The bad spell

Chapter 1
The Winx Girls Plan a Party and The Witches Plan Their Revenge
It was a new school year at Alfia school for fairies and Bloom and her friends were sitting around the Earth girls dorm room discussing what they were going to do before classes started in two days.
I think we need to have a party, blond haired Stella, the princess of Solaris said as she flipped her hair back.
Thats your answer to everything, purple haired Techna said with a yawn. Statistics show that youll find an excuse for a party just by getting up in the morning.
Theres nothing wrong with having a party, Stella said as she rolled on to her stomach and propped her chin up with her palms.
For once I think Stellas right, Blooms roommate Flora said as she brushed her brown hair out of her face. It would be the perfect way to welcome our new friend Leyla.
That sounds like a great idea, black haired Musa said. I picked up some great new tunes over the summer and I cant wait to share them with you. A party is the perfect way from me to kick em out, and a great way to welcome Layla.
Hurray, Stella cried sitting up and throwing her hands in the air, and whats a party without boys.
Stella, Bloom said with a shake of her red hair, Principal Faragonda will never let us have the boys over. We may be able to get away with a party in our rooms, but you cant really think shell let us invite the boys from Red Fountain.
Sure she will, Bloom, Stella said, jumping up and prancing around the room excitedly. As long as youre the one who asks her. How can Faragonda possibly turn down the hero of Alfia when she and her friends want to invite their boyfriends to an impromptu party.
Maybe, Bloom said hesitantly.
Great, Stella said, I have the perfect outfit and a party is just the excuse I need to show it off to Brandon.
Ok, Bloom said with a grin as all her friends turned to her hopefully, Ill ask Faraganda, but no promises.
Bloom glanced around to make sure no one could see her as she walked down the hall toward the principals office. Since it was still early most of the students werent here yet and the hall appeared to be empty so she though it was safe enough to reach up and cup her tits through her bra. Shed been thinking about her boyfriend Sky ever since Stella had suggested inviting the boys over for the party, and lately shed noticed that every time she thought about him her nipples would spring up hard against the inside of her bra. If she thought about him long enough her pussy started dripping too, just like it was now, but at least she wasnt wet enough for it to show through her tight jeans yet.
With a sigh Bloom tried to take her mind off Sky and concentrate on what she was going to say to Miss Faragonda, but thoughts kept returning to him with the thought of how much easier it would be for the two of them if they were just two normal kids back on Earth. If she and Sky were just normal kids back on Earth she was sure that she would have lost her virginity by now, but here in the realms of Magix Sky was the crown prince of his kingdom and she had discovered that she herself was the exiled and orphaned princess of the cursed realm of Sparx. Here they both had responsibilities and had to keep up appearances, so it didnt matter how much she wanted Sky to pop her cherry, it wasnt going to happen.
Bloom let out another sigh as she stopped at Miss Faragondas door and then reached out to knock. Come in, came the voice from the other side of the door.
Ah, Bloom, Miss Fargonda said, looking up from the crystal ball floating above her desk. How is Layla doing? the principal asked as she gestured and the ball settled down in its base.
She seems to be alright, Bloom said, caught a little off guard by Miss Faragondas question. We decided to put her in Stellas room since shes the only one with a spare bed right now and the last I knew she was resting up from her ordeal.
Yes, Miss Faragonda said thoughtfully, resting her chin on her clasped hands as she looked closely at Bloom. I can see where she could use a rest after escaping from Lord Darkars realm. Its a good thing she ended up here at Alfea instead of somewhere else. As I promised, I contacted her parents. They agreed that it would be best if she stayed here for now instead of returning to her home realm of Tides since Lord Darkar knows where shes from. I promised them that we would supply the best protection we could here and supplied them with enough information about our security spells to reassure them. For now shes enrolled in the same classes as you and your friends so I hope youll help her catch up and feel at home.
Actually thats what I wanted to talk to you about, Bloom said before the principal could continue. We were wondering if we could have a little party for Layla, kind of a welcome to Alfia party you might say.
That sounds like an excellent idea, Bloom, Miss Faragonda said with a nod of her white hair. We were planning to have something official this weekend after the start of classes, but I think an unofficial get together with you and your friends is an excellent idea.
Thank you, Bloom said with an inaudible sigh of relief, we were hoping to invite the boys over from Red Fountain.
Another excellent idea, Miss Faragonda said with a knowing smile, as it happens theres a new student at Red Fountain as well, and Im sure your boyfriends will appreciate the chance to introduce Hilia to you and the other Winx girls in an informal setting. Not only do I approve of your little party, since the kitchen isnt officially open yet Ill send Knut to Magix for some pizza.
Thank you, Bloom said with a bright smile that collapsed after a second, wont a full grown ogre be noticed in Magix?
Dont worry, Miss Faragonda said with a dismissive wave of her hand. Ill use a disguise spell on him so no one will notice.
That should work, Bloom said.
Ill let Griselda know that Ive agreed to let the boys join your party so she wont try to break it up, Miss Faragonda told her favorite student. And if you and the other girls dont mind, Id like to stop by to greet Hilia and Layla as well.
Sure Miss F, Bloom said hesitantly.
Dont worry Bloom, Miss Faraganda said with a chuckle. Ill only stay long enough to try a piece of pizza and say hello so you and your friends will have the boys to yourselves.
Ok, Bloom said in relief.
You better hurry back to your room, Miss Faragonda pointed out, you still need to call the boys and get things ready for the party.
Thanks Miss Faragonda, Bloom said as she turned to leave.
Oh, hello Bloom, Knut said as he stepped back from the door so she could leave the room.
Hello Knut, Bloom said as she edged past the large yellow skinned ogre. How do you like things here at Alfia?
Great, the ogre said, its much better than working for those three witches.
Im glad you like it here, Bloom said as she made her way past Knut and turned toward the dorms. I have to go, talk to you later.
Knut watched Bloom disappear down the hall before he closed the office door and turned to face Miss Faragonda. He raised the hand that had brushed Blooms groin when they bumped against each other in the doorway and sniffed it. Ah, Knut said with a blissful smile, theres nothing like the scent of a horny teenager.
Ill take your word for it, Faragonda said with a smile, as an ogre your sense of smell is better developed than my own. Still, considering how much Bloom thinks about Sky I wouldnt be surprised if I was able to smell her as well. Is there something you need?
Yes maam, Knut said, pulling a sheet of paper from the pocket of his overalls and adjusted his unfashionable glasses to read the bill. This is the bill for the lawn supplies you wanted me to pick up. The garden store had a sale on fertilizer so I picked up an extra months supply while I was there.
Good thinking Knut, Miss Faragonda said as she accepted the bill and looked it over. I see you picked up bushes to replace the ones we lost in the battle last year. It sounds like an excellent mix.
Thank you, maam, Knut said, removing his glasses and putting them in his overall pocket. Knut was so self-conscious of his glasses that he tried to go without them as much as possible, but he was so short-sighted he needed them just to get around. Miss Faragonda wondered if Knut would be more willing to wear his glasses if he had something more stylish than the pair his mother gave him. She made a mental note to make an appointment for the ogre with an eye-doctor, the school could afford a new pair of glasses, and over the summer Knut had proven to be a good enough employee to deserve a little bonus.
Knut, Miss Faragonda said, resting her chin on her folded hands, I know its not in your job description but I just authorized an impromptu party for Bloom and her friends. I was wondering if you could go into Magix and pick up some pizzas for them?
No problem, Knut said with a grin, I wouldnt mind getting a whiff of the girls if theyre all as horny as Bloom is.
Im sure they are, Miss Faragonda said with a grin of her own, especially since I gave permission for the boys from Red Fountain to join the party. But dont stick around too long or you could make the girls nervous.
I wont, Knut promised as he turned to leave the office.
When the ogre was gone Miss Faragonda activated her crystal ball. Once the pizzas were ordered for the party Miss F searched the school for Griselda. She finally found the disciplinarian in the teachers lounge, it was apparent that she and Paladium were making plans so she waited for them to finish making their plans. Miss Faragonda wondered if her two employees realized that she was aware of the affair theyd been carrying on for the last two years, or what theyd think if they knew that she approved of it. As she watched the two lovers she noticed that Paladium was looking pretty buff, he wasnt nearly as effeminate as hed been the year before, he must have been working out over the summer.
When Miss Faragonda was sure she could interrupt the two without embarrassing them she composed her face and then projected it into the teachers lounge and started speaking. Griselda.
Yes Miss Faragonda? Griselda called, taking an extra step away from professor Paladium.
I wanted you to know that I authorized an impromptu party for Bloom and her friends and the boys from Red Fountain will be joining them.
Are you sure this is a good idea? Griselda asked. If we give the girls free rein they may not let things develop.
I thought about that, Miss Faragonda admitted, but the three witches Icy, Stormy, And Darcy set back our plans last year when they tried to steal the Dragon Fire from Bloom and use it to raise their army of decay to invade the realms. I think giving the girls a little free rein might get them and the boys back on track. Right now Im just glad those girls are safely tucked away on the reform island we sent them to so they cant interfere with things this year.
What Miss Faragonda didnt realize was that the three witches were no longer prisoners of the reform island theyd been sent to. Lord Darkar himself had freed the girls when they promised to serve him in his plans to take over the realms for himself. Even now the witches were making plans to get back at Bloom and the other winx girls for defeating and imprisoning them.
Come here, Icy told the other two witches as she opened her spell book and tossed her snow white ponytail behind her. I have an idea how to get back at Bloom and her friends.
Are you sure thats a good idea, Icy? Stormy asked as she ran her fingers through her kinky brown hair. Lord Darkar already told us that he has plans for those Winx girls, he wont be happy if we do anything to hurt them.
What I have in mind wont hurt the them, Icy said, at least nothing permanent.
Just what do you have in mind? Darcy asked as the light from the glowing gems shone off her glossy black hair, trying to get a look at Icys spell book.
You know how Bloom and her friends are pretty, pampered, princesses, right? Icy asked.
Im not so sure about Bloom since she was raised on Earth, Darcy said, but the others certainly qualify as pampered princesses.
My plan is to make the girls pretty, pregnant, princesses, Icy said with a chuckle. Just imagine what their parents are going to do when their daughters show up with bulging bellies and milk swollen breasts.
I like it, Darcy said with a chuckle of her own.
So do I, Stormy said with an evil grin. Do you actually have a spell that will do that to the them?
Sure, just take a look, Icy said as she stepped back so the other girls could get a better look at the spell.
This will do the job alright, Darcy said as she looked over the complicated spell. This spell will make all the girls extremely fertile. It will also make them so delusional that theyll fuck the nearest boy and think hes her boyfriend and vice versa.
It will also remove all their inhibitions, Stormy pointed out, but the spell has such short range that well have to be on the grounds of Alfia to cast it. Not only that, a spell this powerful will affect us too.
Normally it would, Icy admitted, as she opened her belt pouch and handed two silver charms to her friends. But I prepared these charms to protect us from the spells affects. Its not like any other spell will affect Bloom with the Dragon Fire protecting her we need something this powerful to affect her.
Youre right about that, Darcy said as she clipped her charm to her belt. So when do we do this?
Tonight will be perfect, Icy said. Lord Darkar has a spy at Alfia and I overheard the report he gave earlier. It seems the Winx girls are giving a party for the new girl Layla and the boys are invited, so tonight would be perfect, they wont be expecting anything from us tonight, they dont even know that weve escaped from the reform colony yet.
I like it, Stormy said with a chuckle, I cant wait to see those pixies with their tits and bellies swollen out to here.
And swollen with a baby that doesnt belong to their boyfriend, Darcy said with an evil chuckle of her own. Theres no way those girls are going to live that down, theyll be at each others throats for sure, and far to busy to stop us.
We are so going to rule, Icy said with a full throated laugh. Chapter 2
Getting Ready For The Party

