One Piece Specimen: Robin nami's part chapter 2

Chopper cringed as the two girls snuggled into him, one at each side of him. Robin was the first to speak, her sultry voice whispering into Chopper's ear as her fingers ran down his stomach and over his shaft. Nami's fingers simply teased one of his nipples, pulling and squeezing.

“It appears you've been a good little boy, haven't you?” Robin smiled down her nose as her fingers moved down his length to the ball sack. She kissed him. “I suppose we'll reward you. You can have both of us for one night only.” she teased. In one quick movement Nami swung herself onto the bed, she knelt over Chopper, facing the foot of the bed. She caught up his hands and put them over her breasts as she settled herself on top of his face.

“You need to show how good you are!” she huffed, panting. “Robin has said nothing but good things about you.” Chopper responded instantly. His face turned up a bit under her and he began to lick her pussy, alternating long strokes of his tongue with quick, short jabs. Nami was already starting to bounce slightly up and down. Her hands covered his and directed the motion of his huge palms against her nipples. Robin leaned in to him.

“Are you enjoying eating out Miss Navigator?” Robin asked as she watched Nami enjoy the actions of Chopper's tongue and fingers. It was quite hot, watching her sexy lover eating the pussy of another woman, the pussy that planned to be licked again before the night was over. Chopper's cock stood straight in the air. Robin's fingers were already rubbing herself.

Robin moved closer, mouth dry, heart hammering. Nami was uttering soft moans as Chopper's tongue ran up and down her pussy. Before Chopper could react Robin had swung her leg over him. Grasping his cock she positioned it and dropped herself right on top of him.

Chopper groaned from the sensation, trying to concentrate on enjoying Nami's tangerine flavoured body. He flailed about on the bed as he was attacked on two sides, adding to the girl's enjoyment of the situation. Nami seemed to appreciate his gyrations too, as she firmly mashed her pussy down on his face.

“Don't stop now for God's sake.” she yelled. She reached behind herself, bracing her hands on her tight little ass and wiggled wildly. From Robin's position she could see his mouth cover her sparsely furred pussy. How he was managing to bob his head with her right down on top of him she didn't know, but he was. From when he did Robin in such a fashion Robin knew his tongue was flying up and down her pussy.

All the while Robin was working on riding up and down on Chopper's huge cock, the huge length stretching her pussy lips as she forced more and more of his cock inside her. She closed her eyes, focusing her mind on clenching her pussy together. Robin reached out and took one of Nami's breasts in each hand. Her fingers gently stroked the small firm globes while her thumbs immediately began to roll her stiff nipples in rapid little circles.

Nami groaned again and all but grabbed Robin's own larger breasts in return. She firmly grasped Robin's nipples between her fingers and started pinching them. At first she was barely squeezing, but as the three built towards their orgasm her grasp grew tighter and tighter. Robin moaned, clenching Chopper's huge cock as it continued to thrust inside her, making a large indent into her stomach.

Nami had figured out one of Robin's weak spots, her sensitive nipples. Nami gave one of her patented yells to announce she was cumming and mashed Robin's nipples flat between her fingers. Robin panted, feeling her breasts sting before instant relief.
“ breasts.” Robin panted, her Hana-Hana breast milk spilling from her nipples and rolling down her large globes. “It's all coming out.”

“ too.” Chopper groaned before releasing his first explosion of seed inside the older of the two women. Robin shook as she felt her stomach fill with the Doctor's sticky white love piss as he shot over and over inside her, emptying a week's worth of stored up sperm into her pussy.

It was enough to send Robin over the edge. When the shaking and shuddering of her orgasm let up enough for conscious thought Robin found that Nami and her had ended up in each other's arms, with Chopper pretty much holding both of them. Their faces close enough each other.

Robin's tongue met Nami's in mid-air before exploring each other, continuing it into a kiss. Soon the terms had changed and Robin had Nami on her back as she opened her legs, bending her knees and planting her feet. Robin lowered her head to her. She took Robin's ears in a gentle grip and guided her in.

