for Kankuro but a few of the more... open, girls started stalking me. I managed to make them stop with a trip to the hospital, or three, but this one girl, Nemu Kuro- something or other. She's obsessed! I beat the hell out of her, and she just comes back the next day! I don't even know how she recovers that fast. Her dads part of the R and D department though so maybe he makes something for her? Anyway, I have to constantly look over my shoulder, i'm getting rather paranoid."

"Wow... sounds like you need to relax. How 'bout a spar? It'll take your mind off things and help you get stronger so your secret admirer can't rape you in your sleep or something." He said in a chipper tone, smiling innocently the whole time.

"I could have gone without that metal image but, sure. I could use a good workout." She said as they made their way back to the middle of the field.

Naruto made a shadow clone and had it walk in between them before it used Henge and it was suddenly wearing boxing referee clothes. Pulling a microphone from out of no where he started announcing into it.

"In the east corner, weighing in at one hundred and eighty four pounds, It's the one man army, Uzumaki Naruto!" Before Naruto could pull out a kunai and kill the rogue clone it continued.

"In the west corner, weighing in at..." Seeing the glare she was giving him the 'referee' gulped and skipped ahead, "She's sexy, she's beautiful, she's a damn fine piece of ass! Sabaku no Temari!"


Deciding to kill the clone quick Naruto cupped his hands and blew into them, pulling one hand away he revealed a ball of compressed wind chakra before launching it from his palm with a bit more wind chakra with a shout of, "Air Bullet!"

A blushing Temari decided the clone had to die as well. Shifting her large fan to her left hand as she pulled out a smaller fan and flicked it open before swinging it in a wide ark in front of her with a cry of, "Air Blade!" causing crescent moon shaped blade of wind to shoot towards the very doomed clone.

The deviant clone barely had a chance to whimper "Mommy." before both attacks hit him. The glowing white blade impacted the spinning ball of air causing it to spin off coarse, slicing through the ball with little effort. It still had enough energy to cut halfway into a decent size oak tree however.

Making four clones, two on each side, while she put away her smaller fan and re-equipped her larger fan. He made a fifth right behind him and had it sink into the ground right behind him using the Head Hunter Jutsu, out of his opponents line of sight.

The four clones and the real Naruto rushed forward as she swung her fan and released several dozen blades of wind at him. Using a quick Kawarimi at the same time his clones disappeared he switched with a leaf off of a tree a dozen feet behind her. Giving the appearance that she just destroyed the distraction while the 'real' him quickly rose from the ground in front of her.

More surprised then anything Temari brought the fan down with all her might. It connected with 'Naruto's' head with a sickening snap. Causing him to keel over half way out of the ground.

What she didn't know was that he had put three times the amount of chakra needed into the last clone, making it able to stick around for a few seconds after being hit, fatal wound or not.

Eyes widening in horror at the thought that she killed her secret crush she dropped her fan like it was glowing red hot and was about to bring her hands up to her mouth in horror before they were violently pulled back and bound with ninja wire.

Looking behind her she saw Naruto was in fact alive before she turned around again just in time to see the clone disappear. Before she could say anything her thighs, shins, and ankles were bound together as well.

Sitting upright on her heels she sighed and admitted defeat, "I guess you win Naruto. Now untie me. You really progressed well with that wind jutsu I taught you, last time you tried that you blew your shirt clean off!" She teased. 'What a day that was, watching you sweat as you practiced for hours. Mmmm, we should train in Suna more...'

"No. and don't remind me, okay? That was just embarrassing... and that was my favorite jacket!" He was all business when he started but was pouting at the end.

"Yeah... good tim- wait what? Untie me now! We could go get some Ramen." She suggested sing-songingly.

"While that is tempting. I have a better offer. Do me a little favor and maybe i'll let you go." unzipping his pants with a smirk his half erect manhood slipped out of his boxers, only a couple inches from her face.

Blushing bright red she was in shock at the size of it, she had felt him up before he left Suna almost eight months ago but he was limp and smaller back then. Looking up at him defiantly she shook her head, the subtle licking of her lips gave her away though. "N-no, I won't do it. You'll have to torture me first!"

"I was hoping you'd say that." His smirk turned diabolical as he pushed her forehead back causing her to fall backwards. Lifting up her legs, ignoring her half-hearted struggling, he was able to undo the ribbon that held he battle dress together. Almost immedietly after pulling the bright red ribbon off the cloth slid off her legs and fell to the ground, still wrapped around her at the shoulders. He set her butt down on her dress, it shielding her from the itchy grass and dirt, pushed her knees against her chest, and looked at her now exposed panties.

"A G-string Temari-chan? A little daring don't you think?" he teased as she looked away. Blocking her chakra before she looked back she was completely unaware of the torture she was about to go through.

Gently pulling the G-string up her legs he was rather surprised to find her pubes had been shaved into a small 'N', chuckling he was rather happy he'd found solid proof she was crushing on him. coating his index finger in red chakra and he started drawing slow circles around her clit before he did the same with the other hand, except using his index and middle fingers to rub up and down her pussy lips.

Temari was squirming in pleasure now, she hadn't fingered herself all week so she felt her orgasm building quickly. It started building even faster as he slipped a finger from each hand inside her, now using his mouth to lick her clit slowly.

"Wh-why aren't I cumming?" She was so close! She could almost taste it...

"You said I had to torture you didn't you? Well I am, I picked up this little trick from Hinata-chan it stops you from cumming, bringing you almost there and then holding you there. So for the next hour i'm going to eat out your delicious pussy and theres only one way you can get me to let you cum." He demonstrated his point be picked her butt up, wrapping his arms around her waist so her pussy was right in front of his mouth and started using all his skills to try and drive her over the edge, despite the chakra block.

Temari told herself she would last the entire hour but fifteen minutes later her iron will began to crumble. It was a full forty five minutes before she finally admitted defeat. "Alright! I'll suck your cock just let me cum! Please!" She pleaded.

"Yes ma'am!" He said cheekily before coating his middle and index fingers of his right hand with red chakra and tapping her G-spot, at the same time releasing the chakra block and giving a final suck to her clit.

Temari saw stars as she screamed out the best orgasm she had had in her life. Falling limp she was only partially aware of herself when she was lifted up by two of her ponytails. Snapping to awareness as he lined himself up she could only utter a "Wai-" before he shoved half his cock into her mouth, hitting the back of her mouth due to the angle.

When he pulled out for another thrust she threw her head back and closed her teeth. Glaring at him she told him through gritted teeth, "I'll do it, no need to face fuck me. A deals a deal. Now undo my hands."

Shrugging he reached behind her and pulled three bits of wire at random before the mosh pit of knots binding her arms all fell to the ground.

Rotating her shoulders she grabbed his hips and forced him down. Doing her best to climb onto his lap with her legs immobilized she started licking him from base to tip. Noting how purple his cock head was and his twitching hands she quickly started taking him in her mouth. Quickly building up a rhythm she was stroking and sucking on his length almost like a pro.

Unfortunately, Hinata was a pro and had spoiled Naruto yesterday so he wasn't satisfied with only having five inches in her mouth. Grabbing two of her four ponytails he forced her head lower, ignoring her arms pushing upwards against his thighs. Pushing harder he managed to get a full foot of his cock down her throat before he felt his orgasm approaching.

Sitting up on his knees he took her head with him and started fucking her face, causing perverse noises to fill the clearing. Temari had stopped resisting after a few trusts and was just enjoying the feeling of someone finally hurting her.

No one had the balls to even ask her on a date, much less blackmail her like this thanks to a combination of Gaara's overprotective nature and her own strength intimidating and scaring off any potential boyfriends.

Her musings were cut off as she started to drown on his thick white cum. Swallowing as best as she could around his cock, causing him to shoot cum faster at the sensation, she couldn't contain it all. He held he head still even as cum came oozing out from her donut shaped lips.

Twenty seconds later he released her head and fell back on his butt. Enjoying the after glow as he watched her struggle to swallow all the cum he had shot into her.

He didn't have to wait very long as she finally gulped it all down and raised her ass in the air, "Fuck me Naruto-kun, you have no idea how long i've wanted you too." She said seductively.