Sorry, Kiko, Bloom said as she closed the door on her flop-eared rabbits cage. Remember what happened the last time you were loose during a party? Griselda was talking about bunny stew for at least a week after that. And before that you tried to eat one of Floras floral decorations, its a good thing we heard your squeals before the plants made a meal out of you. Dont give me that look, Bloom said as Kiko gave her his best sad eyed look from the corner of his cage, here, Flora grew some of her organic carrots for you.
Kiko hopped to the three carrots Bloom slipped through the mesh of his cage and sniffed at them before he started gnawing happily on the first of them. If you behave yourself Flora promised to grow you some more after the party, ok? Kikos ears flopped as he nodded his head as if he understood what she was saying.
Now what am I going wear tonight? Bloom asked herself as she turned to look at her closet. Unlike Stella she had a limited wardrobe with only one formal dress, but since it was going to be an informal affair she didnt have to worry about that. After thinking about it for a second Bloom decided to wear a good pair of jeans and a nice blouse for the party, she didnt really need anything more formal than that.
Bloom glanced at her clock as she started to strip out of her cloths. She had just over an hour before the boys were suppose to arrive, that was plenty of time to take a shower and change before the party. In fact, it was probably enough time for her to do something else Bloom realized as she looked down at the wet spot in the crotch of her powder blue panties. She looked around quickly even though she knew the room was empty since her roommate Flora was setting up the decorations for the party, but it was an almost instinctive reaction whenever she was going to play with herself.
With a deep breath Bloom stripped her panties off her hips and down her legs before she sat down on the edge of her bed. Bloom watched her cunt lips flutter in their nest of bright red hair as she reached back to unhook her bra and grinned as her pussy lips moved even faster in anticipation of the pleasure that was coming. Bloom let her bra drop to the floor and reached up to massage her tits, pinching her nipples as they sprang erect and gasping at the pleasure that ran through her belly before reaching her cunt.
Oh Sky, Bloom groaned in pleasure as she closed her eyes and imagined her boyfriends blond hair and blue eyes just inches in front of her face. Bloom lay back on her bed, her left hand continued to play with her tits while her right hand trailed down her belly until it reached her twat. She pretended it was Skys sword calloused hands playing with her tits and cunt as she tickled her pussy lips with her fingers.
Oh, God, Bloom gasped as her clit popped erect and her stomach jumped in pleasure as her fingers brushed across the tip. Youre so good Sky, she murmured as she watched her boyfriend licking her cunt in her imagination.
Thats it, Sky, thats what I want, Bloom panted in her imagination she watched her boyfriends blond head bobbing up and down between her thighs as her thumb stroked her clit and two of her fingers sank between her cunt lips to the first knuckle, not deep enough to reach her cherry, but deep enough that she wanted more. Bloom forced herself to keep her fingers from sinking any deeper into her pussy as the pleasure grew to the orgasm shot through her belly with enough force to make her back arch up from her bed as she screamed.
God, I needed that, Bloom gasped, catching her breath as she brought her wet fingers to her nose to smell her own juices before putting them in her mouth and sucking them clean. I am so damn tired of this, Bloom sighed as she brushed her sweety red hair out of her face.
What can I do to give Sky a clue that I want more? Bloom asked herself. She thought about it for a few seconds and then grinned as an idea ran through her head. Perfect, she said as she stroked the skin from her tits to her cunt hair. If I go without my bra and panties Sky will be sure to see my nipples when they pop erect, and hell know exactly what I want when my cunt juices make my crotch damp. If things work out I may not have to worry about saving my cherry after tonight.
Bloom turned her head to look at her clock and realized that she had just enough time to take her shower and get dressed before the boys arrived.

Perfect, Stella said as she held her new dress in front of her so she could see what it looked like in the mirror. If this doesnt give Brandon the right ideas I dont know what will. Of course Ill have to change my underwear, my regular bra and panties will destroy the effect completely. Im glad I picked up the right underwear when I bought this outfit, otherwise I wouldnt be able to wear it tonight.
Stella sighed as she hung the dress on the back of her desk chair and started stripping out of her cloths right down to her royal skin. Oh Brandon, she sighed as she looked down at her naked tits and cunt, if only you had the confidence to ask for some of this. Do you have any idea how much I want your hands on my tits and your cock in my cunt?
With another sigh Stella took a quick look around her room. There were several unpacked boxes stacked on the other side of the room by the second bed and in the bed she could just see Leylas reddish brown hair splayed across the pillow since her face was turned away. Stella wasnt sure if Leyla was sleeping or just pretending but considering what she went through in Lord Darkars realm shed be surprised if her roommate didnt sleep until the boys arrived for the party. Stella glanced at her clock and realized that she had more than enough time to get ready for the party, and just thinking about Brandon had made her pussy itch and her nipples pop. Now that she had a roommate shed have to be careful if she didnt want to get caught masturbating, but this once she decided to take a chance.
Oh Brandon, Stella groaned as she lay back in her bed and started running her hands over her tits, gently brushing her nipples with each stroke. If only Brandon had the self-confidence to touch her like this, but even though he was Skys best friend he was only a squire and she was a princess in her own right and that made him nervous and unsure of himself. Sometimes it seemed like she had to lead him everywhere as far as their relationship was concerned. She had to kiss him before he had the nerve to kiss her, and she practically had to shove his hand down her blouse before hed feel her up. Sometimes she wished Brandon was as bold as his friend Riven when it came to sex, but that would probably make him just as arrogant as Riven was in everything else.
Stella traced around her breasts and down her stomach with her manicured fingernail until her right fingers reached her pussy. With her left hand she opened her cunt lips and dipped the fingers of her other hand in to the first knuckle, she pulled the fingers out with a groan of pleasure and put the wet fingers to her hungry lips. Im ripe and ready for you, Brandon, Stella said, maybe tonight Ill finally have the nerve to fuck you.
I hope you get your wish, Leyla said, startling Stella as she sat up in her bed.
Leyla, I thought you were still asleep Stella said trying to pull her blankets out so she could slide under them before her roommate saw what she was doing.
Dont worry about it, Stel, Leyla said as she threw her own bed cloths aside so her roommate could see that she was just as naked as she was. I was only pretending to be asleep so you wouldnt notice what I was doing. Ive never seen anyone use quite the same technique as you, do you mind if I watch?
I guess not, Stella said uncertainly as she stopped fussing with her blankets and tried to relax on top of them as she started stroking her pussy again.
Do you have a boyfriend, Leyla? Stella asked as she used one hand to play with her tits and the other one to stroke her clit and pussy lips.
No, Leyla admitted as she ran her fingers over her own nipples. Tides is pretty isolated and none of the neighboring realms as a prince my age. And forget about having a commoner as a boyfriend. My parents might accept the idea, but everyone in Tides knows who I am and none of the boys my age wants to take a chance with me.
Maybe things will change now that youre at Alfea, Stella groaned as her stomach muscles started jumping with her approaching orgasm.
Maybe, Leyla said, but Im glad my mom sent my toy box.
You still have a toy box? Stella gasped energy shot back and forth between her tits and pussy.
For some very special toys. Let me show you what I mean, Leyla said as she reached for the smallest box in the stack. When I saw my mothers handwriting on this box I knew exactly what it was, shed never let anyone else pack my toys.
Stella reached her orgasm with a panting screech of joy as Leyla shifted the box to her roommates bed and as Stella recovered she split the tape with her thumbnail and started pulling out an assortment of dildos and vibrators. This was my first toy, Leyla said, handing a flesh colored dildo to her roommate. My mom gave me this one when I was thirteen.
Thirteen? Stella said in surprise as she accepted the dildo. Youve been shoving this thing in your cunt since you were thirteen?
I never got up the nerve to shove it in my cunt, Leyla admitted, but it has a built in vibrator and when the time comes Ill be able to give the best blowjob any boy could possibly expect. Do you want to try it?
Can I, Stella asked, accepting the toy uncertainly.
Sure, Leyla said, in fact I dont mind if you play with any of my toys, as long as you put them back and make sure you dont run down the batteries.
Great, Stella said as she took a closer look at the dildo. How do you turn in on?
You twist the base. Thats right, now run it around your tits, yeah, just like that.
This is wonderful, Stella moaned as she followed Leylas instructions.
You think this feels good, Leyla said, just wait until you touch it to your nipples - or even better, your pussy and clit.
So, Leyla, did your mom buy all these toys for you? Stella asked as she touched the vibrator to her nipples.
No, Leyla said as she picked out a vibrator for herself and started running it over the light brown skin of her tits. I bought most of them myself, or at least had someone else buy them for me since I was too young to buy them for myself. I use to sneak out of the castle all the time. At first it was because I wanted to watch the street performers and learn their dances - the dances my dance master refused to teach me - and I still like learning new dances, but I also like to catch the sex shows. Everyone knows Im underage, but since they also know Im the princess they let me get away with it.
Yeah, Stella giggled, people let me get away with things like that too. Sometimes I think its easier to get away with things because my parents are separated, but it also means that I get the same lecture twice because my parents dont trust each other to talk to me about things. As she finished speaking Stella shifted the vibrator from her nipples down to her cunt, moaning in pleasure as she ran the tip across her pussy lips until in kissed her clit.
Move over, Stel, Leyla said, scooting onto the bed as soon as her roommate made room for her. For a few minutes both girls were engrossed with the pleasure they received from their toys. Stella was close to another orgasm and shifted her vibrator back up to her tits when she realized she was tempted to shove the dildo between her pussy lips. Without warning Leyla reached down and grabbed Stellas cunt, running her finger along the lips until she reached her friends engorged clit and started tickling it. As Stella felt her orgasm crashing through her body she reached out to play with Leylas cunt the same way her bed mate was playing with hers. Stella was thrilled to hear Leylas screams of delight as she had her orgasm as well.
So, Stella gasped as they both tried to catch their breath, does this mean that youre a . . .
Hell no! Leyla said before Stella could finish her question. I want a cock in my pussy as much as you do. But since I dont have a boyfriend of my own yet I figure my toys and girlfriends are a decent substitute.
Oh no, Stella said, glancing at the clock next to her bed. Its too late for both of us to get in a shower before the party.
Not if we share the shower, Leyla pointed out, besides, I have a couple waterproof toys I want to demonstrate.

