Pirate king's navigator

Luffy watched me with the curiosity of a child, his eyes glued to the work at my hands. I wished he wouldnt stare at me with those glass-like eyes, fearing that he could see into my very soul with them. I didnt truly understand his innocence then. His face turned as my hands moved, and he finally asked What are you doing?

I turned to look at him, sighing. There was a long razorblade in my right hand, and a soapy sponge in the other. One leg was propped up on the edge of a crate. Im shaving. How do you think women have such smooth legs?

Realization obviously dawned. Oh! That makes sense!

I didnt expect him to come onto the deck so late at night after everyone else had gone to sleep, but once he had arrived, there was no getting rid of him. My little secret routine had piqued his interest, and I knew hed be watching until I was finished. Not that there was any shame in what I was doing, it was purely a necessity for a girl who often depends on her looks to get her out of trouble. I simply didnt feel very comfortable with Luffy staring at my legs so intently, my skirt pulled up to nearly my waist.

Whats wrong? Cant you sleep? I asked him, hurrying to finish.

His eyes never shifted. I woke up hungry, but Sanjis still asleep. Then I saw you.

And? Do you need something?

No, he answered simply.

I wondered how I could nicely tell him to give me some privacy, and how any attempt could possibly be successful. Luffy was amazingly stubborn, not to mention nae. I imagined with horror trying to explain exactly why I didnt want him to watch.

I finally finished and poured water from a bucket over my legs and hands to rinse them off. I reached for a towel and began drying off, thankful that Luffys curiosity had seemed to be satisfied, as he was looking at my face now.

That seems like a lot of trouble.

I smiled. Such a typical male comment. You wouldnt want to see me if I didnt go to all this trouble.

Luffy looked confused. Why not? I always want to see you.

I blinked. What did he just say? I could feel a blush creeping into my cheeks. Surely he didnt mean it the way it sounded. Surely he didnt think of me as anything more than a friend and comrade. Surely he would say the same thing to Zoro or Sanji or even Usopp. Surely the quiet feelings that had been brewing in the back of my mind for the past few days were unreturned.

I laughed nervously. Oh no. I dont look so great if I dont put in a little effort.

His expression didnt change. But you always look great.

My heart was pounding then, and I reflexively placed a hand on my chest. I had to be imagining this. I told myself that I was simply misinterpreting his words. I couldnt let myself fall in love with him. Having a secret adoration of him was fine, but falling in love? That was way too far. Luffy already had his future planned out. He would be the Pirate King, and that was that.

Luffy youre just being nice. Why dont you go back to bed? Sanji will have breakfast ready by the time you wake up again.

He grinned. Good, I hope we have plenty of meat left!

He walked past me, and something inside me ached. A part of me wanted to reach out to him, to make him understand my feelings and take a chance on him returning them. I wondered when Id ever have the chance to be alone with him again. But he opened the door to climb below deck, and a feeling of loss swept through me.

Oh, Nami

I whirled around, and he was peering at me from beneath the rim of his hat. What? I asked.

I wasnt just being nice. I was being honest.

I gazed at him, completely overwhelmed. Did he even understand what he was saying? I didnt care then. I couldnt hold back any longer. Luffy, I want to tell you something but I dont know how

He walked back to me and leaned against the railing. What is it?

I couldnt bear to look him in the eyes, so I looked up at the moon. I took a breath. For the past eight years, one face has haunted me day and night. Every time I closed my eyes, I could see Arlong sneering at me. It was like he was watching me, and I felt like I couldnt escape.

I turned to look at him then. But you defeated him. He doesnt have a hold on my anymore. Im free. I shouldnt see his face anymore, but I do. I still see those eyes watching me. I I dont know what to do.

Luffy listened intently, barely even blinking. He said nothing to that, obviously because he had no solution to my problem, at least at the moment.

You helped me so much. I have no idea how to thank you.

He smiled then. All you have to do is be my navigator. Come with me to the Grand Line. Stay with me.

What happens after that?

Luffy looked surprised. After that? he asked, unsure of my question.

After you find the One Piece and become the Pirate King. What happens after that?

Luffy looked positively dumbfounded then. He apparently hadnt even considered the idea before. I dont know. I guess Ill figure that out when I get there.