Crawling over her lined himself up and started inserting the tip of his length. She turned around and buried her head in her arms, gritting her teeth in wait for the pain his massive dick was sure to cause her. Blinking her eyes open and turning around when she felt his hands leave her hips and his cock head leave her folds she was able to see him zipping up his pants and walking away.

He looked over his shoulder and focused on her confused face, calling out to her before he reached the tree line, "Sorry Temari-chan! Thats all you get for now! We'll play later okay? But i'm starving! See ya later!" He let out a loud laugh at her face. It was a mix between gobsmacked and a pout. Overall it was completely adorable.

As he disappeared into the foliage Temari promised herself she would have that giant cock before the day was through before she got to work removing the wire holding her legs together.

Still chuckling Naruto checked the clock on a nearby stall, as he was in the restaurant district, and saw it was 9:16 A.M. Seeing as how he had almost forty-five minutes until he met up with Hinata he wandered toward his favorite restaurant in the village.

_-_-_-_-_Fifteen Minutes Later_-_Ichiraku's Ramen Stand_-_-_-_

Hey Old man, Ayame-neechan, start me off with a bowl of beef ramen and keep 'em comin'! I got half an hour of free time!

_-_-_-_-_Twenty Five Minutes and Thirty-two Bowls Later_-_-_-_-_

We now find out hero patting his belly as he walked toward the Hokage monument. Quickly making his way there he saw Hinata waiting for him by the entrance.

"Hey Hinata-chan, have a nice rest?" Glancing around and seeing no one was looking he gave a quick chaste kiss.

"Yes Naruto-kun, thanks for making me go back to bed, I feel back at one hundred percent already!" She answered as they walked into the tower and got in the elevator. Making idle conversation as it got to the top they walked out. Getting a nod of approval from the secretary, Hinata was about to knock on the door before she had to dodge as it swung open a second later.

"Hinata, Brat! I was just about to send an ANBU to get you. Come in, I need to talk to the both of you." Tsunade told them as she stepped back into her office, followed quickly by a giggling Hyuuga and a grumbling blonde muttering about old hags under his breath.

"Hey guys, it's been so long since I last saw the two you. How have the two of you been?" Temari asked, sipping on her tea, surprising Hinata by simply being there and surprising Naruto how well she could clean herself up in such a short amount of time. Her make up was no longer streaking down her face and her dress didn't have several splotches of his cum on it any more. Lastly her hair buns were back in presentable condition. The only thing that gave her away was the barely noticeable red lines around her wrists and ankles.

"Temari-chan! We're doing great, it has been awhile, so how's Gaara?" he asked while wondering how she was going to acquire the payback she most likely wanted.

"He's healing up nicely, having the one tailed demon suddenly shove itself back into the already faulty seal wasn't exactly healthy for him after all. Its still hard for him to work but he insists on doing the paperwork before it piles up to much. Something about the paperwork actually being the real ten tailed demon when it grows big enough." She gave a laugh at the crazy things her brother said as Tsunade cast a fearful look at her own growing pile of paperwork on her desk as it seemed to vibrate for a few seconds.

"So Baa-chan what was it you wanted to talk to us about." Easily dodging the grey blur that used to be a chair as it punched a hole through the wall, and three walls behind it, pinning a poor chunin to the wall.

"Well you see Temari's on vacation for awhile. Something about creepy pale stalkers. Anyway, she decided to come here, the problem is that there aren't many hotel's that are rebuild and accepting foreign ninja, even allies, yet so I was wondering if you could accompany her while she's here." the fire shadow explained.

"It's perfectly okay with me, but where's she gonna stay? I've been staying at... friends houses the last couple of days." Nobody but Hinata noticed the pause before he said friends.

"That would be where I need to ask for a favor, you see, the village rebuilt your apartment. It looks like something the clans would live in now and you have plenty of space. So I was wondering if she could stay with you for the time being. And not to be rude or anything, but why is Hinata here?"

"Sure Baa-chan that sounds great!" Dodging another chair and ignoring the scream of pain as another chunin was pinned to another wall he answered, "Hinata-chan here feels she's old enough to move out, and since I've been planning on redecorating my apartment building I thought I would offer her a room. That plan kinda went down the toilet when I heard it was destroyed though so I hoped my new house was big enough for us."

Tsunade rubbed her temples and sighed, "Hiashi's gonna blow a gasket. Fine, i'll take care of Hiashi and his eventual hissy fit if Temari can stay for as long as she likes. For free."

"Sounds fair, where is it anyway?"

"Follow me and I'll take you there." They all got up and headed toward where his new house awaited. Naruto also noted that this was the direction of Ten-ten's store. He was hoping his house was close. He could always use a good facefuck in the morning and a quick Shunshin over that'a way would clear that right up if it was close enough. Thinking quickly he connected a thin string of chakra to both Hinata and Temari's heads.

As they were walking Temari couldn't help but check Naruto out. 'Wow, I cant believe that Naruto saved his whole village from Pein. Look's like that training did some good for his body too, man I wish I could take him right now. But no, i'll wait until we're asleep, ambush him, and make sure i'm walking funny for the rest of tomorrow!

She, once again, cursed the fact that she was bi-curious, Hinata looked just as appealing as Naruto did. ' I mean, just Look at Hinata! She looks so sexy in that outfit, and look at how much cleavage she's showing too! Dammit I just want to suck those huge tits of her's until my lips are swollen and puffy. Same with that cock of his...' Temari finished wistfully, currently enthralled in her fantasy involving her and Hinata sucking off Naruto while a few shadow clones fucked them silly while they jerked off even more clones, spraying them with cum.

Hinata was having a fantasy of her own. she was thinking of eating Temari out while Naruto pounded her from behind, then it changed to her and Temari in a tangled knot of limbs with their breasts squashed together while Naruto fucked them both with that wonderful Kage Henge of his.

'I cant believe they're both having sexual fantasies about all three of us. Hinata-chan must really like it when I fuck her in the ass. Both of her fantasies have me fucking her tight ass. They both must me pretty horny right now. Buuut I think I'll just tease them a bit and when they're at their breaking point. That's when I'll take them both. Be it tomorrow or tonight, I can wait.' Naruto plotted.

Well I think you should just ditch the older hottie and just pull those two into an alley and fuck their brains out.

'How the hell are you done with those demons I gave you already? Your were busy with miss living lava for like, a day! It's only been a few hours!'

Oh don't worry, i'm actually knot deep in the Cat Girl's throat right now, I just figured I would make my opinion known. Also, I know you've been needing a name for that chakra block ability of yours. Plus i'm in a rather good mood as the Red Oni just decided she wants anal, I can't wait!

Naruto didn't know how a demon the size of a mountain could sound like a kid in a candy store but he managed to pull it off.

Snapping out of his happy thoughts, Kyuubi continued, Anyway, the blocking ability could be called Unbearable Pleasure, simple, and to the point.

'I like it, that been bothering me for a while so it's nice to finally have a name for it. (5) And the new ability?'

I was thinking of something to help satisfy the Hyuuga's little sister in case she wants revenge for the bed. But it could be used for any of the girls who have developed a taste for cum. It's called endless supply. Pretty self explanatory, when you cum just send either my or your chakra, either work for most of your abilities now, don't know why, to your balls and rotate it in a clockwise vertical circle toward your cock. Sounds hard but it's really not. But for the love of god be careful. Spin it any more then one direction and you'll create a Rasengan and turn your scrotum into a blender. Not a pleasant thought. And i'm sure your aware how painful regrowing a testicle id after that horribly hilarious, for me, training accident when you were nine.

This will cause you to keep cumming within, or on, your vixens. Theres only two real downsides. This ability drains stamina rather quickly, even I can only use it for a month straight. I'd say about six hours for you though.

The other downside is it only feels about half as good as a normal orgasm, don't get me wrong, you still experience a normal orgasm and then this ability also adds pleasure after that, but some demons think it's an easy way to have a continuous orgasm. it doesn't extent your orgasm for as long as you use it but it does add a bit more pleasure then normal. But that is easily overlooked as instead of feeling the need to shove yourself completely into your bed mate and fill them to the brim, and keep yourself there until your spent you can keep having sex with them at the same time while using this ability. Those succubi won't know what hit them.

Personally I love doing this to fairies. It's like a game to see how big they can swell up before cum starts shooting out of them. Speaking of which...