There you go, Flora said sweetly as she placed the last potted plant in place for the party. All set for the party,
Flora turned to look at the common room, taking in the plants shed set around the room for the party decorations, she didnt notice that two of the plants behind her had sent out branches until one reached under her green mini-skirt and the other one slid under her half blouse to work its way up between breasts.
Oh my, Flora said as the tendril between her thighs worked its way through the leg opening of her panties and started rubbing its unopen bud up and down her cunt lips. At the same time the other vine worked its way under her bra and wrapped around her left tit before working over to her right nipple, toying with the nub until it popped erect.
Oh yes, Flora moaned as the unopened buds played with her nipple and clit. You know what I like, she told her plant friends, sitting down on the floor as her legs started to shake in time with her quivering cunt. As Flora lay back the bud teasing her nipple unfurled and wrapped around it, sucking at her tit and sending a rush of pleasure through her belly to her soaking cunt.
Im gonna cum, Flora groaned as the bud teasing her cunt unfurled and latched on her clit, pushing her over the edge with a scream.
That was a very naughty thing for you to do, Flora chastised the two plants as they pulled out of her clothes and withdrew to their pots, hanging their buds as if they understood the scolding Flora was giving them. Now you behave yourself during the party tonight, Flora said as she rearranged her clothes.
Flora turned to go to her room to finish getting ready for the party but turned back for a second, And thank you for the orgasm, she said with a sigh. Someday I hope to have a boyfriend to do that for me, but I dont have one yet so I appreciate your efforts. Who knows maybe that cute boy I saw in Magix the other day will be interested in me. At the very least I know he was interested enough to make a sketch of me in his book. He was wearing a Red Fountain uniform so maybe Sky and the others know who he is, I hope so, Flora sighed before she turned to go to the room she shared with Bloom.

Tecna? Musa called as she opened the door to their room. She saw her roommate sitting at her desk, so engrossed with her computer that Musa didnt think shed notice if someone cast an earthquake spell in the room. Even so Musa kept an eye on Tecna as she crossed to her own desk and pulled the drawer open, finally relaxing when she had her favorite mike in her hand and the other girl still hadnt reacted. Musa placed the mike on her desk as she sat down in her chair and after another quick glance at Tecna she reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down far enough to reach her bare cunt.
Setting up the sound system for the party was so easy that Musa kept finding her mind wandering, and the obvious place for it to wander was to her boyfriend Riven. Musa was sure that Riven wanted to take their physical relationship further then they had so far, and maybe this time shed let him do it. Musa had to admit that she was interested in doing more with Riven, but so far every time he tried to push things a little too far and she lost her nerve at the last minute - no matter how far she thought she was willing to go something stopped her. Maybe things would be different tonight, maybe this time shed finally manage to let Riven go all the way and shed finally loose her cherry.
Musa glanced over at Tecna again and made sure that she was too involved with cyberspace to notice what she was doing before she picked up her mike. Even though she always thought of it as her favorite mike Musa never used the it during a performance because it was so old that it just wasnt good enough to be used anymore, but she still held on to it because it was the only thing she had left from her mother. After her mothers death Musas father was so devastated that he went through the house and threw out all her pictures and everything he could find that belonged to her so he wouldnt be reminded of how shed died after a long lingering illness. Musa always felt lucky that shed managed to hold on to the mike her mother had used in her performances and managed to keep it hidden from her father. But now the mike was too out of date to use on stage, but shed managed to find another use for it and kept it close at hand for when her pussy started to itch.
Musa put the head of her mike against her already dripping pussy and slowly applied pressure until bulb slipped into her cunt and her lips closed around the handle of the mike. Oh yeah, Musa moaned as she started rotating the mike gripped in her fuck tunnel.
Fuck me Riven, Musa groaned as she reached up to grab her tits. Her nipples popped erect as her cunt started humming in pleasure. She twisted her mike so the shaft made contact with her clit and her pussy started sending wave after wave of pleasure through her body until her orgasm made her whole body jump off her chair.
That was good, Musa sighed as she removed the mike from her twat and raised it to her mouth to lick off her own juices. But I bet it will be even better when Riven pops my cherry and shoves his cock all the way into my cunt. Tonight, Im going to do it tonight - I hope.

Tecna heard Musa enter the room and pretended she didnt notice as her roommate crossed to her desk. Shed caught her roommate masturbating with her old mike more than once and always let her friend think she was too involved with her own affairs to notice what she was up to. Still, Tecna wondered if Musa would be so embarrassed about what she was doing if she realized what her roommate was doing online every night.
Even though she and her boyfriend Timmy hadnt done more than kiss in real life the two of them had done more in cyberspace than she suspected any of her friends had done with their boyfriends. Even though Timmy wasnt online right now the two of them maintained standby programs that mimiced what they would do it they were in cyberspace together. The programs werent perfect, but it was still better than a vibrator or dildo in Tecnas opinion. And there was always the chance that she and Timmy would take things all the way in real life too.
Activate Timmy program, Tecnas cyber image said. A second later Timmys naked image appeared a couple feet in front of her.
Hi Tecna, Timmy said with a big smile. Where do you want to do it tonight?
Why dont we do it in your bedroom this time, Timmy? Tecna said, pressing the buttons on her keyboard to make her clothes disappear so she was just as naked as her boyfriend.
That sounds like fun, Timmys image said as the virtual reality program shifted the plain blue space around them into an accurate recreation of Timmys room back at Red Fountain. Come on, Tecna, Timmy said as he took her hand and led her to the bed. Lie down and let me eat your pussy before I fuck you.
Sounds wonderful, Tecna said as she sat down on the edge of the bed and opened her thighs so Timmy could reach her cunt and clit. Youre such a good pussy eater, Timmy, Tecna said as her cyber suit sent a static charge along her cunt lips to simulate Timmys tongue, as long as she didnt think about what was really creating the sensation she could actually believe that Timmy was in the room with her. She could feel her pussy dripping juices now and in cyberspace she reached up to play with her tits while Timmy kept eating her cunt, once again Tecnas cyber suit used a static charge to stimulate her tits this time and Tecna felt her nipples pop to immediate attention.
Oh God, Timmy, Im cumming! Tecna screamed as Timmy stuck his tongue deep into her cunt and wiggled it around.
Hang on, Tecna, Timmy said as he took his face out of his girlfriends twat, were not done yet. Even as Tecnas body continued to twitch from her first orgasm Timmy pushed her further up on his bed and crawled between her legs until the head of his prick was pressed against her cunt lips. Hang on, here we go.
As Timmy slammed his cock into his girlfriends pussy Tecna slammed her hips back at him with just as much force and her cyber suit sent a charge deep into her fuck tunnel to stimulate her cunt muscles so it felt just like she was being fucked for real. Fuck me, Timmy, Tecna screamed, fuck me hard.
Whatever you want, Tecna, Timmy said as he slid his cock in and out of her pussy with enough force to shove her whole body toward the head of his bed.
Thats it, Timmy, Tecna screamed as she felt her pussy start to spasm, Im going to cum again.
Im going to cum too, Tecna, Timmy screamed as he shoved his cock in as deep as he could and held his prick deep inside her.
Cum inside me, Timmy, Tecna screamed this is cyberspace and you can come inside me as much as you want and were still safe.
As Tecna caught her breath after her second cum she called up the time on her screen and was shocked to realize how late it was getting. She realized that shed have to rush if she was going to be ready for the party before the boys arrived.
Its really too bad, Tecna sighed as she signed off her computer, Timmys new robot is really good, Ill have to remember to compliment him tonight. Maybe tonight well find out if real life sex is as good as cyber sex.

Slow down, Timmy, Brandon said as he sat down in the co-pilots seat and looked out through the ships window screen. Its not like were in that big a rush, the principal even gave us permission to stay out late tonight.
I know that, Timmy said, but Im still anxious to see Tecna.
And Im anxious to see Stella, Brandon pointed out, but you dont see me pushing the ship to its limits to get to Alfea early.
I agree with Brandon, Riven said as he stepped up behind Brandons chair and leaned on the back of it. Its not like you and Tecna are going to do anything, no matter how early we get there or how late we leave.
Shows what you know Riven, Timmy said as he eased back on the throttle a little. Tecna and I do more than you could possibly imagine.
Oh really? Riven said snidely. Is that in real life or in cyberspace? You know it doesnt count unless you do it in real life.
And just how far have you gotten with Musa? Timmy asked.
Thats none of your business, Riven said defensively, but I bet I can get further with Musa tonight than you can get with Tecna in a month.
Is that right? Timmy asked, how much are you willing to bet?
How bout a months worth of chores? Riven asked. A month of chores says I get further with Musa tonight than you - or anyone - gets with their girlfriend in the next month.
I think Id like a piece of that bet, Brandon said. From what Stella tells me you havent gotten as far with Musa as youd like us to think you have. I think I can get as far with Stella in the next month as you get with Musa tonight, Im in.
Sorry about this Hilia, Sky said with a sigh as he watched his friends arguing about how far they could get with their girlfriends.
Are they always like this? Hilia asked, glancing up from his sketch book before he added a few more lines to what he was working on.
Im afraid so, Sky admitted, but theyre still a good bunch of guys and we all support each other when the time comes.
What about your girlfriend? Where do you think you stand with her?
Bloom and I are just fine, Sky said. Id have to say the odds are that I could be right in there with the rest of the guys on this bet, but I dont see any reason to prove myself by getting involved. What about you, Hilia, do you have a girlfriend?
No, Hilia said hesitantly.
So, you dont have a girlfriend, Sky said, but it sounds like theres someone youre interested in.
Yeah there is, Hilia admitted, but Im not even sure if she knows who I am. I saw her in Magix the other day and, well, lets just say that I never believed in love at first sight before I saw her. I didnt have the nerve to go up and introduce myself, but I did manage to make a sketch of her. Here, let me show you the drawing.
Sky accepted the Hilias sketch book and looked over the girls picture, his eyebrows almost vanished under his hairline as he looked at the girls picture. I know this girl, Sky said, does she have light brown hair with a blond streak framing her face? And was she wearing green?
Yes and yes, Hilia said in consternation, how did you know?
Like I said, I know this girl, Sky said. This is Flora. Shes Blooms roommate and I knew about her hair because I see it all the time, and I knew about her clothes because she usually wears green since her magic is drawn from nature. If you want I can introduce you to her at the party tonight.
Thanks Sky, Hilia said with a shy grin, Id like that. Chapter 3
The Party and the Spell