I sighed. I really didnt know how to explain how I felt, or to find out how he felt about me. All I could do was lay it all out for him, and let him draw his own conclusions. He was more perceptive than we gave him credit for, especially in regards to the feelings of others.

I stepped closer to him, and hesitantly placed a hand on his arm. Luffy, I dont want to see Arlongs face anymore. Can you understand? Youre the one I want to see when I close my eyes.

Luffys face was blank as the words began to tie themselves together in his mind. He was thinking about what I said. I wondered what his response would be, what he would say or do. How would he react?

He grinned broadly, an expression I had seen him wear so often. The Pirate King needs a great Pirate Queen.

My heart nearly stopped. I hadnt anticipated that. In fact, I hadnt even imagined it. I wasnt entirely sure of my feelings in the first place, but the idea of a long-term relationship in the future seemed almost like a fantasy. What?

Youre a great pirate. Youre smart and cute and you know so much about everything. Wanna be my Pirate Queen?

I shook my head. Luffy, you dont understand what youre asking.

He stopped smiling then. I like being with you. Why not be together forever?

I looked up at him, completely shocked by how easily he had simplified the situation. I smiled. You know youre right. We enjoy each others company. Maybe I will then. Maybe Ill be your Pirate Queen. But for now, lets be companions.

Luffy smiled back, turning to leave.

I took hold of his arm, causing him to turn around. Have you ever been kissed, Luffy?

He shook his head. I leaned close to him and kissed his lips. He looked at me curiously for a few seconds before grinning again. Yeah, youll be a great Pirate Queen.

I watched him climb below deck to go back to sleep, then I looked out over the sea. I felt warm and safe. No matter what happened, as long as Luffy was with us, everything would be alright.

I closed my eyes, and I could see Luffys grinning face.

The navigator of the Going Merry, preoccupied in her own thoughts, sat quietly in a long gown like shirt. She was sewing a seam together in one of her skirts. When she had risen from bed that morning Nami had never changed, knowing she needed to mend a lot of her clothing before they made it to the next stop. Even though it would, probably, be only for that one day. They needed to stop for supplies and food. She still liked looking her best when going ashore, regardless. Plus, if it was up to Zorro they would be at the closest bar to the dock, drinking.

She smiled to herself. She had to admit it; she enjoyed the company of her fellow crewmates at times like that. Despite all their differences, they were all great comrades, when it really mattered the most. They all had a bond that couldnt be broken. And no matter what other reason she came up with, she knew which one of them was the reason for everyones loyalty to each other

The jerk she said inwardly.

Nami glanced up from her sewing to glare at the ships captain. Luffy was preocupied as he was fighting with Sanji over the last portion of beef. The ships cook had planted his feet on the deck of the ship pulling earnestly against Luffys efforts to acheve the prise from the chef's hands, with his teeth, growling like a dog whose bone had been taken from him.

Luffy, thats the last piece of meat we have until we reach our destination! Sanji shouted, in an agitated tone as he gritt his teeth against the cigarette he was smoking.

All his shouting accomplished was to make Luffy growl louder. He then began to lean back with his efforts.

Namis glare intensified as she stood up. I cant take this anymore!! The simpleminded moron!

She looked around to see if anyone was going to step in and help the distraught cook. All she saw was Zorro leaning against one of the walls of the boat. The lazy swordsman was snoring in one of the usual sleeping sessions he took every day.

Yeah, like hed do anything about it anyway.... Before her last thought ended, Namis foot shot out, nailing Sanji straght in the leg. Caught by surprise, the cook abruptly let go of the meat sending Luffy flying back against the rail of the ship. A satisfied smile spread across her face as she heard his head slam against the hard wood.

Problem solved!! She snapped in Luffys direction placing her hands on her hips.

Shit! With slumped shoulders Sanji cursed at the loss.

Namis satisfaction did not last long, however, and she supposed she knew it wouldnt. Its not like much could hurt him. Luffy made a few slurping sounds as the crews last bit of meat disappeared into his mouth. He then sat up, still chewing, bringing his knees up to rest his forearms on them. Tilting his head to the side, he gave Nami a look of curiosity.

Damn it! He still acts like he doesnt know why Im mad!!! Nami was fuming to herself as she clenched her hands at her sides.