Hearing a small feminine squeak Naruto cut the mental connection, not particularly wanting to hear Kyuubi fill up his 'balloon'.

After ten minutes of walking, and a few mini orgasms from dirty thoughts, the three of them finally got to his new house. It was where his apartment used to but it looked even better then his old place. Looked more like a condo the royalty stayed in when they visited Konoha for various things.(chunin exams, usually)

"Heres your key, enjoy the new place, I have to go deal with paper work. A few of of the minor villages, and even Kumo want to help us rebuild. Considering that we've had a solid truce for almost eight years now I think we may be allies soon. Gotta watch out when you become Hokage brat, this is a perfect opportunity for other villages to swoop in under the guise of 'helping' and either attack or set up their own embassy. Last time one of our allies had one of those within Konoha's walls the Inuzuka heiress was almost kidnapped." Tsunade finished in a lecturing tone, normally Naruto would ignore any boring lectures but this was about being Hokage, so she had his full attention.

"Hana was almost kidnapped? Knowing her she probably tore a few of her kidnapper's throats out." He replied, slightly shocking Tsunade that he knew yet another clan heiress.

"You two have met?"

"A few times, we had a few high C-rank missions together when I first got back from my training trip. Nice girl, little rough around the edges though, really rough." He stared into space remembering the rude girl he'd met a few months ago. She was rather pretty, so she had that going for her but someone needed to knock her down a peg.

Deciding to take her leave the busty Kage turned around and made her way slowly to her tower, anything to stall before she had to battle the accursed ten tailed demon made of living paperwork.

"Wait, Baa-chan. Which room's mine?" Naruto asked her, gesturing to the five story building behind him.

"The entire top two floors." She answered, causing his jaw to drop. "I gave you the master key so you can rent out the bottom three floors if you want a little extra money on the side." She suggested before she was out of earshot.

Still in a state of shock Naruto ran up the building to the only door on the entire fourth floor. He unlocked and opened it, flanked by the girls, to they're amazement the place was outstanding, there was new everything! A nice size TV, a big kitchen, and brand name furniture. Walking up the stairs they saw that the entire fifth floor was bedrooms connected by two hallways that connected in a 'T' shape. Seeing as how the bedroom in the middle was the biggest Naruto picked that one, Temari picked the one on the left of his while Hinata picked the right. Although both Naruto and Hinata knew that except for tonight Hinata was most likely not going to be using her room. Preferring to keep her promise of staying in his bed whenever possible.

"Wow Naruto. This is so cool, and the village made this for you? It looks almost as fancy as mine. said Hinata, considering she came from the richest clan in the village that was not a compliment that could be said truthfully to a whole lot of non-clan people, ninja or not.

"Yeah, this place is pretty nice, and to think, you used to live in an old single person, bachelor pad. Now look at you, I'd swear you robbed a bank or two for this kind place." Temari piped in as they made their way downstairs.

"I know, this is great! I should thank the village for this somehow, maybe i'll sent a few hundred clones to help rebuild." He pondered as they entered the kitchen

"That sounds like a nice idea." seeing a box on the table she walked over to it. "Hey Naruto-kun theres a box over here. According to the note it's from Tsunade-same." Handing Naruto the box he flipped the card over and read it aloud.

Naruto, when you went demon form trying to defeat Pein after Hinata was injured your coat was ripped to pieces. the old toad fixed it for you, saying something about it looking bad-ass and helping with sage mode somehow. So here it is. I also put your inheritance from your father on the bed in the master bedroom.

Signed, Tsunade.

Naruto got done reading the note and tossed it in the trash can before he opened the box, and sure enough, he saw the black coat with red flames he was wearing when he fought Pein.

He took it out of the box and carefully examined it. Turned out it was not only fixed, but it was even better then before! If the durability seals and repairing seals were any clue that is. It was also machine washable! Which was awesome, cause he just didn't have time to hang dry his clothes these days.

Putting in on to see if it fit he found that it was a little snug. Seeing an adjustment seal of the inside of the collar he channeled chakra into the coat and made it a size bigger. "There we go, perfect fit!" flexing his arms he tried several different poses before he slipped into the Toad Sage Taijutsu stance. He didn't know how but it didn't limit his movements at all.

"You look great in that Naruto-kun." Hinata complimented as she was eying him up and down. 'Dammit Naruto-kun! You know how much I want to fuck you, your such a pussy tease.'

"Make's you look heroic." Temari added, licking her lips. 'Patience Temari, he'll be ours in an hour, tops. No need to jump his gorgeous bones now. He's just trying to rile you up.' She told herself.

"Thanks girls, so do either of you two need to get some clothes from where you were staying before?" He asked only to receive blank hungry stares in response.

"Huh? What did you say Naruto-kun? I'm sorry I had something big on my mind." Hinata muttered. 'Like me sucking you dry of all your delicious cum.'

"Me too Naruto-kun. I had... was thinking about... something." Temari finished lamely and tried to shake his naked body from her mind. 'Stupid sexy Naruto. Just you wait, you'll be screaming out my name when I ride you like a horse soon.' She cackled in her head.

"I was asking you both if you wanted to get your clothes from where you were staying before. Since your both going to be living here I didn't know if you wanted to get your things now or later." he explained.

The girls glanced at each other and nodded.

Naruto, guessing correctly they wished to get a few things now, told them, "Alright, i'll see what I can find in the kitchen, it looks like someone stocked it full so I should be able to have dinner ready by the time you get back. Plus I wanna see what Dad left me. Don't take to long, this is the first time i've cooked for someone else and I want an honest opinion." He smiled at both of them and headed for the stairs as they left.

Reaching to his bedroom he opened the door and continued on to his bed. Just as the note said there were a few items on the bed. A scroll the size of the forbidden scroll labeled 'Hiraishen instructions', a few three pointed kunai and a sealing scroll that most likely contained more of the pointy objects, and finally a small scroll with his name on it with a small razor blade on next to it.

Skimming through the biggest scroll first he found there was actually a warning in the scroll for him. It simply said don't overuse the jutsu, as the chakra cost was gigantic until you mastered it. Although when he saw the chakra requirement he scoffed, the scroll itself must have been made before the Kyuubi showed up. He could easily use the starter version of the jutsu fifty times before he would have to take a break, as opposed to the three times max that the scroll recommended.

Picking up the smaller scroll and one of the kunai he twirled it around his finger to get a good feel for the balance while he examined the scroll. Recognizing the blood seal he put down the kunai gently, so he didn't cut up his new blankets, and nicked his thumb on the small blade before smearing a bit of blood on the seal. His thumb was already healed by the time the seal finished dividing in half, then fourths, eights, ect, until it was gone.

Opening it up he was rather surprised to find out that the scroll was actually a letter from his mother. Wondering why the hell his dad didn't have five seconds to write him a note he read it.

Hello Naruto-kun. If your reading this I unfortunately didn't survive child birth, or that prick Danzo killed me. He never did like me because i'm from Uzukagakure (Village Hidden in the Whirlpool, I think) Fascist asshole... Anyway, I don't have much to offer you except to tell you that I love you. I don't care if you turn into an evil monster or something, always know that I love you no matter what.

You'll find two seals at the bottom of this scroll with my signature weapons in them. A claymore made out of some kind of unbreakable metal. I've never once had to sharpen it (6). I found it on the body of a bleach blond haired warrior dressed in silver armor. Take good care of this weapon, that women deserved respect, she was surrounded by the corpses of dozens of A-rank demons, all easily four times her size. There are some kind of black pills in the hollowed out hilt of the sword, they apparently cut off demonic chakra usage of the person who eats them for twelve hours so if you ever fight a jinchuuriki, toss one in his or her mouth.

My pride and joy, aside form you, is also sealed at the bottom, a weapon of my own design. This beauty was what gave the the nickname The Spinning Red Death. Because I never stopped moving while using it and my hair is red... it may have also been because of all the blood, I was never really sure about that little detail. It's two chakra blades connected via a ten foot long chain. (7) The chain itself is rather thin but has enough durability seals on it to take just about any punishment it gets put through and it will repair any damage done to it with a bit of time and chakra. The blades are special though, channel wind chakra into them and they'll cut through anything like a hot knife through butter. My affinities are water and wind so I hope you inherit that. If not, talk to your godfather, Jiraiya, about applying a chakra converter seal to the handles.