Great party, Brandon said as he raised his glass in salute to the other party goers.
Youve got that right, Sky said as he set his drink down and picked up a slice of pizza. I still cant believe Miss Faragonda agreed to this.
I know, Bloom said, it surprised me too, but sometimes she can really surprise you.
Just remember to stay on your best behavior until after she leaves, Stella chipped in.
Right, Riven said, well be on our best behavior until she leaves, but no promises after that.
Hey boyfriend, keep your mind out of the gutter, Musa told Riven.
I can think of a few other places Id like to put my mind, not to mention a few pieces of my anatomy, Riven said giving Musa a lopsided grin.
Come on, Sky, Bloom said, jumping to her feet and grabbing her boyfriends hand to pull him away from Rivens suggestive talk and on to the dance floor.
Hold on Bloom, Sky said as he pulled away from his girlfriend. I dont know how to dance.
Sure you do, weve danced before, Bloom pointed out.
Yeah, but those were waltzes and formal dances, Sky explained. My dance master would die of shock if he thought I was going to do something modern.
Thats not a problem, Sky, Musa said. Since youve had formal training I can teach you the basics in about fifteen minutes.
Go ahead, Bloom told her boyfriend, expand your horizons.
Ok, Sky said with a shrug, lets do it.
Ill help, Leyla said as she joined Sky and Musa. I use to sneak out of my parents castle to learn the street dances, if I cant help you learn a few moves than I wasted my time.
Fifteen minutes, Bloom said, after that I expect you to keep up with me to Musas wildest tunes.
Ill do my best, Sky promised, but I should warn you, my dance master always said I was hopeless as a dancer.
Brandon, could you get me some more pizza? Stella asked.
Sure thing Stel, Brandon said as he jumped to his feet and gave his girlfriend a quick bow. Ill be right back.
Ill go with you, Bloom sighed. I may as well do something for the next fifteen minutes.
So Riven, Stella said, can you remember to keep your mouth clean while Miss Fragagonda is here.
Just watch me, Riven said dismissively, I know how to keep things clean when I have to.
Well see, Stella sniffed. Musa may tolerate it when you speak dirty, but some of us are real ladies so dont think youll get anywhere with us.
As if, Riven said, you know Musas the only girl for me.
Thats not what you said last year when you were dating Darcy, Stella pointed out.
Only because she had me under a love spell, Riven said angrily. And if you girls had been more alert to what was happening you would have broken the spell before anything happened.
And maybe we would have if you werent so obnoxious to begin with, Stella said. How were we suppose to know the difference between your regular attitude and your bespelled attitude?
I guess youre right, Riven sighed. Sorry about that, but now that Musa and I are dating can you at least tolerate me?
Ill see what I can do, Stella said with a smile, but no promises.
Flora pulled her eyes away from Hilias dark eyes with an effort. Oh my, she said, the music stopped. I guess its time to change the CD. Since Musas not here Ill do it, I think I know which one she had in mind for the next one.
Tecna gave Timmy a look and a quick jab with her elbow as Flora got to her feet. Ill give you a hand, Timmy said as he joined the brunette, that players a bit technical.
So Hilia, Tecna said as her boyfriend walked off with Flora, Timmy tells me that youre an artist.
Yes, Hilia grunted without taking his eyes off Flora.
Is that why youre watching Flora like that? Do you think shed make a good model?
Oh yes, Hilia said with a lopsided smile.
You know, Hilia, I think Flora would be interested in more than just modeling if you asked her, but thats just my observation from the way the two of you have been looking at each other since you arrived.
Do you really think so, Hilia asked.
Yes, Im quite sure, Tecna said with a firm nod.
Flora, Timmy said as he helped he helped his friend switch the CD in the player.
What is it, Timmy? Flora asked as she started the CD.
Im not sure if you noticed yet, but Hilia really likes you.
And I like him, Flora responded.
No, I mean I think he really likes you, Timmy repeated. On the way here he was telling Sky about how he saw you in Magix the other day. He even made a sketch of you and Ive never seen him make a sketch of a girl before, its usually landscapes or animals or the dragons from the academy when he makes a drawing. Youre the first person Ive seen him sketch since he arrived at the academy.
So hes noticed me then? Flora asked, looking at over her shoulder at the brooding artist.
Yes, hes noticed you, Timmy said with a nod.

Perfect, Icy said with a wicked chuckle as she watched Bloom and her friends through her crystal. You know what to do ladies, spread out and cast the spell before the pixies have a chance to move around.
Even as Icy was speaking Stormy and Darcy flew to their positions and the three of them started casting the spell. The three witches were so intent on their spell that they never noticed Miss Faragonda approaching the dorm from her office or Knut approaching from the other direction. At first Knut didnt notice anything out of the ordinary, he was still reveling in the strong but suppressed scent of horny teenagers hed just left in the girls dorms. The scent was so strong in the common room set up for the dance that Knut was sure thered be an all night orgy if the kids didnt keep their libidos under control. Even with all their inhibitions Knut suspected that one or more of the girls could lose her virginity during the night.
From across the lawn Knut saw Miss Faragonda waving to him and started to wave back when he realized that she wasnt waving but gesturing to a point above him. When he looked Knut saw Icy hovering in the air, her white ponytail whipping around in the wind as she chanted a spell. Knut wasnt sure if he had time to stop the witch but he knew he had to try something. As he ran across the grass Knutes glasses bounced off his face, he made a grab for them but missed and he knew he didnt have time to go back for them if there was any chance to stop whatever the witches were doing. He reached Icy and leaped, desperately trying to grapple the witch and pull her down. Without his glasses Knut couldnt see Icy clearly and didnt manage to get her but he did manage to catch something on her belt and pull it loose before he dropped back to the ground.
Miss Faragonda wasnt sure how Icy escaped from the penal island or how she got to Alfia but she was sure the witches were up to no good. She had to protect her girls from whatever Icy and her friends were doing, but she had to get close enough to know what they were doing first. She saw Knut reach Icy first and saw him knock something off the girls belt, she saw it hit the ground a couple feet in front of her and she bent down to pick it up. As Miss Faragonda raised the charm to her eyes to get a better look at it she felt the power of the witchs completed spell roll over her like a wave and tried to prepare herself for whatever was about to happen.
Miss Faragonda realized that she was holding her eyes shut against the coming spell and opened them with a sigh of relief when she realized the spell hadnt affected her. The only thing that seemed out of place to her was the fact that the charm shed picked up from the ground felt warm in her hand and when she looked down at it she noticed a slight glow emanating from the metal surface.
Ralisha, Miss Faragonda heard Knut say, what are you doing here at Alfea? I thought your husband wouldnt let you leave the Ogre realm.
The school principal looked to see who Knut was talking to, expecting to see a female ogre since Knut had mentioned that Ralisha had been his girlfriend back in the ogre realms until her father forced her to marry someone else. But it wasnt an ogre she saw standing next to the school custodian, it was Icy.
Lord Darkar, Icy exclaimed, I can explain.
I can understand Knut getting caught in the witchs spell, Miss Faragonda thought, but how did Icy get caught in her own spell? Surely she had some kind of protection against it. She looked down at the charm she was holding and realized this was suppose to be Icys protection, and now it was hers.
As she watched Knut and Icy continued in their one-sided conversation as they with each other. Are you sure you want to do this? Knut asked as he reached up to unbutton his coveralls. Im glad you want to do it, but what will your husband say if he finds out?
Lord Darkar, you have to understand, Icy desperately tried to explain. We didnt really do anything to hurt the fairies, certainly nothing permanent, and you can still use them in your plans. Is there anything I can do to prove my loyalty? Really? You want me to prove myself by fucking you? Lord Darkar, you have no idea how happy that makes me. Even as she spoke Icy reached up to grab the shoulder of her dress and rip it away from her body, in too big a rush to prove herself to the man she thought was her master to take time with the regular fastenings.
That is a very powerful spell, Miss Faragonda thought as she watched Knut and Icy strip out of their cloths. For a few seconds she had trouble taking her eyes away from Knuts cock when it was revealed. Shed always thought her second husbands cock was the largest shed ever see, but then he wasnt an ogre, and from what she could see Knut was better hung than most ogres. Before she could take her eyes away from Knuts penis Icy was flat on her back, her legs spread wide across the grass as Knut slid between her thighs and placed the head of his monstrous cock against the witchs white haired pussy lips.
Fuck me, Lord Darkar, fuck me, Icy screamed as Knut slammed into her with a grunt. For a second it looked like his cock wouldnt fit in Icys tight little cunt, but with every muscle straining Knut forced his member into the smaller witch.
Damn Ralisha, youre even tighter than I remember, Knut groaned as his cock slid into Icy an inch at a time. That husband of yours must be pretty small for you to be this tight.
Miss Faragonda could hardly believe it as she watched Knuts cock slide into Icys cunt, she couldnt understand how the girl could take something that large, and at the same time she felt jealous that she wasnt the one on the receiving end of that ogre size cock. As she watched she noticed a smear of blood on Knuts shaft and she wondered if she should try to stop the two lovers before Icy was injured, then she realized that what she saw was the blood from Icys cherry. It made sense in a way, what boy - or man - would want to date or fuck a witch like Icy?
Icy, where are you? Stormy called as Miss Faragonda stepped back into the shadows. She saw Icys two friends flying toward where the two lovers were too occupied to even notice them.
Darcy, have you seen Icy? Stormy asked as they came close enough to see each other. We have to get out of here before anyone notices what happened.
Hold on, Darcy said, I think I hear something over there, the brown haired witch said, pointing in Icy and Knuts direction. From her hiding place Miss Faragonda could see the charms the witches wore on their belts, each one a match for the one she was holding in her hand. Since the charm was still warm in her hand that must mean the spell was still active, if she acted quickly all three witches could be caught in their own spell.
Knut? Stormy said when she and Darcy were close enough to the two lovers to recognize the ogre. What are you doing with Icy?
Even as Stormy and Darcy seemed to realize what was happening Miss Faragonda stepped out of the shadows and cast the spell shed been preparing. The charms on the witches belts suddenly seemed to have a mind of their own as they popped loose and flew through the air to land in the principals open palm.
Riven, Darcy screamed as she started tearing off her cloths. Oh honeybun, I knew it was just a matter of time before you realized that sweet little fairy girl couldnt give you what you needed. Come to Darcy baby, let me show you how much I missed you.
Daddy is that really you? Stormy cried as she flung her cloths away as fast as she could. Did you finally realize that mommy was more bitch than witch? Are you ready for some real loving from your daughter?
Id hate to find out what Stormys family reunions are like, Miss Faragonda muttered as the two witches landed and dropped to the ground with their legs spread wide for Knuts cock.
Ralisha, you brought your sisters too? Knut asked as he pulled out of Icy with an audible pop, Miss Faragonda could see his cum oozing out of the white haired girls tight pussy. I havent fucked all three of you together in years, Im a lot bigger than I use to be, are you sure youre ready for this?
Fuck me Riven, Darcy demanded.
Fuck me Daddy, Stormy begged.
I better find out what kind of spell these witches cast on my girls, Miss Faragonda said as she watched the foursome rolling around on the school lawn. The sooner I can find out whats happened the sooner I can put an end to it, hopefully before theres irreparable to the girls and their friendship. Finding out just what these charms protect against is probably the best way to start, she decided as she hurried toward the closest magic lab.