Her attention then turned to the exasperated chef. She found herself feeling kind of guilty for streg Sag Sanji further due to her own temper tantrum. But, he had to admit, he was only delaying the inevitable.

Nami, what are we going to eat now? We have 3 hours till we reach land. Sanji said as he took the last drag of his cigarette and put it out with his shoe before lighting another one. Well fellas, theres always potato soup.

Nami stared at him for a second and shook her head. I have no idea how he can stand smoking that much. Does he even take in oxygen at all?

She turned around to look at Luffy who had finished chewing and was staring at her as if he knew that something more than the food situation was wrong. At that point she decided to give him a hint. Nami looked straight at her captain with an innocent looking smile before turning her attention over to the cook. She bumped her hip suggestively against his side.

But, bet you could make the best soup ever Sanji She puckered her lips in a slight pout and started twirling her forefinger on his chest. She glanced briefly to see Luffys response. No anger nothing. Still that damned blank and confused look on his face.

I give up she lowered her hands and turned on her heals to walk away. But, not before her hand was grabbed. She diverted her attention around to see Sanji bowing on one knee with both his hands placed over hers.

I will make sure to make the most delicious soup ever tasted by the lips of a mortal. For when you were sitting there sewing all dressed in white, I could have sworn you looked like a vision of a goddess perched in her place amongst the clouds. Nami couldnt help but giggle. Despite how corny his lines were, he was charming sometimes.

FISH!!! Luffys hyper-active outburst caught her attention.

W-what? She snapped her head around suddenly, to look at him with a raised brow.

Fish! Its meat He flashed a HUGE smile at Sanji before grabbing his arm, and goddesses need meat with their potato soup! Dont cha think?

With his last statement said, Luffy threw Sanji over board. He was still holding onto the cursing cooks ankles so he was dangling off the side of the ship. The captains legs were bent on the rail of the ship, holding them both in place.

With a swift dunk, Luffy dipped his chefs head under the water. Sanjis arms started flailing as he attempted to raise his head from the water. With every intake of breath he managed an insult at his assailant before being submerged once again.

Come-on!! You cant catch anything like that!! Luffy shouted at him above the roaring laughter of the swordsman who, until a few minutes ago, was seemingly in a deep slumber.

She supposed there were certain things Zorro just didnt like sleeping through.

Nami sighed and headed toward her room to check the map. She wanted to know for sure how much time she had before she could get off this ship, if only just for a little while, to clear her head and perhaps regain her usual carefree composure she usually had on the ship. Maybe, she could go shopping. That surely would make her forget about the way it felt she stopped herself before she continued with the track her thoughts seemed to be heading once again.

Oh stop it, Nami she thought to herself It WAS just a kiss after all. And youre the one who started it. She touched her lips idly remembering what had happened.

She just wanted to know what it felt like with him. Why? Of all the people she could be curious about. Why HIM? The excuses started accumulating in her head one by one. And despite her efforts to not think about the reason she had become so distraught lately, her mind began its usual recollection again.

She remembered that the stars looked real nice that night. ~

** ** **

The sky was clear and the wind felt so cool and refreshing. She had sat down on the deck wrapping the blanket from her bed around her to keep her warm. She figured she was the only one who was awake. She was wrong. The corner of her eye caught a slender figure sit down beside her. Nami had expected to see Sanji coming to sit with her in order to make another amusing attempt at gaining her affection. She couldnt help but think, on such a nice night, it would be refreshing to have some company to talk to. To her surprise, when she turned to look she saw none other than her captain lying down next to where she was sitting. She didnt know what to say at first. Nami didn't know how to react to him when he wasn't trying to make her laugh it seemed. They both sat there quiet for a while just excepting the others company. A brisk wind had blown by and she couldnt suppress the shiver it caused.

Youre cold? Nami heard Luffy say in a mellow voice, a tone she didnt hear him use often. She turned to look at him in curiosity to find that his face was very close to hers. The closeness made her blush at first. But his gaze was nothing more sinister than the question he had asked. She sighed tucking her knees up to her chest.

Yeah ... Well... Its just the wind. I dont want to go to bed though. Its too peaceful out here. And the stars, they are so clear and pretty tonight. Without another word she felt his arms close around her waste pulling her against him. W-what are you doing? Her first thought was to give him a swift slap or push him away. But for some reason she didnt. She just looked at him waiting for his answer.