I can feel you kicking now, it's like you know i'm writing this to you. I hope you never get this and i'll be able to give these in person but, well, lifes a bitch.

Love, Kushina Uzumaki.

P.s. Son it's a family secret but about... oh, five hundred years ago when our family first started one of our ancestors tamed and married a succubus. So we all have just a hint of sex demon blood in us, making us all rather... gifted, when it comes to matters in the bedroom. I'm writing this part as the Kyuubi is approaching and I know that look in Minato-kun's eyes. He's gonna do something stupid. So on the off chance that he seals the fox within you while sacrificing himself I just want to warn you that you probably shouldn't use any demonic chakra, specifically for any sex related techniques. You may or may not turn into an Incubus. Just a friendly piece of advice. Have a long happy life. If I see you in the afterlife in any less then fifty years i'm going to beat the shit out of you. Unless, of coarse, you die saving a village full of orphans or something redeeming like that. Bye son!

Sweat-dropping he couldn't help but say aloud, "Thanks Mom. Could'a used that advice when I was twelve, and again about a week ago when I learned Touch of Heat." He sighed, "Oh well, being a demon won't be so bad I guess. Kyuubi seems well adjusted... usually."

For some reason he opened the mental link to his mind scape to hear what Kyuubi was currently doing.

Ha! Look at that! My fairy condom's as big as a basketball! Hey, I wonder... If I let her go will she go zipping around the room like one of those ancient looney Toon cartoons?

Quickly cutting the connection he resisted the urge to ram his head against the nearest wall and just settled for face palming. Feeling a cut on his cheek he pulled his hand back and curiously looked at his finger nails. Finding small claws instead of flat nails he quickly brought a hand up to his ears.

Feeling a slight point to his ears he sprinted into the bathroom and checked his eyes. Noticing a thin red ring around the pupil his suspicions were confirmed.


_-_-_-_-_With the Girls_-_-_-_-_

As they were walking they both were stealing glances at the other girls body. Temari suddenly spoke up. "so Hinata... how many time's have you had sex with Naruto-kun?" She asked, getting straight to the point.

"Was it that easy to tell?" The blunette asked.

"We had a spar earlier today, he told me if I wanted him to let me go I had to suck him off. It took all my willpower to resist that cute face of his but I said no, that he'd have to torture me first. I didn't actually expect him to block my ability to cum and then eat me out until I begged him. He said he learned the move from you." She gave Hinata a mock glare. "So it isn't that big of a leap to connect the fact your shaking your hips more when you walk and dressing more provocatively."

"Huh, I didn't know he knew that move, he must have copied me when I used it on him. Combining all three times we've had sex it adds up to almost a full twenty-four hours. I can't seem to get enough of his cum though, I fear i've become quite addicted. So i'm hoping to sneak into his room tonight."

"You too? Man, that's what I was gonna do. Can I have him first? He just teased me when I finished sucking him off after our spar."

"Sure, you must be dying for it. You poor girl. Wouldn't be my first time with a girl... or double teaming Naruto-kun with another girl either."

"Wait, What! You had sex with another girl along with Naruto? How, and who, was it?"

"It was with Sakura, it was pretty fun. Sakura is definitely bi. So what do you say. Do you want to have sex with me and Naruto-kun Temari-chan? I know you were checking me out when we were walking with Tsunade-sama, and again just a minute ago." Hinata said seductively as she wrapped her left arm under her walking companion's left arm and started massaging her left breast through her clothes while her right hand pulled open the right side of dress, exposing her breast for all to see, if there was anyone around at the moment, and started fondling that one as well.

Temari started to moan as Hinata's hands were touching every sensitive spot she knew on her chest, and then some. Before she started to pinch her nipples roughly, making them hard. "So what do you say Temari-chan? You better head to your hotel room quick and get your things. We wouldn't want to leave Master waiting do we?" She whispered in Temari's ear before sliding her hand down the panting blondes toned stomach and pinched her clit. Causing Temari to arch her back and moan loudly as she climaxed.

Falling to her knees she admitted, "All my possessions are in a sealing scroll, I left it back in my room at Naruto-kun's place. I came with because I wanted to talk to you."

Licking her hands of the weak kneed blond's juices below her Hinata smiled and picked her up and held her steady. "Good, i'll let you borrow some of my clothes, they may be a bit baggy or tight in some places since i'm shorter and have more curves. Lets go to my house."

"Yes, let's hurry. We don't want to keep him, or us, waiting any longer then needed." Moaned Temari as they started tree jumping to the heiress's house. Temari had to slow down to close her dress and catch back up with Hinata however when she felt a breeze on her right breast.

When they got to the still empty mansion Hinata lead Temari to her room and they started sealing all her clothes and few extra supplies she would need for a few days into a few spare scrolls she had lying around. When they were done sealing the last of her vast wardrobe they looked through the lingerie and other sexy clothes they had left out to pick from. Hinata decided on see through lacy ice blue panties while Temari picked a wife beater shirt that only reached to just above her belly button and was straining against her large C-cups with innocent white panties.

Temari couldn't help but feel jealous as she saw Hinata's body when they stripped, both being girls there was no need for privacy.

Finishing by putting their regular clothes over their new underwear and sealing the rest into the scrolls, they made it back to Naruto's apartment in record time.

Opening the door to something delicious smelling they set the scrolls down on one of the two couches and walked into the kitchen. Seeing three plates set out, two on one side of the long table, and one on the other they sat down on the side with two and watched Naruto, who was currently leaning over the open stove with mitts on humming a nondescript tune to himself as he worked.

Pulling out a rectangular glass bowl with what looked like home made macaroni and cheese inside he set it on a towel on the table and hung up the mitts. He turned around and jumped in surprise, "Aaah! Didn't notice you girls were there. So how was the trip?" He asked as he made a clone pull out their chairs for them as he walked around the table and sat down in his seat.

The girls gave a chorus of, "Thanks Naruto-kun." before Temari added, "The trip was... enlightening." giving a meaningful glance at Hinata they each scooped a decent size pile onto their plates.

The girl's eyes widened as they tasted the meal, it was delicious! The cheese tasted different so they gave a questioning look at Naruto and Hinata asked, "Naruto-kun this is really good! How did you learn to cook something like this? And is this goat cheese?"

Enjoying a nice spoonful himself he answered, "Yes actually, an old neighbor of mine was allergic to dairy, this is one of the meals he just thought up. The only bad thing about it is it doesn't retain heat very well, so it cools off quick. Wonder what ever happened to him anyway?" He asked rhetorically.

And so dinner continued, half an hour of small talk and one incident of Naruto suddenly finding one of the girl's feet trying to jack him off they started settling down and watch TV. Naruto laid on the couch on his side. Temari had sat in the recliner and had taken off her dress enough so it showed off her legs, panties, and barely covering her breasts, telling him it was too hot, showing off the wife beater shirt she had put on, it being stretched across her bust so much it was almost see through. Hinata had given up any form of acting like they weren't together and had taken both her jacket and pants off and laid down in front of Naruto, grinding her panty clad ass into his crotch slowly.

Not much was on TV but they found a nice story on demon lore on the history channel. Naruto made sure to pay special attention to the parts about Succubi and Incubus.

He learned quite a few things. First, he was actually not turning into an Incubus. More of a mostly human Cambion. Although the more he used demon chakra the faster he would speed up the transformation until he was half incubus and half human. He was actually rather happy with this as the program said, "A Cambion is usually devilishly cunning, and angelically handsome/beautiful, able to persuade even the most strong-hearted individual to do his or her bidding." It was quite the ego booster. It was also probably why he was so good at convincing enemies to be friends.

Secondly, he learned some of his ancestors must have been freaking the fuck out when they had kids. If his demon blood hadn't started getting more powerful later in life and instead been strong enough when he was born he wouldn't have had a pulse until about age seven. This also meant his ancestors were basically zombies for most of their adolescent life, only with less decaying and none of the whole 'feeding on human flesh' thing. Quite the freaky thought, regardless.