Oh, Sky moaned, shaking his head against the dizziness that passed over him with no warning. What was that?
I dont know, Bloom said as she reached out to take her boyfriends arm, but as long as youre alright I dont care.
A shock seemed to run through Skys arm where Bloom touched him, the jolt ran down through his body until it reached his cock and it sprang instantly to life. Bloom, what are you doing here? What happened to Musa and Leyla?
There fine, Bloom said with a knowing smile as she reached down to touch Skys erect cock, they just went to make sure everyone else was alright. I guess youre glad to see me, arent you Sky?
Of course, Bloom, Sky said as he tried to shift his crotch away from Blooms hand. You know Im always glad to see you.
Thats not what I meant and you know it, Sky, Bloom said as she reached for his crotch with one hand and reached around to grasp his ass with the other one so he couldnt move away again.
Bloom, what are you doing? Sky asked as the red head unzipped his fly and reached in to grasp his cock.
Im doing what weve both been thinking about doing for a long time, Bloom said as she pulled her boyfriends stiff cock out of his pants and licked her lips in anticipation. Only now I dont care what my parents think or what your parents think, Im just thinking about what we want.
Oh God, Bloom, Sky gasped as Bloom swallowed his erect cock in one gulp. Youre right, Ive wanted to fuck you for so long but I was always worried about our parents. But right now I dont care, I have to fuck you, Bloom. I cant wait any longer.
Neither can I, Sky, said as she wiggled out of her cloths and sat down on the edge of Musas bed. Fuck me now, Sky, Bloom cried as she lay back and spread her legs wide to give her boyfriend a clear shot at her red furred cunt. Fuck me right here on Musas bed, she wont care.
Sky felt like he was in a trance as he stripped out of his own cloths and crawled between Blooms legs. Last chance to back out, Sky said as he set the head of his cock against Blooms drooling pussy lips.
Fuck me, Sky, Bloom demanded as she crossed her legs behind his ass and pulled him forward so that he almost lost his balance as the head of his prick slid into Blooms cunt. The pussy lips snapped tight behind the head of Skys cock and he and Bloom both groaned at the pleasure that flowed through their bodies. At Blooms urging Sky shoved another inch into her virgin slit and he felt something stretch across the head of his prick for a second before the pressure disappeared with a quick shriek from Bloom. You did it, Sky, you popped my cherry, now fuck me like you mean.
Oh, I mean it alright, Sky growled as he slammed the rest of his cock into Blooms pussy until their pubic hairs were wrestling. Does that feel like I mean it?
It sure does, lover, Bloom gasped. Blooms cunt was so tight around Skys prick he could feel the way that it started to spasm as they fucked, it was obvious to him that she was going to cum soon and from the way his balls were starting to cramp he knew he was too.
Just one more thing, Sky, Bloom managed to moan as she tried to catch her breath. I want you to cum inside me.
But Bloom, I might get you pregnant, Sky said as he thought his greatest dream was about to come true.
Its alright, Im safe, Bloom said. I just had my period two days ago. Im willing to take a chance this time, I want to feel you cum inside me just this once.
Ok, Bloom, Sky grunted as he slammed his cock in as deep as it would go. He felt his balls push his cum through his prick and out the slit as it kissed Blooms cervix.

Lylah couldnt believe what had just happened. One minute she and Musa were teaching Sky some new dance moves and then the two of them were gone and she found herself standing next to the man of her dreams. She couldnt even remember who made the first move, but here she was naked on Musas bed having wild sex with a man whose name she didnt even know yet, but she just knew they were going to spend the rest of their lives together, you didnt end up fucking someone like this for nothing. The only thing she couldnt understand was why her lover came inside her after she told him she was in the middle of her fertile period. Oh well, it was too late to worry about it now, besides, there were spells to deal with any complications. But that would come later, right now she felt so tired she just wanted to curl up and go to sleep.

Musa couldnt believe how horny she felt, but she was glad Riven had shown up when Sky disappeared. It was finally time to give her boyfriend what both of them wanted, but for some reason Riven seemed to be playing games with her, ignoring her and her sexy body even as she tried to get her attention. I know what will catch your interest, she said with her most seductive smile. Ill give you a dance thats sure to get you ready for action.
Turning to her desk Musa pulled open the lowest drawer and reached under her books for the CD shed been saving for a special occasion. She put the disc in her player and turned to face Riven as he sat up on her bed. The music started and Musa reached up to open the top button of her blouse as she gyrated her hips in time to the beat. How do you like this dance, Riven, she giggled, does it give you any ideas?

Sky couldnt understand where Bloom got the energy to give him a strip tease. He was so tired he just wanted to lay down and sleep, but here she was fully dressed and wriggling out of her cloths for the second time in a half-hour. How do you do it, Bloom? he asked as his girlfriend slid her panties down her legs so seductively that it had his cock was erect and ready for action. Bloom finished her dance, bending over Musas desk chair with her legs spread to give Sky a clear shot at the red furred pussy spread before him.
Without even thinking Sky jumped to his feet and stepped behind Bloom, taking a second to make sure his cock was aimed for Blooms spread cunt lips. Since Sky already knew Blooms cherry was gone he didnt try to hold back, he just slammed his hips forward, sinking his prick to the balls in his girlfriend. For a split second Sky thought he felt something stretch in Blooms tight pussy, but since he knew hed already popped her cherry he thought it had to be his imagination.
Thats it, Sky, Bloom cried, holding tight to the arms of the chair as her boyfriend slammed into her from behind.
Damn, Bloom, Sky swore as his girlfriends fuck tunnel stroked every sensitive inch of his pistoning cock.
Im going to cum again, Bloom, Sky yelled as his balls started to clench.
Cum inside me, boyfriend, Bloom screamed. I want your cum, soak my pussy with your baby juice.
But Bloom.
I already told you Im safe, Sky, as she clamped his cock so hard he couldnt pull it out of her hole no matter how much he wanted to, instead Blooms cunt pulled him in even further so he could feel the tip of his cock slide up tight against his girlfriends womb as he spurted his cum into her for the second time.

Musa screamed in pleasure as she orgasmed with Rivens hard cock shooting his cum straight into her womb. I cant believe you did that, Riven, Musa said with a wistful smile as her boyfriend pulled out of her and plopped down on the bed like he didnt have any energy left.
Tired already, lover, Musa asked as she sat down next to her black haired boyfriend. Well heres something that will wake you up, my period was just a week ago. This may not be my most fertile time of the month, but its not my safest time either. Riven, are you listening to me? Musa asked as her lover stretched out on her bed, his only response was a soft snore as the boy dropped off to sleep.
I guess I cant blame you, Musa sighed as she stretched out next to Riven and snuggled against him, Im feeling pretty tired myself. You know, that was an interesting rhythm we had going with the squeak from the chair and the slap of your pelvis against my ass while we were fucking. Maybe I can come up with a rhyme for it, she said with a yawn. Nothing gives me pleasure/ like fucking with my boyfriend/ as he slides his cock in my tight virgin cock/ I cant wait until he cums/ and fills me with juice from his big baby-maker.
Musa yawned again and put her arms around Riven, drawing her smaller body tight against his muscled chest as she fell asleep.

Bloom, are you alright? Sky asked as he reached out to support her. Bloom shook her head against the dizzy cloud that seemed to fill her brain for a second. As the cloud cleared away Bloom noticed the electric charge that passed from where Sky was touching her arm, through her breasts, and down to her cunt. From the way Sky was looking at her chest Bloom was sure he could see the way her nipples had popped out against the fabric of her blouse.
Im fine, Sky, Bloom answered as she stepped closer to her boyfriend so he could get a better look at her tits. What happened to your dance lessons?
Im a faster learner than we expected, Sky said with an appreciative grin. Would you like to dance?
I think I would, Bloom said with a suggestive smile as she grabbed Skys wrist and placed his hand on her left tit, but not any of the dances you just learned.
Are you saying what I think youre saying? Sky asked as he massaged Blooms tit and tweaked the erect nipple through her blouse.
I sure am, lover, Bloom said as she reached down to Skys crotch and rubbed his hardening cock through his pants. Why dont we go to my room and take the bed for a ride?

Brandon was still trying to figure out why Stella had followed him to the snack table after she told him to get her something to eat, or why she was acting so horny all of a sudden. He always knew there relationship would reach this point sooner or later but he always thought it would be later. Not that he was complaining, he didnt know if it was Rivens challenge or what but he was feeling so horny right now that all he could think of was how much he wanted to shove his cock into her tight wet cunt.
Stel, Brandon said as they reached the bedroom, this is Blooms room.
Im sure Bloom wont mind, Stella said as she bounced into the room and closed the door behind him. Besides, my room is such a mess with Leyla moving in that we cant really use it.

Bloom led Sky into her room and sat him down on the edge of her bed. Let me show you something, she said as she stepped away from her blond haired boyfriend. With her eyes on Sky Bloom cast the first spell shed ever learned, the one that changed her normal cloths into her battle suit. But this time she stopped the spell after it changed her regular cloths into energy and let the energy sink into her pores so she stood before her boyfriend stark naked. Do you like? Bloom asked as she put her hand on her hip and hitched her pelvis toward sky so he had a clear view of her dripping pussy.
Ive seen you and the other girls change into costume dozens of times, Sky said with a sappy grin. Ill never watch any of you change like that quite the same way again.
This is a special case, Bloom said with a grin of her own as she knelt down in front of Sky and started to open his pants. In case you didnt notice I didnt wear any underwear tonight. Normally the spell doesnt affect our panties or bras and the change from regular cloths to battle suit is too quick for anyone to notice anything.
Still, Sky said as he lifted his hips off the bed so Stella could pull his pants and briefs off. Ill always think of this time.
I hope so Sky because Ill always remember this night, Bloom said as she grabbed her boyfriends cock and lowered her lips to the head of it before she licked the slit with the tip of her tongue.

Oh god, Stel, Brandon gasped as her tongue sent an electric charge through his cock. He still couldnt believe that his girlfriend was doing this, or that he was letting her, but it all felt so good he didnt want to stop. Stella leaned forward and opened her mouth to engulf his whole cock in one gulp. Her mouth felt so good Brandon thought he thought he was going to explode when Stellas lips reached the base of his cock.
Did you like that Brandon? Stella asked as she took her mouth off his cock. I think I know something both of us will like even more.
With Stellas urging Brandon scooted back on Blooms bed until his head was on the pillow and his girlfriend was crawling up his body until her legs straddled his hips. Are you sure you want to do this Stella? Brandon asked as she stroked her pussy lips with his cock.
Im sure, Stella said as pointed his cock at her cunt lips and sat down hard. Brandon felt the tip of his prick tear through something and heard Stella give a muffled scream as she slammed through her own cherry and buried his cock deep in her fuck tunnel. Stella must have been even hornier than Brandon realized because the one thrust was enough to set off her orgasm. He felt her cunt clench tight around his cock with such force that it sent him over the edge and his cum started shooting deep into her pussy before he had a chance to pull out.
Im sorry, Stel, Brandon gasped as his girlfriend leaned forward to press her tits against his chest as she kissed him. I didnt mean to come in you like that.
Its alright, Brandon, Stella said as she pushed her blond hair back, I just had my period so Im safe. And I loved the feel of your cum in my cunt.

Bloom looked down lovingly at her boyfriend, shed never felt so happy or so filled in her life. She gave Sky a big grin as she squeezed his cock with her cunt muscles and imagined forcing another drop of his cum into the depths of her fuck tunnel. I really am safe, Sky, she told her boyfriend, and I love the way your cum feels shooting into me like that. But even as she spoke Bloom realized that Sky wasnt listening to her as his head rolled to the side and he started to snore. Shed heard that some boys slept right after sex but she didnt expect Sky to be one of them, but then she was feeling pretty tired too. Bloom barely had time to pull herself off Skys cock before she dropped next to her boyfriend on the bed and fell asleep as she happily snuggled up next to him.