Youre warmer now arent you? He said, leaning his chin on top of her head tucking her snuggly in his arms. They stayed like that for a long time, it seemed like forever to Nami. It was only when she began to relax with the situation she was in did she realize how tense she had been. Luffys breathing seemed to be slow in her opinion. That may have been the reason he didnt notice she had been as stiff as a broom handle.

It must have been at that moment that something in Nami snapped. Maybe, it was the night sky and the stars. Maybe, it was the sound of the ocean moving against the boat. Maybe, it was how warm his body heat kept her from the wind or the way his strong arms made her feel so safe. She didnt know what compelled her to do what she did next.

Now to see if hes really sleeping. Nami leaned back and pressed her lips against his neck. She smiled when she noticed the pace of his breath quicken. I guess not. His skin had felt so hot against her lips. Her curiosity ignited, Nami couldnt suppress the urge to taste him as she let the tip of her tongue find its way slightly from between her lips to skim across his skin as she continued her slow deliberate kisses along his neck to his jaw line. She could feel his pulse speed up in his neck as a reaction to her touch. Her urge to test the water more had her lips moving their way further up. Nami felt him jolt a little against her body and gave a gratified giggle when she nipped at his earlobe.

Nami? Luffy asked. Nami allowed her gaze to drift to his expression to see his eyes half shut seemingly enjoying the attention he was getting.

Yeees? She whispered lightly in his ear grazing her lips against it. Nami lifted her other hand to run her fingers lightly across his chin to the other side of his face.

He took a deep breath and then exhaled. Are you tired?

Nami giggled again after hearing the question. He must be getting shy. Im surprised he lasted this long. But, she decided she didnt want to quit teasing him yet. Plus, his reactions were becoming way too enjoyable for her curiosity to resist.

Nami pushed the side of his chin so he would be facing her. Their lips were just a breath away from one another. Are you trying to run from me now she brushed her lips against his briefly. Captain?

Tilting his head his gaze drifted toward her lips. I dont run a slight grin found its way to his lips and then vanished. He placed his palm against the back of her neck I wanted to know you werent being nice to me cause your tired... before I did this.

Namis eyes widened like saucers at the boldness of his next action. With no hesitation he pressed his mouth roughly against hers. She jumped slightly when his tongue pushed through her lips to move against the warm wetness of her own. With the deliberate and sensual piston motion of it in her mouth she found herself barely able to keep up as her body began to feel week and warm within a matter of seconds. She slumped against him closing her eyes as if to surrender to the surprising sensations she had not been expecting him to give her. The circular motion his large warm hands were making on the back of her neck were sending hot shivers down her spine making a heat build up slowly in her abdomen.

Oh my... Nami thought as she grabbed his hat placing it beside her before running her fingers through his hair. She slid her other arm around his waste pulling his body closer to hers pressing her breasts firmly against his chest. Nami found that she was pleased with the reactive groan he gave; despite the fact the action had an intense effect on her own composure as well when she began to feel the heat of his body through the cloths that separated them.

I was expecting him to be clumsy or inexperienced. But, hes a fantastic kisser!

Her fingers traveled down the muscles of his body as if they had a mind of their own, down his back, up his strong arms, to his shoulders and down his sides. Meanwhile, the tongue play taking place between the two of them continued. She caught his tongue and began to suck on it suggestively while moaning into his mouth. With that action, he pushed her gently back so she was lying on the wood of the deck. Bracing himself above her with one hand, while the other found her chin and tilted it more to the side so he could deepen the kiss, he slowly changed the pace of his tongue to move in and out in a faster rhythm against the sucking friction she was creating while still twirling it around hers.

Her body instinctively began to move at the pace their tongues had created, grinding her hips unsteadily against his for the relief her body craved. Namis arousal found some of the friction it desired as she rubbed herself against the knee Luffy had pushed between her thighs. The roughness of his jeans could be felt through the material of her undergarment covering the area of which she was desperately attempting to relieve the pressure that had began to build since his hot mouth had touched hers.