Thirdly, he learned that even angels weren't pure beings. They came down to earth occasionally and hooked up with humans. Their children were referred to as Nephilim, the descendent of fallen angels, due to the fact that if the angel was caught in the act he was banished from the heavens. Kyuubi opened the link for a few moments to warn Naruto that if he ever found a Nephilim that he would start singing again if he didn't seduce her immediately, as they were often stunningly beautiful.

Alarms went off in the very back of his mind when the show focused on Succubi charm abilities but he ignored it in favor of using Touch of Heat on his left hand, which was draped over Hinata's lower torso, to tease the ever loving hell out of his couch mate. Glancing over at Temari to see her intently focused on the show, as it had just started on the section about the tailed demons, he slipped two faintly glowing dark blue fingers into Hinata's panties and started pumping in and out of her pussy. Sliding his right arm under her he coated that hand with more of his own darker then usual chakra and took one her breasts out of the bra cup and started teasing it.

Hinata was very pleased with this turn of events, the fact that if Temari wasn't so focused of the show she would have found her fellow kunoichi being pleasured not ten feet away was quite the turn on.

She Climaxed just as the section on the Shuukaku had ended Naruto was quick to cover her breast back up and withdraw his hand from her now soaked panties. His hand was stopped as he was raising it to lick her tasty juices off however as she grabbed his wrist and sensually licked it off herself.

Pouting at her for stealing his rightful prize he was interrupted as she slowly unzipped his pants, so the metal didn't make any noise, and pulled the back of her panties down. Fishing his erect cock out through the hole in his boxer, and pants, she lined it up with her back entrance and slowly inserted it within herself.

He was about to start moving, seeing as how she didn't move for the entire segment about the Nibi before she lifted her arm up and casually paralyzed him below the neck. His eye twitched as she gave no indication that she was going to move at all.

And so Naruto was forced to sit through the next thirty minutes about the show in which it gave details about the Sanbi, all the way up to the Hachibi, as Hinata tortured him by using nothing but her Hyuuga skills to flex and even vibrate her ass muscles in an attempt to drive him insane. It would be so bad if she hadn't used the Endless Pleasure ability again, she had also cut off his ability to use chakra for some reason. He was on orgasm number four when the show went to the commercial break right before it would talk about the Kyuubi.

Hinata noticed Temari's attention on a cheesy perfume commercial so she reached behind herself and quickly tapped three spots on Naruto's chest.

Naruto, discovering he could use chakra again, decided to turn the tables and after a few seconds of floating on cloud nine as he shot five orgasms worth of cum, as one of the spots she tapped had caused the orgasm that was steadily approaching to arrive instantly, into her he started using his new Endless Supply ability.

Grinning as Hinata gasped almost soundlessly in front of him he gripped her wrists to make sure she didn't paralyze or block his chakra again and settled back in to watch the section about Kyuubi as his balls tried to shoot enough cum into her to make her look nine months pregnant, succubus absorbing abilities be damned.

He didn't find out much about the fox, most of the info stated was either false or clearly (to him at least) exaggerated for entertainment purposes. Although there were a few things was going to ask the fox about when he had some spare time.

Giving one last burst of chakra he pulled out and wasn't very surprised to see that, a now light headed, Hinata was easily able to keep up with his new ability. Pinching the rim of her panties he pulled them up and, with a little trouble, got himself back inside his pants as Temari jumped out of the recliner.

Temari stretched her arms above her head and arched her back, instantly gluing Naruto's eyes to her bust, and headed for the only bathroom on this floor to brush her teeth for bed. Hinata, seeing the perfect opportunity to make a game plan, went with her.

Naruto simply headed upstairs to his room with a call of "G'night!" to the girls and got ready in his own bathroom. Most of the upstairs rooms had them, as he had seen earlier, but seeing as how they didn't know that they must have thought the one downstairs was the only bathrooms.

_-_-_-_-_With the Girls_-_In the Downstairs Bathroom_-_-_-_-_

Temari had just gotten done brushing with a tooth brush she found in a cup right next to the sink, because hers was upstairs and it needed to be replaced anyway, while Hinata had simply grabbed one of the scrolls from the second couch when she got up and unsealed hers.

Turning to the Hyuuga as she finished gargling she asked, "So whats the plan? I was thinking I would wait about fifteen minutes and sneak into his room through the window. What do you think?

"Sounds good, but let me check one thing. If his inheritance had any sort of weapons in it he's probably going to toy with those for about an hour. Byakugan!" Using her bloodline to see through the walls she enjoyed simply seeing her crush naked, thanks to her X-ray eyes, before seeing what he was doing. Sure enough he was storing some kind of three pointed kunai within a scroll. Putting that with a giant scroll under his bed he, almost tenderly, opened a smaller scroll and unsealed a claymore made out of some kind of metal she couldn't see through before he stored the smaller scroll in his nightstand. Gently setting the tip of the blade on the ground he started examining it from blade to hilt.

Pouting as the angle he was holding the sword blocked her from seeing his goods she deactivated her bloodline and told the anxious sandy blond, "Looks like I was right. Okay, get your stuff all set up in your room. Then do something to occupy yourself for an hour, watch TV, finger yourself, or just sneak in a bit of chakra control practice, I don't care. Just keep yourself busy for an hour. After that you won't need to worry about stealth as he'll most likely be focused on the weapon and making sure he doesn't make a new door with it to one of our rooms. Its a rather large sword. Just slip in through his door and jump him then. From then you'll have half an hour before I join in. it would have only been fifteen minutes but me and Naruto-kun just fooled around on the couch so I'm satisfied for a little while." She finished explaining.

Temari's eye twitched as she heard this. "How? I looked aver at you two and neither of you two were moving! Aside from the content smug look on your face that is."

Hinata grinned and only gave a response of, "Ancient Hyuuga secret." before they both headed to their rooms, pausing for a second as Hinata picked up the rest of the scrolls containing all her things, before heading to their rooms. They would have made it faster if Hinata hadn't latched onto Temari and started feeling her up before she started making out with her as they walked.

_-_-_-_-_With Naruto_-_As He Set the Claymore Down_-_-_-_-_

He was careful not to put any extra weight on the sword, as it could easily put a hole through his floor, and examined the blade. Testing the sharpness he was surprised to find that he had to pull his finger away after only half an inch of running his finger along it or risk losing it. As the gash on his finger closed up he noticed a symbol on the blade near the hilt. It looked like a lower case 't' with two lines at the sides of the horizontal line pointing diagonally upward. Making it look like some kind of square shaped trident.

Looking up he saw a hairline crack running in a perfect circle around the bottom of the handle. Thinking it was simply a plug he tried pulling it off, failing at that he tried twisting it. Succeeding in opening up the hollowed out hilt. Picking the blade up a few inched he poured a few pills out. They were about the size of Tylenol, black, and had an indented line running along the center to make it easy to cut them in half.

Curious, he channeled a bit of Kyuubi's chakra into the two fingers holding the pill and marveled as the pill absorbed the chakra. The only effect it had was causing a tiny grain of whatever the pill was made of to fall to the floor. Trying again, adding his own chakra this time, he noticed that it only absorbed a fraction of the chakra. Leaving the his fingers glowing clear blue.

'Interesting, so my chakra has changed slightly. And I can take one of these if I ever need to use pure human chakra again, at the drawback of not being able to use Kyuubi's chakra for a full twelve hours that is...' He mused to himself.

Putting the pill and cap back on he lifted the sword and took a few experimental swings. It was difficult, but nothing a week or two of training before bed couldn't fix. Besides, considering how sharp it was he was sure to need this if any more powerful opponents tried to hunt him down.

Especially considering everyone and their goddamned grandma had some kind of 'ultimate defense' these days.

_-_-_-_-_One Hour of Intense Sword Practice Later_-_-_-_-_

A lightly sweating Naruto put the claymore back in the scroll and had started getting undressed. He was starting to put on his new sleep wear when he started to think. 'So how should I do this? Should I just go out there in only my boxers? Or should I give them what they want? Go out there and give each of their tight asses a nice thorough fucking. Decision, decisions...'

Having put on his new dark orange silk pajamas he made up his mind. Or at least, thought up a way to help him decide. 'I should see if their having any fantasies about me. Maybe inspiration will strike?'