What was that? Tecna asked looking around the suddenly empty room. Where did everyone go? Maybe I should check this out.
Dont, Timmy said, grabbing Tecnas arm before she could pull her sleeve up to get to her wrist computer. Im sure everything is just fine.
Well if you say so Timmy, Tecna said hesitantly. Her arm shivered at her boyfriends touch and Tecna felt a charge run up her arm, through her nipples, and down to her cunt. It felt better than anything she ever experienced in cyberspace. Maybe now, with everyone gone was the time to tell Timmy that she wanted more than cyberspace.
Timmy, Tecna said, licking her lips before she continued. Ive been thinking.
So have I, Tecna, Timmy said, giving her a crooked grin as he took his hand off her wrist and slid it up her arm until he reached her tit and squeezed it through her blouse and bra. Do you think your room is available?
If it isnt we can always clear it out, Tecna said. Im sure Musa will understand.

Hilia couldnt believe his luck, hed only met Flora a few minutes ago and already shed placed his hand on her tit and now she was leading him to her room and her bed. Sometimes hed wondered if hed ever loose his virginity and here a girl that he barely knew was taking him to her bed. Of course it didnt hurt that he was already half in love with the girl or that he was more than willing to let her do whatever she wanted to him.
Flora led him to one of the bedrooms and opened the door for him after she looked in to make sure no one was there. Thats my bed over there, Flora told him. He was a little surprised to see the computer next to her bed since Sky had told him that Floras magic was nature based, but a second later he lost his train of thought as Flora started stripping out of her cloths.
Hilia watched as Floras blouse dropped to the floor, followed by her skirt and shoes by the time she reached the bed. By the time Hiliea reached the bed he was pulling off his shirt and when he stopped to slip off his boots and pants he watched her green panties and bra drop to the floor before she sat down on the end of the bed.
Hurry up, lover, Im waiting for you, Flora said as she slid back on her bed and opened her legs in anticipation.
Give me a second Flora, Hilia said as he finished stripping out of his own cloths, his penis was so stiff he had trouble getting out of his shorts but as soon as they were off he was climbing onto the bed between Floras open thighs. You are so lovely, Hilia breathed as he leaned forward to kiss Flora, brushing her brown hair away from her face. Flora moaned in pleasure as he moved down to her tits and sucked on her nipples. As Flora moaned again Hilia reached between her legs and felt how wet her cunt was already getting, he couldnt believe she could be this turned on with a complete stranger, then again he couldnt believe he could get so turned on with a stranger either.

Tecna watched as Timmy pushed himself up with his arms and she looked down as he adjusted his cock so it kissed her pussy lips. Are you sure youre ready for this, Tecna? Timmy asked as he pushed his glasses back on his nose.
Im ready, Tecna said as she stared at Timmys cock greedily. Just be sure to pull out before you cum because my period is next week so I could still get pregnant.
Ok, Timmy said as he eased his cock forward and into her cunt. Tecna felt her pussy lips spreading to encompass Timmys prick. She took a deep breath and shoved back to meet him as he shoved the next inch of his pole into her. She felt Timmys cock stretching her hymen and clamped her teeth and lips against the pain that threatened to escape her lips as Timmy pushed past it. For a second all Tecna could think about was how much it hurt to loose her cherry, but as the pain passed she could feel every inch of Timmys cock as it stretched her fuck tunnel to the limits a beyond. Cyberspace never felt like this, nothing could possibly feel this good. She felt her orgasm start to build as she tried to match Timmys stroke for stroke.
Im going to cum, Tecna, Timmy moaned. I have to pull out.
Not yet, Tecna said as she threw her legs around Timmys hips and held him tight against her groin. Dont pull out yet, Im going to cum too.
Tecna, let me pull out before I . . .. Oh God, here I cum.
Yes Timmy, cum inside me, make me cum with you, Tecna screamed. She felt Timmy spurting inside her pussy and just the thought that Timmy could be knocking her up was enough to make her cum right along with her boyfriend. That was wonderful Timmy, Tecna told her boyfriend. But for some reason I feel real tired right now.
Me too, Timmy said with a yawn as he pulled out of her and stretched out next to her on the bed. Forty winks sounds real good right now.
It sure does, boyfriend, Tecna said as she rolled over and pulled Timmy even closer as she yawned and dropped off to sleep right along with him.

Are you alright Stella? Stella turned to see Brandon hovering next to her as she shook her head to clear it.
Im fine Brandon, Stella told her boyfriend. What happened to the snacks you were going to get?
I came back when I heard you scream. Are you sure youre alright?
Im fine, what about you? Are you alright after whatever that was? Stella asked as she leaned over to kiss him.
I never even noticed it, Brandon said as he pulled his lips away from hers. But if it get me another kiss Ill tell you whatever you want to hear.
Its not kisses that Im interested in, Brandon, Stella said, wondering where her sudden boldness was coming from. Her lips were still tingling from the kiss shed given Brandon, in fact the buzz was traveling spreading down through her chest and belly all the way to her pussy. She leaned forward to give Brandon another kiss and was surprised at how bold he was as he reached out to squeeze both her tits until her nipples popped and her cunt juices started to flow like a river.
If were going to take this any further we should probably take this somewhere where well have more privacy. Since Leylas giving Sky dancing lessons my room should be free, why dont we go there and use my bed?

Why are we going to Stellas room, Musa? Riven asked, watching his girlfriends black pigtails bounce as she dragged him toward the other bedroom.
Because Leylas using my room for Skys dancing lessons, Musa said as she opened the door to the bedroom and shoved him in. Besides, Stella said it was ok to use her bed.
Musa closed the door once they were both in and practically dragged him to the nearest bed. Are you sure you want to do this? Riven asked as Musa shoved him onto the bed and started stripping him out of his cloths.
Am I ready? Musa asked, Im the one stripping you out of your cloths, what do you think?
I think youre really horny and want to do something more than just a kiss. And if you really want more than Im more than willing to give it to you, but are you sure youre ready for this?
Oh, Im ready, Musa said with a grin as she removed her own cloths and set them neatly on a nearby chair. And I think you are too.
Riven watched as Musa leaned forward and kissed the tip of his cock before she opened her lips and slid them all the way down his shaft. Oh, that tastes so good, Musa said as she slid her lips back off Rivens prick and started licking his balls. How about it, Riven, do you like this?
I sure do, Riven said, but I think I know something well both like even better.
I like the way you think, Riven, Musa said as she straddled his knees and dropped her cunt toward his cock. Is this what you had in mind?
Oh yes, Riven sighed as Musa guided his cock to the opening of her pussy. Take a seat Musa and lets have a lot of fun.

Stella couldnt believe Brandon was being so bold, she liked it, but it seemed so out of character for her boyfriend. As Brandon pulled her down onto his lap she reached down to adjust his cock so it slipped between her cunt lips. Fuck me Brandon, Stella cried as she forced herself down on her boyfriends prick. She felt her lips stretch out for the head of Brandons cock and then snap back as it slid into her fuck tunnel. Brandon leaned forward to suck on her nipples as she caught her breath after the first intrusion of his shaft and it felt so good that her cunt let loose more juice so she could slide down another inch to reach her hymen. Here we go boyfriend, no way to go back after this. Stella put all her weight into her next bounce and felt Brandons cock snap through her virginity and let out a high pitched yelp as the shaft slid all the way in to her cervix.
Oh God that hurt, Stella gasped, but I am so glad I finally got rid of that stupid virginity. Now I want you to fuck me Brandon, fuck me until you cant fuck me anymore.
Youve got it, Stel, Brandon said, bouncing his ass off the bed to meet her next thrust. How fertile are you? Do I need to pull out before I cum or are you good?
If Im on schedule my period will start tomorrow or the day after, Stella told her boyfriend. Im safe and just this once I want to feel you cum inside me.
Are you sure? Brandon asked. Ive heard theres always a chance for a girl to get pregnant, even during her period. Are you sure you want to take a chance?
Im sure, Stella said. Even if something does happen there are spells to take care of things. We have nothing to worry about.
Ok, Stel, lets go for it, Brandon said as he started slamming into her freshly opened cunt. For almost five minutes Stella rode her boyfriends cock like a jackhammer. She could feel her orgasm drawing closer with each stroke as Brandons cock filled her fuck hole. From the look on Brandons face she could tell that he was getting close to shooting his wad.
Im almost ready to cum, baby, Stella said. What about you?
Whenever youre ready, Stel.
Then lets do it, Stella said as she slammed her ass down on Brandons thighs she heard her boyfriend grunt as she felt his cock bulge and spit out sperm deep in her cunt, setting off her own orgasm.
That was incredible, Brandon mumbled as he held Stella tight with his softening cock still buried in her cunt. But right now I feel so tired I could sleep for a week.
Me too, lover, Stella said with a yawn. Why dont we stretch out here on the bed for a few minutes. Im sure no one will mind.

Flora, are you alright? Hilias voice was so refined it sent a shiver down Floras spine and made her cunt leak.
Im fine Hilia, Flora said as she took his hand and gave him a quick smile. What happened to Timmy?
He went back to check on Tecna, Hilia told her. Whatever just happened I had to come over and make sure you were alright.
Thats nice, Flora said giving the artist another smile, let me reward your concern with a kiss. Flora leaned forward and Hilia didnt turn away, but when she pressed her lips against his he stuck his tongue in her mouth.
Oh, youre a fast mover, Flora giggled as she pulled away. I think I like that.
Would you like it if I moved faster? Hilia asked as he reached up to squeeze her tit.
Yes I would, Flora gasped as her nipples popped erect and her pussy turned juicy.
Is there someplace we can go for some privacy? Hilia asked.
Sure, Flora said as she reached down to Hilias crotch and stroked hardening cock through his pants. We can go to my room, Im sure Bloom will understand.
Then lets go, Hilia said as Flora led the way to her bedroom.

Tecna, Timmy said as his girlfriend led him to Bloom and Floras bedroom. Why arent we going to your room?
Because Musa and Leyla are there with Sky, Tecna pointed out. Dont worry, Bloom and Flora wont mind if we use their room. Now hurry up and get out of those cloths so we can fuck, I cant wait for you to pop my cherry and fuck me for real instead of virtually.
Sure, if thats what you want honey, but are you sure you want to move this fast?
Im sure, Tecna said, dropping the last of her cloths to the floor and jumped onto Floras bed. Hurry up Timmy, get over here and fuck me like you do in cyberspace.
Ive been waiting for this, Timmy said as he stripped out of his cloths and joined his girlfriend on Floras bed. Let me at those tits, Tecna, Timmy said as he crawled over her body and reached for her breasts. Ive been dreaming about this for so long, Timmy sighed as he put his lips over Tecnas left nipple and sucked on it as hard as he could until his girlfriend groaned in pleasure.
Fuck me, Timmy, Tecna screamed. Pop my cherry and fuck me now.
If thats what you want, Timmy said as he raised himself up so that he could see Tecnas pussy as he aimed his rock hard cock at her virgin slit. Hang on, Tecna, here goes your virginity. Timmy shoved his cock forward as soon as he was sure he had the aim right. He felt Tecnas pussy lips resist for a few seconds but as he kept up the pressure he felt them give way and spread apart for his prick head. Just inside Tecnas fuck tunnel Timmy found more resistance as the tip of his cock pushed against the thin barrier that shielded his girlfriends virgin fuck channel. Timmy heard Tecna grunt as he forced his cock through her hymen and waited a few seconds to make sure she was alright before he eased the rest of his prick into her belly.
How does that feel Tecna? Timmy asked once his cock was buried all the way to her cervix.
It feels wonderful, Tecna said with a dreamy smile. Cyberspace never felt this good.
If you think this feels good just wait until I start stroking it in and out. By the way, when was your last period?
Three weeks ago, Tecna said, the next one is due next week. Why do you want to know?
I wanted to know how safe it would be for me to cum inside you, Timmy said. I always cum inside you in cyberspace and Im not sure if Ill remember to pull out this time.
Well, I always like it when you cum inside me in cyberspace, I guess Ill like it even more in real space. But if you can pull out before you cum I can live with that too.
Here we go, Timmy said as he pulled his cock almost all the way out of Tecnas pussy before he slammed it in to the root again. With each stroke Timmy picked up the pace until he was slamming into his girlfriend with enough force to make the bed shift under them.