She knew he could feel how wet she was as it seeped through their clothing. Nami knew as well that he could feel the stiff tips of her breasts pressing against his chest and hear the whimpers she gave against his mouth when he pushed his leg toward her grinding hips. All these things revealed the glaring truth of her arousal. And she didnt care. All she could think of was the fact her body was screaming for release at this point. I want it inside... over and over... fast and hard... I want I WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING!!?!!

Her leg shot up full force slamming her knee into the crotch of her unaware captain, sending him tumbling face first into the floor beside her. She stood up quickly talking frantically to herself.

What am I doing? What was I about to do? Oh my god!!!!... Luffy are you Okay? She knelt beside him. Her strong, brave captain was lying in a ball on the dock of his own ship holding his groin. Luffy Im so sorry I didnt mean to hurt you. Its just reality hit me and thenI didnt mean to lead you on into thinking...

You hit me... in the balls he squeaked.

Please, Luffy I didnt mean to


I mean if I can get you something

My nuts crushed

Please forgive me Luffy OOOOUCH !!! She didnt notice his hand until it had already shot out and gave her breast a hard squeeze and twist sending her to the ground beside him.

I forgive you Nami He answered with a smile.

They both sat there immobile on the ground for a long time before either of them spoke. Nami was the first to break the silence.

That hurt.

Sure did He turned his face toward hers. They stared at each other briefly before bursting into laughter. Luffy then sat up reaching out a hand helping Nami into a sitting position as well. She looked at the horizon to see the sun peeking up over the water. Look, Luffy, we got a chance to watch the sunrise alone together. She smiled at him placing her hand on top of his.

Yeah He looked at the scenery with a content, mellow smile on his face Too bad my balls hurt.

She laughed at that and nudged him with her shoulder. I thought you said you forgave me?

I do still hurt He gave her a wide grin before he let go of her hand to stand up, absently rubbing his sore area. Im sleepy lets go to bed.

Nami smiled grabbing his extended hand to pull her self up.

Luffy? Can you do me a favor?


Dont tell anyone about this.

About what?

About what we didokay?


I just dont want anyone respecting me any less get what I mean?

I dont understa

Luffy! Please! She gave him a pleading look with her last request. He silenced himself and smiled at her before walking ahead of her to go to bed. ~

** ** ** **

She backtracked through the entire memory of that night while getting herself dressed. She stopped and focused on the blanket she had had wrapped around her the night she had felt him be so intimate with her. Nami smiled remembering that, even though she was cocooned, the blanket had easily found its way from around her onto the deck with he and her that night. And never once did she notice a breeze or feel in the least bit cold. She remembered it so well. Yet HE acted like nothing had ever happened. It had been a week sense then, and not a single word of it.

Jerk.. she rubbed the side of her arm bowing her head.

You mad at me? Luffys voice sounded from the doorway.

She snapped her head around to bark an insult at him but found herself speechless at what she saw. The side of his face was swelled from an obvious blow to the face. She could see Chopper shaking his head smiling as he dropped an ice pack in Luffys hands while passing by.

Let me guess she tried her best to keep herself from laughing Sanjis foot?

Twice why are you being mean to me Nami? Are you mad? He repeated himself again.

She opened her mouth to say something but the words wouldnt come out. She could see him in the corner of her eye, staring at her as if he was trying to read her thoughts. His eyes were wide and curious as if he really wanted to know how he had hurt her. Maybe, he DIDNT remember.

Luffy? You dont remember that night a week ago?


Then you do remember?

When you kicked me in


He lowered his head before he answered Yeah His eyes not visible beneath his straw hat.

Nami huffed Well you certainly dont act like you do. I mean I feel so damn cheap.

I thought you didnt want me to

I didnt want you to tell anybody, yes. But I didnt want you to treat me like this

Like what?

I dont know She found herself giving a frustrated sigh. Maybe it was the fact that the conversation didnt seem to be affecting him at all. Then again, maybe SHE didnt know what she was mad about either. She had practically told him to forget about it. And now, she was upset because he had done just that. Nami looked up to see him still waiting there for an explanation. Dont worry about it Luffy. Its just me.

Really? He asked. She couldnt see his eyes but the smirk that was slowly finding its way onto his face told her that he knew enough. Ok... He slowly turned to walk out again. And before she knew it, she blurted her answer out.