It took a few dozen tries but he was able to connect chakra strings to both their head through the wall, knowing that the beds were in the same place in the rooms helped, and used the lower level version of the jutsu so he could see what they were thinking.

_-_-_-_-_Temari's Room_-_-_-_-_

Temari was going to try one some of the clothes Hinata told her to wear, but before she got to her room Hinata had given her a little of what she was gonna feel later on tonight, which made her become a little... sidetracked, in her endeavor.

Temari couldn't help but get turned on even more of the thought of herself eating out of Hinata's pussy as Naruto plowed her from behind. She lowered one of her hand's to her clit and slowly started fingering herself

Temari started to moan louder and louder, she added another finger in her pussy after becoming frustrated with the lack of pleasure she normally got while doing this.

"I can't wait any more. I have to have Naruto's cock. Oh God I can't wait to have that monster inside me!" She thought aloud. Picking up speed her fingers were doing their best to get her off, but to no avail. She was only succeeding in getting herself frustrated and wet.

'That's it! I'm going over there this instant, i'll show him Hinata-chan's not the only cum hungry slut around here...'she thought to herself as made her way towards her door, out into the hallway, and then to Naruto's bedroom.

_-_-_-_-_Hinata's room_-_-_-_-_

Hinata was laying on her back on her bed looking at the ceiling she was completely nude, clothing just pissed her off at this point. She just couldn't wait until Temari had her fun with Naruto-kun so she could join in. She also couldn't help but get turned on the thought of her Naruto-kun fucking Temari while she made out with her. 'dammit Temari! Hurry up and get fucked already! I'm not gonna wait around forever! I can't wait for to Naruto pound me like the horny bitch that I am. Yes, I can already feel his hard, thick cock in my needy pussy.'

Hinata started to finger herself, going faster with one hand she stared rubbing her breasts with the other. "I can't believe I'm reduced to fingering myself. I need to have his cock in me before I go insane!" turning on her side she stopped kneading her breasts and started fingering her ass as well. Gritting her teeth in frustration Hinata could barely reach an orgasm. All it did was make her even hornier however.

Licking her fingers she couldn't help but comment, "Damn I taste good. I can't wait to have you all to myself Naruto-kun.

Unknown to them, Naruto already had plans laid out for the both of them.

_-_-_-_-_Back with Naruto_-_-_-_-_

'Wow, their both masturbating while thinking about me already. I'm flattered. Looks like Temari-chan's on her way. I should get ready for her. as for Hinata... I think I'm gonna have to be a little bit more rough with her if she's like this already. I wonder what she'd do if I was on a mission? Musing for a later date I guess, for right now I should pretend that I'm surprised to see Temari-chan when she shows up at my door.'Naruto thought to himself.

Deactivating the jutsu as he heard a knock on his door Naruto got off the bed and was about to walk to the door to open it when Temari kicked it open. He was about to reprimand her (with his penis) before he caught site of her. She looked haggard, her white half cut shirt easily see through from her own sweat, her panties were long since completely soaked, and her hair was down for once, reaching the small of her back. Naruto barely had time to think, 'She should wear her hair down more often.' before Temari was suddenly in front of him. Giving a not so gentle push the wild eyes Suna kunoichi threw him onto the bed.

Naruto barely had time to sit up on the edge of his bed before he felt an iron grip on his collar. Glancing up all he could see was Temari's face as she latched her lips onto his. After several minutes of sucking face the two split apart, her still having a firm grip on his shirt collar.

"You've teased me enough already. I can't stop thinking about having you're big cock in my mouth again. She said as she got on her knees and undid the strings holding his pants up. Fishing into his boxers she pulled his massive length out of the slit. Using her tongue she gave him a few licks before engulfing the head in her mouth. Giving a suck she started swirling her tongue around the head.

She was taken completely by surprise when she felt two hands set themselves on top of her head and push down roughly. She gagged and choked as Naruto pushed her head in deeper. Becoming extremely turned on by her gagging sounds he started talking, "Deeper you Suna whore, suck my cock faster. I have a whole load just waiting for you."

Temari felt liquid leak out of both her eyes and pussy at his rough treatment. She found herself turned on further by the dirty talk. She also realized she was extremely turned on when he hurt and degraded her for some reason.

As he gripped her head tighter and started forcing her head down further she couldn't help but reach down and start fingering herself. It only took a few seconds to achieve the orgasm she had been craving for the last hour. Looking up at him with lust filled eyes she watched his face contort in even more pleasure when she moaned. This proved to much of a turn on for our hero as he felt his last vestiges of self restraint shatter.

Subconsciously using a bit of chakra he slammed her head down all the way and with a barely audible grunt of, "I'm cumming!" activated the Endless Supply jutsu just before he started cumming.

Feeling like this wasn't enough he stood up as best as he could and started thrusting down into her abused throat as he flooded her stomach.

Temari felt a very large wave of Cum going down her throat as she started to drink. Two minutes of furious swallowing later she was about to throw in the towel and just let herself drown. 'He's still Cumming! I don't know how much longer I can take! What a way to go though, he tastes so good.' Temari couldn't help but commentate as she tried to swallow faster.

Feeling another orgasm approaching Naruto stopped the flow of chakra and canceled the jutsu. letting go of her head he stumbled back, he quickly grabbed her shoulder and lifted her up so she was standing on her knees before he slipped under her shirt and between her breasts.

Temari, still recovering from her would be drowning, absently wrapped her arms around her chest and squeezed his cock between her breast. Having been close already it only took a couple of thrusts before he groaned and shot another load onto her. The cum having enough force to shoot through the fabric of her white top and coat her chin and upper chest in his seed.

Letting out one last grunt of satisfaction Naruto fell back onto the bed as Temari fell back onto her shapely rear rubbing her slightly bulging stomach. Looking up at him she tried to talk as she was trying to catch her breath and lick herself clean at the same time "That was so *Lick* good I didn't think you *Slurp* would cum so much."

"Sorry Temari-chan, your throat just felt so good and you were making all those wonderful noises." he admitted. He didn't want her to know about his new abilities just yet, at least, not that one. That was saved for Hime and hopefully another Hyuuga he was hoping to bag. "I just couldn't stop cumming." He admitted sheepishly as Temari finished licking the cum off her body.

"The night is still young so feel free to cum as much as you want, I don't mind at all. But now I want your cock somewhere else." She finished seductively as she pounced onto the bed like a cat and crawled past him. Lifting up her clean-ish shirt she lifted it over her head and stripped off her sopping wet panties before laying on her hands and knees, ass in the air.

"Naruto-kun please fuck me In the ass. I've always wanted my first time to be anal." She admitted.

Lining up his cock with her ass he slipped the head in with little difficulty, thanks to the fact that he was literally dripping with her saliva. Remembering she wanted it rough he molded a decent amount of chakra, got a good grip on her hips, and with a burst of said chakra slammed completely into her.

Her blood curdling scream probably would have been slightly more concerning if she wasn't squirting all over his thighs and bed. Not bothering to stop nor go easy on her he pumped more chakra into his body and started pounding into her.

Temari quickly recovered the use of her voice for purposes other then screaming herself hoarse, "YES! YES! DEEPER! NARUTO-KUN! AH, FUCK MY ASS HARDER! OH GOD IT FEEL'S SO GOOD HAVING YOU'RE HUGE COCK FUCKING MY ASS!"

Naruto did his best to slam into her even more roughly. The task was made even harder by the fact that she seemed to be having one continuous orgasm, her ass was clenched up hard enough to actually hurt. But damn if it didn't feel amazing.

"AH! OH GOD YES! FUCK!" She screamed as Naruto slammed as hard as he could inside her and started to cum. He didn't pull out until he felt every drop of his cum empty inside her. Pulling out he admired her gaping asshole and the flood of cum that followed.

"Now my Suna whore flip over on your back." He ordered, smacking her ass hard enough to leave a red hand print.

Temari, shivering in pleasure flipped over, the only thought running through her head was, 'I think I may be a masochist...' before giving him complete control over her without saying a word, laying on her back she propped her head up with the pillow.