If I knew fucking felt this good I would have lost my virginity a long time ago, Flora said as Hilia kept picking up the pace of his fucking cock. She could feel her orgasm building with each stroke that hit her cervix. Im going to cum, Flora screamed as she felt her belly start to cramp.
So am I, Hilia screamed as he slammed his cock in as deep as it could so the tip was pressed hard against her cervix. Flora wasnt sure if her clamping cunt set off Hilia or if it was the feel of his cum hitting her womb that set off but their orgasms were close enough to be simultaneous.
That was wonderful, Flora said as Hilia pulled out of her and snuggled next to her in the bed. But right now I could really use a nap.
Me to, Hilia said with a yawn. He was asleep before his head hit the pillow. Chapter 4
After The Party

Bloom awoke with a yawn and a stretch. For a second she couldnt remember what had happened the night before, then she felt Skys breath against her neck and she smiled as she recalled the feeling of her boyfriends cock smashing through her virginity and filling her womb with his sperm. She reached down to her stroke her cunt as she thought about how good it felt to have Skys whole cock stuffed in her tight slit. Bloom noticed that some of her pussy hair was clumped together from dried cum but when she stuck her finger into her cunt she could still feel some fresh cum in her fuck tunnel. With a soft pop Bloom pulled her finger out of her and shifted her wet fingers to her lips so she could enjoy the combined taste of her and Skys juices.
Ready for another round, Sky? Bloom asked when she felt her boyfriend scoot closer to her and throw an arm across her body to squeeze her tit.
Just let me sleep five more minutes, Stel, the voice behind Bloom said sleepily, then Ill be ready for another fuck.
What in the world, Bloom gasped, she sat up so suddenly the boy next to her rolled over on his back.
Brandon? Bloom gulped when she saw brown hair instead of blond poking out from under the covers. As soon as she saw Brandons hair Bloom remembered what had actually happened the night before. She realized that Brandon must have been just as confused as she was because he seemed to think she was Stella, just as shed thought he was Sky.
Whats wrong, Stel? Brandon asked as he wiped sleep from his eyes and tried to blink his eyes into focus.
Brandon, Bloom said slowly, do you remember what happened last night?
Sure I do Stel, Brandon said with a yawn. That was incredible.
Brandon, take a good look at me before you say anything more.
What do you mean, Stel? Brandon said as he turned to face her. Bloom? What are you doing here? Oh no, I remember, I remember what really happened as well as what I thought happened.
Dont blame yourself, Brandon, Bloom said as she looked at the other bed across the room. I think someone cast a spell on us, and it looks like we werent the only ones caught in the spell.
Brandon looked at the other bed and saw Flora stretched naked across the bed with an equally naked Timmy lying next to her. I see what you mean, Brandon said with a nod.
When I find out who cast this spell on us, Bloom said through clenched teeth.
Youll have to stand in line behind the rest of us, Brandon finished.
Bloom, is that you? came a disembodied voice from the foot of the bed.
Yes. Is that you Miss Faragonda? Bloom asked as she sat up on the edge of the bed.
Yes, Bloom, Miss Faragonda answered. I thought it would be best if I just projected my voice since I wasnt sure what is happening your room.
I - I mean we - appreciate that Miss F, Bloom said. Can you tell me what happened?
In due time, Bloom. I thought it would be best to wait until youre all awake and then explain the situation to all of you at the same time. Once everyones awak and ready I want you all to come to my office and Ill explain the situation.
Well be there as soon as everyones ready, Bloom promised.
Bloom climbed out of bed and looked down at her naked body for a second before she released the energy shed stored from the spell the night before and reformed her cloths. Brandon, get dressed and start checking on everyone else. Get everyone up and dressed so we can get over to Miss Faragondas office and find out what happened here.
Sure Bloom, but what am I going to say when everyone starts asking what happened?
Tell them the truth, Bloom said as she headed toward the bathroom, that someone put us under a spell and were not responsible for what happened. Then tell them that Miss F will tell us everything once we get to her office.
As soon as she entered the bathroom Bloom slipped out of her cloths and stepped into the shower. She still couldnt believe what had happened - or that it happened with Brandon. If it had happened with Sky shed have no problem with the idea of spending the night with him - or fucking him again - but Brandon was another matter. But even knowing that it was Brandon who popped her cherry all she could think of was how much she wanted to feel a cock filling her wet pussy again and again.
Bloom turned as someone knocked hesitantly on the bathroom door. Who is it? she called.
Bloom, its me Flora, came the nervous reply. Can I come in?
Come on in, Bloom responded, I guess we can both use a shower before we go to see Miss F.
The door opened and Flora slipped through before closing it behind her. Are you alright, Flora? Bloom asked her roommate when she noticed her friends pale complexion.
Bloom, what are we going to do? Flora blurted out.
Miss Faragonda already said that none of us is to blame for what happened last night, Bloom pointed out. Im sure Tecna will understand and you cant blame Timmy for what happened either.
Thats not what I mean, Flora said with a weak smile. Even if it was Timmy and not Hilia who fucked me last night, now that Ive done it I cant wait to have another cock in my cunt.
I feel the same way, Bloom admitted. Just thinking about having a cock in my pussy makes me so horny Im not sure if Id care who was fucking me, but Id still prefer Sky to anyone else.
And I feel the same way about Hilia, Flora sighed, but I dont know he feels the same way about me.
Well theres only one way to fine out, Bloom pointed out as she stepped into the shower, ask him how he feels. I bet after last night hell want to fuck you as much as you want to fuck him.
I hope youre right, Flora said with a weak grin as she stripped out of her cloths and joined Bloom in the shower, because I dont know what Im going to do if he doesnt want to fuck me.

Sky groaned and raised his head from the pillow when he heard Brandon call his name through the bedroom door. Just give me a few more minutes, he called sleepily.
Sky, you need to get up now, Brandon insisted. Miss Faragonda wants to talk to all of us in her office right away.
Oh no, Sky thought as he sat up in bed, moving slowly so he didnt wake Bloom who was still asleep under the covers. Does she know that I fucked Bloom? Is she angry about it? What are we going to do?
Sky shifted away from Bloom to slip off the other side of the bed without disturbing Bloom and suddenly realized there was someone under the covers on that side too. He turned back to Bloom and noticed that the covers had slipped down enough for him to see Musas black pigtails. Musa? Sky gasped, scooting away from the girl who woke up enough to call Rivens name in her sleep. He ran into the girl on the other side and turned as she shifted enough in her sleep for him to recognize the new girl Layla. Suddenly the events of the previous night flooded back to him and he felt dizzy as he saw things through two sets of memories, what he thought was happening at the time, and what really happened at the time. He shuddered as he realized that Layla had told him that she was in the middle of her fertile period when he thought she was saying she was safe and begging him to shoot her full of cum.
Sky managed to get out of bed without waiting either of the girls and slipped into his cloths as they snored softly with satisfied smiles on their lips. Just before he opened the bedroom door Sky glanced back and noticed that Tecna and Hilia were snuggled together in the other bed.
Brandon, what happened last night? Sky asked as he closed the door behind him.
Im not completely sure myself, Brandon admitted. Miss Faragonda said shed explain it when we got to her office, she also said that we werent to blame for what happened. Bloom thinks it was some kind of spell, but Im not sure yet.
Bloom? Sky said as he turned to glare at his best friend. Were you with Bloom last night?
Yes, Brandon admitted. But remember, I thought she was Stella, just like you thought . . .
Just like I thought Musa and Layla were Bloom, Sky said, blushing as he remembered how it had felt to pop both girls cherries.
Im sorry buddy, Brandon told this friend, can you forgive me?
I better, Sky sighed, otherwise Riven will never forgive me for fucking Musa and popping her cherry. Besides, now that I know how good it feels to slide my cock into a girls pussy Id have a hard time saying no if any of the girls came up and asked me to fuck her.
Me too, Brandon agreed, but if Stella was the one asking me to fuck her I wouldnt even try to say no, Id have her naked on the floor before she finished asking me.
Same for me if it was Bloom, Sky said. I cant wait for the next time I slip my cock into a girls hot slippery cunt.
Before we do that we better find out what Miss F has to tell us, Brandon pointed out reluctantly. And to do that we need to wake everyone up.