Its just that...You havent even looked at me since then.

I look at you all the time

YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!! She turned her back to him then letting him leave the room. She figured trying to explain anything to him was impossible and she was getting a headache. She turned then to shut the door after he had left.

But, he hadnt left. He had come up behind her and was standing nose to nose with her when she had turned around.

I dont think I do. His gaze moved toward her lips as his face inched slightly closer to hers. Thats what mind readers are for.

Now youre making fun of me.

Hahahahahahaha... but it looks like you think youre a really great mind reader.

Its not funny! Just go away and make fun of someone else. I dont need to sit here and be made fun of by someone with such minimal intelligence as you. She huffed and turned her back to him waiting to hear him exit the room.


Nami glanced over her shoulder to see he was still there like he was confused. Well? What is there to be standing there for? I told you to leave. She nodded and turned around.


Well!? Why arent you gone?

.... minama... wha?

Namis head fell in her hand in exasperation. In spite of her self, she couldnt help a small smile. She was grateful she was looking the other way away from his view. It means youre stupid.


Listen, Luffy Im sorry I just... dont know...

You already said that. His tone was soft when he came up and wrapped his arms around her waist. She was surprised by her own reaction when she relaxed and leaned back against him. He slowly kissed her ear and she felt her face blush and a familiar shiver. You look like you may know a little better now...

Nami glanced back at him and returned his grin. So far Im impressed with your mind reading skills.

His fingers made their way from her waist to down the front of her thighs. She tilted her head invitingly to the side, placing her hand behind his neck. He gave her ear a playful nip before running his tongue sloppily down her neck. She whimpered as reality hit her. She was left unsatisfied and it had been frustrating her.

I wanted him to touch me again. I wanted to feel his warm body against mine and the warmth of his mouth. I missed the feeling of his... wanted to feel more of his strong hands touching me. Damn... I want to finish what we...

She snapped out of it when she heard the knob turning on the door. She elbowed Luffy in the gut, shocking him enough to make him stop and let go right as Usopp entered the room.

Hey we reached the dock Usopp stopped and glanced at Luffy with a bewildered look on his face and then looked to see Namis flushed face. You alright?

Yes of course I am! Why wouldnt I be? With that she stormed out of the room calling out behind her Im going shopping! See you guys later.

She could have sworn she heard Luffy laughing from behind her.

Nami found herself in much higher spirits for the rest of the day. She felt like she was floating on air. She hummed to herself walking from shop to shop. It was only when she started to head her way back to the ship that she noticed; most of the things she wound up buying were things she needed for the boat trip until they reached their next destination.

Now this is definitely not like me at all. That dopey idiot's kisses have gotten me forgetting the important things in life. She found herself giving a giddy giggle at the thought.

Oh well, its not like its a problem that cant be fixed. Ill just take these things back and then start looking for something to buy for myself to make up for it. Thats all. Nami gave a confident smile and picked up the pace of her walk while looking forward to the shopping spree she had planned.

This time I think Im going to buy me something especially expensive, impractical and pretty. She stopped dead in her tracks when a graceful black dress caught her eye from the window of one of the shops. Something like THAT!

You would look absolutely breathtaking in the material of that dress, Miss Nami.

She turned to see Sanji leaning against the shops wall giving her a sultry grin. Sometimes she couldnt help but feel flattered that someone with the dashing looks and character that he had would beg for the tiniest bit of her attention.

He must have been shopping too and seen me gawking over the dress She deduced after looking down beside him on the ground to see he had placed two huge bags of food and spices he had bought.

It would be a pleasure to get that for you, just to see it flatter your perfect formif...


He bowed while still looking her strait in the eyes. Then, grabbing her hand, he continued. After I take these goods back to the ship, I want to take you to a nice little place where I can buy you something to eat and enjoy the pleasure of your company. Thats all. He paused to kiss her hand I can even take your things back to the ship, as well, so you can have time to adorn your self with the merchandise. Looking her in the eyes he flashed a grin and waited for her answer.

Nami had to admit that she WAS very hungry. She had been so preoccupied with other things, she hadnt thought about eating until he had mentioned it. And she knew that the girl crazy cook was only giving her a gentlemanly gesture of hospitality. Even if he was only thinking with one certain part of his body when he was around anything female. His intentions would probably go no further than what she allowed, she knew. Plus, who was she to deny herself the pleasure of being taken out and not having to spend any of her own money?