“Oh? Wanting to see who is better?” Nami giggled. Robin gave it her best shot. She ran her hands over Nami's hips and then up her flat belly to her breasts. They felt wonderful in Robin's hands before and did again. Nami's pussy lips were warm and already puffed from Chopper's tongue and mouth. Robin carefully nibbled them, knowing how sensitive they would be. Nami's moan of delight, and the force she used to pull Robin's face into her assured her that they were.

Robin was rubbing Nami's nipples with the palms of her sprouted hands, moving them around and in circles. Nami's pussy was already soaked from Chopper, and Robin strove to lick up all the traces of wetness left by her first orgasm.

Robin had almost forgotten about the Doctor, now free to do as he wished before she felt a harsh slap against her butt.
“Robin. it ok if....If I join in?” he asked. Even in a position where he could take advantage of the whole situation he didn't do so. Robin was flat on her stomach with her face immersed with Nami's sweet pussy. Chopper pulled her to her knees and then settled behind the older woman. Robin assumed he would be all over the new girl but apparently it wasn't the case.

Chopper's huge hands started at Robin's shoulders, firmly massaging inch by inch down Robin's back. Be bent over her from his position. “I'm gonna join in anyway.” Robin could feel his cock was hard again. Not surprising considering it was Chopper. His huge hands reached Robin's ass, squeezing the flesh before giving it a sharp poke. Robin moaned as she sprouted a pair of hands, spreading her pussy for the Doctor to gain access.

“Nope! I dun want that!” he announced, pushing his cock between the older woman's ass cheeks. For just a moment he pushed against her dark hole, then he moved to wiggle the tip up and down Robin's still soaked pussy.

“I'm gonna fuck your ass Robin!” he told her. “So tight!” he moaned as he pushed against Robin's asshole once more and with one long thrust Robin was once again impaled by his huge cock. Robin was sucking on Nami's labia with at the moment and could only moan in agreement. Then his huge hands grabbed her hips and began to fuck the woman with long, deep, slow strokes.

He moved slowly insider her. Her tight ass proving to be a formidable foe. Robin moved faster in Nami, she wiggled her tongue against her pee hole and then pushed inside her. Her hips punched up to Robin, just as Robin's did while rocking back to Chopper. Robin's two fingers thrust inside Nami and moved to swirl her tongue over and around her clit. Nami's hips lifted from the bed as Robin kissed her hard nub and then began to run her tongue back and forth over it.

All three of them were picking up speed. Chopper's balls slapped against Robin's ass with a force that made him grunt each time he pushed into her. Nami wildly ground herself against Robin's face and tried to clamp down on her fingers and then hold them in her. Robin shoved a third finger into her and spread them open while she continued to pump her hand back and forth. Robin's own body was shaking all the way from her toes up.

“Robin!” Nami screamed. Moments later Chopper uttered a deep bellow, locked his huge hands on Robin's hips and gave one huge heave. He arched, holding his cock all the way inside her and flooded Robin's stretched asshole with even more cum than he'd shot the first time. All Robin could do was spasm all through her body as the orgasms of her two partners all but swamped her own, as powerful as it was.

Chopper pulled out, more cum dripping from his cock as Robin collapsed, cum dribbling from her stretched asshole and onto the bed. Satisfied he rest his cock onto the woman's ass as he lay against the two in a pile.

The next morning Robin staggered to the kitchen, following the scent of coffee. The night hadn't ended there as Chopper followed with a total of four more orgasms, either inside Robin or Nami. Nami was already dressed and sipping on a cup. She smirked as Robin smiled faintly.
“You were right. Chopper is surprisingly good.” she grinned.

Chopper jotted more notes down into his notebook. Today had been a good day. He'd gained more data on both of the women in the crew. He closed his eyes as he rest back on his bed, arms behind his back.

There was still plenty he could do. But what?

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