He climbed up onto her stomach, adjusting his knees so she couldn't mover her arms, he was slightly worried he was hurting her arms but he noticed something. She was getting off on the pain! He checked his nails. The claws were still rather small, dull enough not to break the skin but still enough pointy to hurt. Pushing his rod between her breasts he harshly grabbed a breast in each hand, making sure to use his pointed nails and started roughly using her breasts to get himself off. He was rewarded by his fellow blond's back arching, having experienced another orgasm. Confirming that yes, she was a masochist.

"Kinky little slut, aren't you Temari-chan? Getting off on pain like this. Come on slut, tell me how much you want it." He teased, loosening his grip as he slowed his thrusting.

Temari didn't want him to stop and she only knew one way to make him keep going. "Naruto-sama please cum on my face! Cum on me as much as you want! Then after you're done spraying me with all your thick cum rape my pussy with that giant cock of yours! Please Naruto-sama hurry up and cum!" She begged. Her efforts paid off as Naruto gripped her breasts even harder and sped up his thrusts once more.

After several dozen wonderfully pain inducing thrusts between her breasts Naruto felt a familiar pressure. " I'm gonna cum again. Open wide slut." He said as he went even faster.

"Cum then, I want to feel you're hot cum all over my face!" Naruto looked down and watched as his seed shot out from his cock and nailed her right in the left eye. If her moan was any indication she seemed to enjoy the near blinding. He slowed to a stop as her face was covered in thick ropes of his cum.

"Now that's what I call a titfuck, now Temari-chan we seem to have a problem. I want to fuck your pussy but I don't think I can part from your tight ass. Luckily for you I have a solution." Reaching his hands up in a ram seal he proudly announced "Kage Henge." falling backwards he started to line up with her holes before he dropped her hips, much to her disappointment.

"Hold on Temari-chan let me make a clone for Hime real quick. I just remembered that I was gonna fuck her too, but I don't think she'll mind if I have you for tonight." He explained as he two shadow clones. The clones appeared in their boxers next to the bed.

Addressing his first double Naruto started using him commanding voice, "Okay you know what to do Number One, you already know which rooms Hinata-chan's go fuck her till either she drops or you run out of chakra. If she doesn't look satisfied yet when your about to pop ask her for some chakra. You should know the standard chakra transfer technique." Seeing the clone nod it was about to leave before he got an idea and stopped it.

"On second thought, here." Placing his hand on his clones chest Temari watched curiously as red chakra traveled from the original's arm to the clone, whom suddenly looked a lot more feral. Red eyes, full claws, pointed teeth, and shaggy hair were the most apparent changes. Glancing down she was rather surprised to find that his cock looked slightly different, almost two dozen small fleshy spikes were spread out along it's length. Just imagining the pleasure those could cause almost made her cream herself.

In fact she completely missed the second clone hang back and start jerking off because Naruto lifted her hips back up and after a second of aiming, slammed into her. Sh screamed in bliss as stars filled her vision. Being a long range fighter sh almost never trained in taijutsu, thus never broke her hymen. The pain was immense but it only spurred her on more.

"Faster Naruto-sama! rape my holes raw! Pound me harder! she pleaded as she wrapped her arms around his back. Naruto complied and went even faster. "I'm almost there." He groaned as he looked down to see Temari's rock hard nipples scraping against his muscular chest.

"Me to Naruto-sama! Ah, yes, more! Keep fucking me rough!" she said in ecstasy as she wrapped her legs around his waist, both locking him in and allowing him to go even faster. Naruto could feel his cock hitting the entrance to her womb, but decided to save that for later.

"I'm gonna cum slut." He ground out. Pushing her shoulders down her grabbed her breasts and starts squeezing and pulling them. Pinching her nipple between his fingernails.

"Then cum inside me, fill me up completely and make me you're bitch! Give me every last drop of your cum Naruto-sama! I need it! I'm your horny Suna bitch that needs to have you're cock in her every day. So please cum, I can't take it!" Her holes clenches so hard he actually couldn't move as they both hit their climax at the same time. That's when Naruto's hands stopped as he was to busy not passing out from pleasure and started shooting loads of cum inside her. Temari felt every ounce of his cum rush in through her pussy, it soon became to much and it started shooting back out of her pussy and onto the bed.

Naruto pulled out of her, letting their juice flood out of her gaping holes and onto to the sheets. Temari felt her eyes grow heavy, exhausted from all the sex they had. Naruto had saw this and decided to call the clone over. Waving the still masturbating clone he motioned for it to stand by the side of the bed. "Now Temari-chan, as much as I would like to fuck you're unconscious body. I'd like it better if you were awake so I can keep fucking you properly." He explained right before the second clone went up to Temari and picked her head up by her hair before forcibly shoving its cock in her mouth while the original Naruto started thrust his now single cock into her pussy.

Temari was too tired to even realize what Naruto was doing as he grabbed her leg and placing it on his shoulder. He entered her pussy once more and made sure he was at a good angle. He then started hammering into her pussy, enjoying the hotness of their juices that were still there. The clone had to climb up onto the bad so he could keep fucking her face.

With every trust Naruto went deeper and deeper until he was fully in Temari's womb, forcing her leg to go even higher. Temari went limp as the pleasure hit her, luckily Naruto slammed as far in as he could a second later and unleashed his load. Pushing a large amount of chakra into the sticky liquid it glowed dark blue for a split second, not that either party could see this, as it flooded her womb. The previously dead tired blond suddenly was wide awake, just in time to choke as Naruto's shadow clones pulled her head forward be her hair and unloaded another chakra laced load into her stomach.

Temari couldn't stand it anymore, she was almost vibrating with energy. The pleasure of him fucking her pussy and throat at the same time was a little too much she could barley keep up with the flood of cum that was still pouring into her.

But damn did she love the way Naruto fucked her! If it was gonna be like this all the time while she was in Konoha she may have to look into becoming the permanent live-in Konoha/Suna ambassador.

_-_-_-_-_Hinata's Room_-_-_-_-_

As the door opened the clone saw Hinata laying on her back fingering herself and sucking on her own breasts with her Byakugan active. Giving a chakra pulse he couldn't help but shiver as her gaze switched from whatever she was looking at (the boss and Temari, most likely) to him, to his newly demonized cock. Raising an eyebrow she couldn't help but grin. Perfect, that would satisfy her perfectly.

Opening her legs she ordered, "Fuck me good and hard you damn clone I'm so fucking horny! I don't care anymore Fuck this horny Hyuuga slut with your huge cock!" As she waited for the clone to zoom over to her bed and climb on top of her she couldn't stop herself from looking back to the original Naruto and Temari.

As the clone inserted himself inside her wet pussy Hinata had to fight to stop herself from passing out. A thin line of drool escaped her mouth as the spikes hit almost every nerve, including her G-spot. "God YES! I love your new cock Naruto-kun! Fuck me faster!" She couldn't keep her Byakugan up against the vicious assault and was forced to shit it off.

"You sure love cocks don't you, you horny slut." He growled as he grabbed her shoulders and pulled back so he was sitting upright with her bouncing up and down on his lap. He then took her nipple into his mouth, sucked while swirling his tongue around it, and then bit it lightly on it, careful of his pointy teeth. Hinata loved it. Even though it was a clone she couldn't care less as long as it was still Naruto's cock inside her.

"Tell me how much you love my cock." The clone said as he had to slow down his thrusts, not having good leverage in the position.

"YES, YES OH FUCK YES I LOVE HAVING THIS HUGE COCK! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!" Hinata screamed as she picked up the slack by bounced up and down on his lap.

"I'm almost there Hime." the clone said as he laid on his back so he could fuck her easier.

"YES! CUM INSIDE ME PLEASE. I WANT YOU'RE HOT CUM INSIDE ME!" Hinata screamed as she held him tighter feeling a powerful orgasm rip through her.

"I'm cumming!" They both yelled in unison. She soaked his lap as he thrust upward. Emptying his load into her eager womb.

Feeling him run dry Hinata got off the clone's lap and got on all fours. Raising her ass as high as she could she started bouncing her hips, doing wonderful things to her beautiful ass. "Now fuck my ass! Pound me like the horny slut that I am!" She begged, his cock felt better then ever and having to listen to those two, as Temari didn't bother closing the door, she was desperate to have it in her ass.

"You really are my horny little bitch aren't you?" the clone asked rhetorically as he took a few seconds to admire the globes of flesh that made him almost cum just by looking at them..