Sure, why not? It sounds like fun, She nodded, after giving him her answer. Nami watched as Sanjis face lit up. Then, he placed her hands between his looking at her as if she had given him the most valuable treasure in the world. His cool demeaner melted away as his voice became an octive higher with his delight of her approval.

I will make this an evening worthy of the breathtaking beauty you possess

Nami shoved her bag in his hands before he could finish. For crying out loud, if he keeps going on like that, my head will be so inflated I wont be able to get in the shop door. Without another thought, she turned toward the store.

Here, hold onto my things while I go and see if they have one thats in my size ok? She said from over her shoulder as she walked in.

** ** **

Oh I love it she thought as she twirled in front of the mirror. The soft thin fabric of the dress moved loosely around her legs as she walked. The skirt reached her knees yet it still was revealing due to the way it formed around her slender legs when she moved. The top of the dress was a different story. The front dipped low on her chest, giving a more generous view of her ample bust. The spaghetti straps crossed in the back showing most of the smooth skin down slightly below her waste. She had tied up her hair into burette revealing her long slender neck, leaving her bangs down to frame her face.

Sanji had already paid and left to go put both of there bags of goods back on the ship. But not before she talked him into a bunch of extras, such as brand shoes, stockings, and a black choker to match the dress, some silver earrings, and silver bracelets.

She giggled as she looked at her new outfit Its like playing dress up. I love this. She couldnt wait to see what she was going to eat.

Nami walked out of the store walking on air. The mood of her day had definitely turned around. Her excitement grew when she heard her name being called out from behind her.

Nami? Luffys wide eyes looked at her from head to toe before he gave a huge smile. VERY Niiiice!!!

Thankyou She giggled before she started walking beside him.

So... where are ya going all dressed up like that?

Well, Sanji said hed buy me this dress if I let him take me to get something to eat, She glanced over at Luffy before she continued to make check for any signs of irritation or jealousy. She didnt see any, as usual. Partly relieved and partly disappointed, she continued. So he said hed be back at the dock waiting till I was done getting dressed to go.

Oh Was all he answered. He just kept walking beside her, not saying anything, with his hands in his pockets. His attention was changing from one thing to another in his usual flighty fashion. But, he wasnt saying a word. Leaving the kind of silence, she had to admit, she wasnt used to while in Luffys company.

Unusually quiet she thought. Glancing his way, Nami couldnt help noticing how young and cute he seemed as he walked the way he was beside her at that moment. And, for some reason, she realized as well that Sanjis dashing looks and character didnt seem to affect her as much as Luffys childish charm. Before she could ponder any further as to why this was, he turned his gaze toward hers and their eyes met.

Oh god, I was staring at him while I was... scrutinizing. Nami blushed; while at a loss for words.

The eye contact diverted her own thoughts so that she didnt notice the lamp post she was headed for until her nose knocked right into it.


Nami rubbed her nose before looking over at her captain who was now laughing hysterically. Well, I guess Im glad I got you to say something. Its not like you to be so quiet.

He didnt answer, but wiped the bead of a tear drop that had formed in the corner of her eye after she hit the post. She stopped suddenly at the contact before she looked to see the tender smile he had on his face. Nami found that she was all too familiar with that smile. He seemed to have given it a lot to her in the past. She always past it off as a kind of kindness he showed everyone, just because, that was the kind of person he was. But now... it seemed different to her than before.

Yet, she couldnt help but feel like she was hurting him. It was not that she was manipulating him. Maybe it was that she didnt want to lose the companionship that she had developed with her crew mates. They had been through so much together to just throw it away over anything else.

Luffy, I would like to talk to you... alone.

He blinked why?

Why not?

He obviously decided not to ask anything else. Luffy grabbed her hand and took her away from the streets over to a wooded area.

Luffy? Where are we going?

Somewhere I found while you were out shopping. Youll like it. He winked back at her before they ran through a wooded area toward a stream. He led her down a slope. There was a good view of the water running from the ocean to the river at the bank where they stopped. It was fairly away from anyones site, as well. She had to admit it was an excellent place to get peace and quiet. And, it came with a breathtaking view.