A half-hour later the eleven teens stood in front of Miss Faragondas desk as she watched them over her glasses. Now I want all of you to remember that none of you is responsible for what happened last night, she told them as the boys and girls kept sneaking glances at each other.
But Miss F, Bloom said, speaking up for all of them, what happened to us? How did I end up believing that Brandon was Sky? Why did Sky think Musa and Layla were me?
It was a very strong and malicious spell cast by Icy and the other witches, Miss Faragonda said as she looked around at the anxious and jealous faces in front of her. From the way the teens were looking at each other she suspected it would take time before any of the teens in front of her trusted each other, especially after she finished telling them what shed discovered.
I contacted the officials at the prison colony after I found the witches on the school grounds and found out that Lord Darkar attacked the prison in order to break the girls free. In the confusion after the attack the warders werent able to contact us about the escape until it was too late.
Do you know what spell the witches used against us? Bloom asked, shifting her glance from Sky to Brandon and then to Stella, Musa, and Layla. From the way everyones head kept turning Bloom was sure everyone felt as nervous and unsure about things as she did.
Three spells actually, Miss Faragonda said as she picked up a charm from her desk and played with it. All three of the witches were wearing a charm like this, Knut was able to knock this one off Icys belt and I managed to grab the charms off the other two with my own magic. I was able to determine the spells these charms were designed to protect them from.
If the charms were suppose to protect Icy and the others, Tecna said thoughtfully, then what happened when you took the charms away from them.
They fell under their own spell, Miss Faragonda said with a knowing smile, along with Knut.
You mean Knut and the witches? Musa said in shock.
Yes, Knut and the witches, Faragonda said. The spell consisted of three spells in one. The first part of the spell was an aphrodisiac to make sure you were all in the mood, so to speak. The second part of the spell made all of you delusional so youd think you were with the person you most wanted to be with - no matter who you were with. The third - and most vindictive part of the spell in my opinion - increased your fertility to the point that all of you girls are now pregnant.
A shocked silence followed Miss Faragondas announcement until Bloom finally spoke up. Thats not possible, she said in a hushed tone. My period was just two days ago, I cant be pregnant.
Im afraid youre wrong, Bloom, the headmistress said sadly, the fertility portion of the spell was strong enough to make anyone extremely fertile, and Im sure you know that a girl is never safe no matter where she is in her period.
Miss F, Layla said excitedly, Im in the middle of my fertile period. If the fertility spell was that strong what did it do to me?
Im not completely sure, Miss F admitted. I do know that the spell put a lot of stress on your bodies and thats probably why all of you fell asleep so soon after you . . .
Fucked each other silly, Riven supplied.
Yes, the principal said with a slight blush. But it should be simple enough for us to find out for sure if the spell worked the way the witches intended. Miss Faragonda gestured and her crystal ball rose from its base and floated through the air until halted just in front of Blooms belly. It would appear that you have one child in your womb Bloom, Miss F said as they all watched a spark flying around in the sphere. As Bloom looked at the floating spark she thought she saw something more in the crystal ball and when she gazed closer she saw herself and Sky standing side by side with a baby in her arms and her belly swollen with another child.
Miss Faragonda directed her crystal ball to float through the air until it hovered in front of Stella. Once again a single spark glided through around the inside of the crystal sphere. One baby for you as well Stella, the principal said as Blooms best friend gazed into the crystal ball with a broad grin on her face that must have matched the one on Blooms.
I guess that makes sense, Stella said, my period is - or rather was - due in a couple days.
What about me? Tecna asked as the globe glided over to her next. Everyone could see the two sparks that rested peacefully in the center of the sphere.
Two babies for you Tecna, Miss Faragonda replied. She sent the crystal on to Flora as Tecna smiled at the scene she saw in the globe.
Two for you as well Flora, Miss F said as the girl gazed into the floating globe with a bemused grin.
Two sparks danced through the crystal as it hovered in front of Musas belly and a wide smile covered the girls face as the sphere drifted on to Layla. As the crystal hovered in front of Laylas belly the girl let out a little gasp and everyone turned to see three sparks chasing one another around the inside of the sphere. It would appear, Layla, that you are going to have triplets.
Yes, Layla said as she peered into the crystal with a puzzled look on her face. Miss F, I almost hate to ask this, but is there something we can do about our pregnancies?
Normally yes, the headmistress sighed, but in this case the witches wanted to make sure that nothing spoiled their little prank and part of the fertility spell tied your pregnancies to your winx. Any attempt to terminate your pregnancies prematurely and your powers will activate to protect your unborn children. In fact if you attempt to abort your unborn children could result in your own death, on the other hand, any attack that might harm your child and your powers will automatically protect you as well.
Since you girls will have special needs over the next few months Ive called Griselda to make plans for your housing and classes. I will also contact your parents and explain the situation to them as well. Even though the witches are ultimately responsible for whats happened to you Im at least partially responsible since I didnt improve the schools protective spells to defend against something like this.
Miss Faragonda, Bloom said, no one could have anticipated the witches escape, much less that theyd come to the school and cast a spell like this. You are not responsible for what happened to us.
I wish I could feel the same, Miss F sighed. It may have been easier if Id managed to capture the witches, but by the time I returned to the grounds they were gone and Knut was sound asleep on the grass - in fact hes still sleeping off the affects of the spell. I dont know if the girls recovered from the spell sooner than you did or if Lord Darkar came to collect them, all I know for sure is that they were gone.
And that they were caught in there own spell, Tecna pointed out. Which means that they could be carrying Knuts children.
Not could, the headmistress said with a chuckle, they are. The spell they cast is too strong for them to avoid that result. And considering what they were trying to do to you I think its a rather appropriate punishment.
Before anyone else could respond the office door opened and the schools disciplinarian stepped in. You wanted to see me Faragonda? Griselda asked as she entered the room.
Yes I did, Griselda, the headmistress said supporting her head on her folded hands. When she mentioned the other womans name the crystal ball, which had been floating aimlessly around the room zoomed over to hover in front of Griseldas belly.
Miss G, youre pregnant? Stella said as she watched two sparks chasing each other around the inside of the globe.
Dont be ridicules, Griselda said, pushing her glasses up on her nose with a sniff.
No, shes right Griselda, Miss Faragonda said. In fact youre going to have twins.
Thats not possible, Griselda insisted. The best fertility experts in Magix told me that I was infertile and would never have any children.
Apparently the witches spell was even more powerful than I realized, Miss F said thoughtfully.
What are you talking about? Griselda asked as the color drained from her face.
Sit down Griselda, Faragonda said pointing to the last open chair. Ill tell you what happened last night, then all of us have to make some plans.

- six months later -

I cant believe we actually managed to defeat Lord Darkar, Bloom sighed as she leaned back in her recliner and patted her bare swollen belly.
I knew youd do it, Sky said from the chair next to hers as he reached out to squeeze Blooms nearest milk swollen tit affectionately.
Even when Darkar managed to turn me evil? Bloom teased.
Even then, Stella said, giggling as Brandon rubbed lotion on her swollen stomach. We knew Lord Darkar couldnt really turn you with a spell, not when you had Brandon and your unborn child rooting for you.
At least we were finally able to get over our jealousies and remember how much we cared for each other, Tecna said as Timmy rubbed her large belly and sucked on her nipples, licking her milk from his lips with his tongue as he grinned at his girlfriend.
And we managed to do it before we entered our third trimester and our bellies got to big to move, Musa pointed out with a groan as Riven massaged her belly with one hand as he used the other one to play with her wet pussy.
Speak for yourself, Layla chuckled from where she lay on the couch. Three of her pixie friends were spreading lotion on her hugely swollen belly while another one fucked her cunt with one of her vibrating dildos. At least the witches looked even bigger than me, she gasped as a spasm ran through her body.
Yeah, Flora grunted as Hilia thrust in and out of her cunt with his cock while he kissed her swollen belly affectionately, especially Icy. If I didnt know better Id say her belly looked twice as big as yours.
I thought so too, Bloom said, gasping in pleasure as Sky stuck his head between her thighs and started licking her pussy. So I asked Miss F about it. She said that she checked the girls out before they were sent off to the prison colony and it turns out that Darcy and Stormy are having twins and Icy is having triplets, but since their babies are half-ogres theyre going to be about twice as large as our babies. She also said that half-ogre children have a gestation time of a full year.
You mean the witches have to put up with the big bellies and swollen ankles for an extra three months? Layla asked. Now thats what I call fair play after what they did to us.
I dont know, Flora sighed as Hilia snuggled up to her back with his cock still buried in her cunt. Even if the witches spell did make us so jealous of each other that we had trouble fighting them for a while it did teach us one thing that makes up for everything else they did.
Whats that? Layla asked.
How much we all like to fuck, Bloom giggled. If it werent for the witches wed only be fucking our own boyfriends and wouldnt know how much we love a good fuck with other boys.
Thats great for the rest of you since you all have boyfriends, Layla pointed out, but Im kind of an odd duck since I dont have my own boyfriend. At least I have my toys, but theyre a poor substitute for a good hard cock and a load of cum, especially since the triplets seem to make me hornier than ever.
I know what you mean about your babies making you horny, Bloom said as she caught Skys attention and gave him a quick nod. Even though I only have one baby in my belly Im super horny all the time so it must be three times as bad for you. But as far as boyfriends go I dont think you have a real problem there.
What do you mean? Layla asked, looking up just in time to see all five boys approaching her couch. Oh my. Thank you, but how can I accept this?
What kind of friends would we be if we werent willing to share our boyfriends? Flora asked. As the boys reached Laylas side her pixie friends moved aside to make room for them. As if theyd rehearsed the whole thing every boy moved into position. Sky walked up to Laylas face and she opened her mouth to swallow his cock to the base. Timmy moved to Laylas right side and knelt down to suck avidly at her right nipple while Halia sucked on her left nipple until the milk flowed freely from both tits. And finally Riven and Brandon took turns licking her dripping pussy as Layla gasped in pleasure around Skys cock.
You know, Bloom said after watching the boys play with Layla for a few minutes, Im starting to feel a little jealous about all the attention Laylas getting from our boyfriends. Hey Layla, do you think you can spare one of the boys?
Sure, Layla sighed, taking her mouth off Skys prick, as long as I have one left to fuck me I can spare the rest. Who do you want?
I feel like giving Riven a try, Bloom decided. That is if you dont mind Musa.
Go ahead, Bloom, Musa said. I was just thinking Id like to give Timmy a try.
Youll love him Musa, Tecna said as Riven and Timmy left Layla to go to the girls who asked for them.
Bloom, do you mind if I give Sky a try? Flora asked.
Go ahead, Bloom said as Riven stepped between her eyes and aimed his cock at her dripping pussy. With one thrust he was buried to the root and leaned forward to play with her tits, squeezing them so hard that milk starting dribbling from her nipples.
You did it Riven, Bloom said with a moan of pleasure as she bent down to lick the milk from her left nipple. Brandon and I have been trying to get the milk to start flowing for a couple days now, but this is the first time we actually got some.
Sometimes you just have to be a little rough, Riven said as he leaned forward to lick the milk from her other nipple as he ran his hands over Blooms swollen belly.
Bloom glanced up and saw that Hilia was happily fucking Layla while Sky fucked Stella and Laylas pixie friends helped Tecna experiment with several of Laylas toys. Layla, Bloom said with a moan as she felt herself building toward her first orgasm, Ive been wondering. What did you see in the crystal ball that day we were in Miss Faragondas office? The rest of us saw ourselves with our boyfriends, our babies, and our pregnant bellies, but what did you see?
I guess I can tell you now, Layla said with a groan of pleasure. I saw myself surrounded by all the boys, with one baby in my arms while Sky held another one and Brandon held the third, and with my belly swollen at least as large as it is now.
I guess all our visions are coming true, Tecna said with a groan of her own. Even though all of us are attached to our boyfriends I suspect that were going to end up sharing them. Do you think things could have turned out better than this?

Can you believe it Griselda? Miss Faragonda asked as she watched the orgy in the girls common room through her crystal ball. We were hoping to reach this point eventually, but we didnt think it would happen for at least two more years.
Maybe we should thank the witches, Griselda said leaning forward to gaze into the crystal ball as Paladium - her new husband - fucked her from behind reaching around to massage her swollen stomach. If it werent for them and their spell at least one of the girls would still be a virgin and Im not even sure if any of them would be pregnant. Are we going to tell them the truth about our plans?
Eventually, Miss Faragonda said, but why dont we let them enjoy fucking each other for now. When theyre ready for the responsibility well tell them the truth, that we need them and their children to rebuild the royal familys of Magix. They dont need to know that when the original witches tried to steal the dragonfire and destroyed Sparks in the process they also killed most of the royal families as well. The only survivors were those too old or too young to bear children.
Yes, I guess we will have to tell them eventually that their children will become the new royalty of Magix, Griselda agreed. And that the school was set up to create just the result the witches gave us with the girls and boys fucking each other freely and having as many children as possible, but for now well just keep an eye on the babies to make sure that the next generation doesnt breed too closely. By the way where is Knut? I havent seen him around all day.
Believe it or not hes visiting Icy and the others at the prison colony, Miss Faragonda said. If its possible the witches are even hornier than our girls, and no ones fucked them since the night they got pregnant. Knut thinks he can convince the witches to turn over a new leaf, at the very least he thinks theyll want to fuck too much to think about trying to take over the realms again.
Thanks to the witches we now have a spell to solve the whole realms infertility problem, but for now lets not spoil their fun. Let them think that everyones unhappy with them, but someday Id like to see the look on their faces when they realize that they solved the problems their mothers caused in the realms.

- The End

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