"Yes! I'm a horny little bitch I will always be." She admitted, leaning her ass backwards she rubbed it up and down his length.

Enjoying the jolts of pleasure shooting up his spine he gripped Hinata's waist and positioned himself to enter her asshole. He couldn't help but groan as he pushed inside her. Besides Ten-ten she had the tightest ass. "Damn Hime you're ass is so fucking tight! I love it." The clone growled

"Yes! I love having you giant cock inside me." Hinata was barely able to get out. If he felt perfect in her pussy then he felt heavenly in her ass. She felt the clone slap her ass as he began to pound into her asshole. He went faster and harder making Hinata scream out as another orgasm hit her.

"Tell me who you love getting fucked by every day." He growled out, slapping her ass again.

"Naruto-kun." she yelled.

"What? I couldn't hear you." He said with another slap.

"NARUTO-KUN!" She screamed feeling his cock hammering into her, and loved every second of it.

"That's right and what are you?" again slapping her ass.

"I'm your whore! Your personal slut! Your dirty little Hyuuga bitch!" She screamed in ecstasy as he sped up even further.

"I can't hear you, you'll have to be louder." He leaned down and started playing with her breasts, squeezing, pinching and rolling her nipples.

"I'M YOUR BITCH, YOUR WHORE, YOUR SLUT, I'M WHATEVER YOU WANT'S ME TO BE! MY ASS, PUSSY, TITS, MOUTH, MY WHOLE BODY BELONGS TO YOU! I BELONG TO YOU AND ONLY YOU! OH GOD I'M CUMMING!" She screamed at the top of her lungs as she felt her juices pour onto his cock and then the bed, forming a huge damp spot.

The clone though for a second as she recovered, he had enough chakra to use the Endless Supply ability for three hours. Getting a devious idea he made two extra clones. They were instantly both balls deep in her throat and pussy, respectively. Only a few seconds later all three clones turned on the Endless Supply ability, it wasn't even at half strength but they all wanted to last at least an hour.

_-_-_-_-_One Hour and Five Minutes Later_-_-_-_-_

Hinata was laying on her stomach on top of the original clone with the two other fucking her ass and mouth, respectively. The constant flow of cum had stripped her of most cognitive thought and she was just moaning and clenching her muscle in an effort to coax even more out of them.

The clone inside her ass was the first to pop. Foreseeing this he grabbed the blanket just behind him and lifted it over himself, only getting halfway before he let out one final grunt and came one last time within her ass.

The original fucking her pussy was next, he was going to raise the blanket further but she tightened the entrance to her womb as she climaxed for the umpteenth time, causing him to give a strangled moan as he poofed out of existence, pouring hot cum into her satisfied womb.

The final clone succeeded in pulling the blanket ever her, after which he flipped her on her side. Unfortunately he didn't predict how fucking good it would feel to have every muscle in her throat spin ninety degree around his more sensitive then usual cock. He couldn't find his voice in time to even squeak in pleasure as he came and poofed away as well..

Hinata collapsed onto the bed and was unconscious not even a second later, perfectly content to sleep in her cum soaked bed. Almost purring a smile lit up her face in her sleep. No doubt dreaming about spending even more quality time with her favorite blond.

_-_-_-_-_Back to Temari and Naruto_-_-_-_-_

Naruto had switched positions every ten minutes or so now and Temari was now hanging off the bed as he fucked her face, he had long since boosted the amount of chakra going into his body making him go even faster.

He had found out she got off on being choked when he face fucked her so he had taken to lightly gripping her neck as he pounded away at her throat. He was immensely enjoying the feeling of her gasping for air and the noises the action produced when he started to feel his orgasm approaching fast.

Switching to quick shallow thrusts it wasn't long before he started cumming. His grip tightened as he started, getting her off as well. She couldn't swallow with his hands wrapped around her throat that tightly so his cum started pouring back out of her mouth and down her face.

As her oxygen ran dangerously low and the pleasure she was feeling was getting higher Temari realized how it ironic it was that for the first twelve years of her life she feared her younger brother crushing her like a grape and yet now she was getting off by being suffocated.

As the flow of cum finally slowed to a stop she felt him start release his grip and pull out. She did her best to suck him clean while he was pulling out, despite her lungs pleading for air. Focusing on her thoughts she tried to clean herself off with her discarded shirt, it had mostly dried so she got most of the cum off her face. 'Geez we've been at this for over an hour! Does he ever run out of energy? I've lost count on time's he's made me cum. I don't even know if I can cum any more he's fucked me so thoroughly. I'm gonna be walking with a limb for at least a week! How does Hinata survive this much sex? Much less have the energy to move afterward! I've almost passed out if not for that mysterious boost of energy earlier. But at the rate he's going he's going to use up that burst within a few minutes! Before I know it i'll wake up tomorrow morning to find out he fucked my limp body clear through the night! Not that I would mind though, that actually sounds kinda hot.'

lifting her tired body up she tried to crawl to the pillows, if she was going to pass out she may ass well do it in a comfortable position. Flipping on her back she opened up her legs hoping he would take the hint. No such luck however as he just sat down and flatly told her. "Now Temari-chan, you'll never improve your stamina if you give up early. Now be a good slut and flip over. I'm gonna fuck your ass again, you look like you've got a few good rounds left in you." He commented as she groaned and flipped over, unsteadily raising herself up she was thankful when he grabbed her waist, stabilizing her. Her relief was short lived as she heard a poof of smoke. She didn't even have time to turn around as a searing pain from her asshole and another orgasm washed over her. Screaming weakly in pleasure she barely managed to reason that he had activated his Kage Henge again before the pleasure was to much.

"Yes! Naruto-sama destroy my ass! Faster! Pound me more! Oh God you're so good, you're cock is so hot! Ah, ah, more! Fuck my asshole harder Naruto-sama!" She pleaded while he continued fucking her senseless.

He decided to go even harder, making sure he brushed up against her anal G-spot every few thrusts. It was rather difficult as he had to raise himself up and thrust downwards into her but he managed. "Damn Temari-chan, you're ass is so fucking tight! I'm gonna make this sexy body of yours mine. You'll be spitting out cum by the time i'm done with you!" He promised as he switched to long powerful thrusts his fingernails digging into her hips..

"Yes! Fuck me good and hard! I've been wanting your cock ever since you were in Suna before. I couldn't wait for you to fuck me like the dirty whore I am! Fill my dirty ass until it explodes!" She screamed out.

"Then cum. I want to feel your tight ass squeeze my cocks." He pulled all but the head out and,with a final burst of chakra, slammed himself completely into her ass. "I'm Cumming!" He grunted, as she screamed, both cumming at the same time. Her juices spraying all over the bed while he molded almost a fourth of his chakra into his Endless Supply ability. It only to a few seconds before she started getting bigger and bigger, her lower intestines filling rapidly with all the cum he was flooding her with.

Temari was only barely aware of this. Unknowingly the last of the chakra enhanced cum powering her action was tapped dry of energy. She passed out not even a second later. She would have slipped off his cocks if he hadn't grabbed her wrists and lowered them both down.

"well, fuck. Damn human anatomy, looks like it impossible to cum inside someone so much they start spitting out cum. Bummer, I kinda wanted to see it happen. I cant believe that she actually passed out though. The Stamina Boost must have worn off. I do the same thing with Hime almost every time we fuck but I'm surprised that she lasted this long. I think I'll stop for today, I can just fuck her and Hime tomorrow." he mused aloud as he slowly moved them both so they were spooning. Still firmly lodged with her he reached down, hand covered in dark blue chakra, and Used his Massage of healing to repair any damage he had done. With an added bonus of making her asshole tighten up around him even further.

Pulling his blanket over them both he laid his arm on her hips, his hand feeling her swollen abdomen as he drifted off to sleep.

Feeling sudden pressure in his head he reviewed the memories from the clones. 'Looks like she took my new dick rather well. I was a little worried she'd be more freaked out. Shocked the hell out of me when it happened to the clone, that's for sure. Wonder if that'll happen to me eventually? Whatever, as long as I can change it back to normal at will I don't think I'll mind, it feels even better then normal according to the clone so it can't be all bad.' He reassured himself before he drifted off. Dreaming of swimming in ramen with all the girls.

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