Wow, you certainly have a knack for finding places to make out, dont you? Suddenly, her cheeks turned bright red. She couldnt believe she had just blurted THAT out.

Luckily for her, he didnt answer. He just sat cross legged on a large rock that was sitting amongst a few others. He looked up at her and patted his hand on one of the rocks. You wanna talk... I wanna hear you talk.

Nami smiled and sat next to him. He always has such an interesting way of putting things.

Luffy...I... She wasnt too sure of how to say what she wanted to. Did I... hurt your feelings... by saying I didnt want...




It doesnt bother you?

.... huh..?

DAMNIT, LUFFY!!!! She rubbed her temples with frustration. Nami was having a hard time believing that this was the same guy she was deeply kissing on the deck of a pirate ship. And whats sadder than that is the fact; he was DAMN GOOD at it. Maybe he has some kind of animal instinct that makes him crave meat and mate like a wild... She squeezed her legs together at the sudden realization of the path her train of thought was heading...AGAIN. I came here to try and clear the air, not to let my hormones get the better of me.



You think too much. He smiled at her and patted her hand. Ive heard girls say they get mad cause, um; guys are treated different or better than they are. But, they sometimes treat themselves different... which makes everyone else do the same thing theyre doing... yeah... they dont respect themselves, then nobody else does. So then they feel bad about... uh...them and people dont like them and...

Luffy... you better hurry up and tell me the point before you lose your thought.

He looked at her and smiled then. Cause thinking so much is bad for you.


I was going to lose my thought cause thinking too much is bad..


Hee hee. Youre a pirate now Nami. Pirates do the stuff makes them feel grand and have fun getting the stuff they need to get there. He nodded before he continued. People will think what they want to think, but its what YOU think that is the truth. I do everything I do cause it makes me feel good. It dont mean Im respected and liked by everybody... It means Im a pirate. Its what makes ME happy Nami smiled as her captain shut his eyes and nodded again in confidence. If you dont want anyone to know... and that is what makes you feel HAPPY...then its ok with me.

Sometimes his simple insight is scary. Yet, it was mind numbing at the same time.

Then the truth hit her as she started looking him up and down. Thats the reason it was so easy for her to put all regrets aside and do what she did that night. His out look on life, his carefree simplicity and adventurous spirit made it so easy. He was... exciting.

Well then, as a pirate out for self gratification, I must say that we have talked enough She laughed before she jumped in his lap straddling his hips. His eyes shot open in surprise. She wound her arms around his neck reaching one hand around to take his hat off his head and toss it behind her. Luffys eyes diverted to where his hat had fallen before focusing back on her again.

Hes still concerned about that hat even when he has a willing woman in his lap. Nami figured she needed to do a better job of getting his attention and grabbed his hair twisted it in her fingers before roughly pushing her lips against his. She could feel his smile against her mouth as his tongue met hers immediately.

Ill give him something to smile about. She thought before she grabbed his hands placed them on her breasts moving them so the tips of his fingers purposely rubbed over her nipples making them harden. Nami felt the pulling sensation like an electric shock in her skin toward their tips. Despite her intentions to be brazen for him, she could feel her face grow warmer and flush at the sensation. She closed her eyes and let go of his hands letting him continue on his own as he began kneading and squeezing their softness while rubbing at the little buds through the thin material of the dress with his thumbs.

He gave her nipples a gentle pinch that caused her to whimper into his mouth before she separated herself from their kiss. Luffy leaned forward flicking his tongue against hers one last time when there lips separated, as if he wasnt ready for the kiss to stop just yet. She smiled at him raising her arms behind her head giving him better access to her chest.

She leaned her head back slightly closing her eyes, savoring how it felt for his warm hands to be touching her sensitive body, even if her clothing was in the way.

He pinched a little rougher and gave an abrupt pull on both her nipples, which were so stiff at this point that they were more than visible through the black material. He found himself pleased with her reaction when her hips wiggled in his lap with arousal. Still keeping his eyes on her expression, he leaned forward and slid his tongue over the hardened tips of her breasts. Namis captain was even more intrigued with his navigators reactions when he continued his teasing her with his mouth. Her body was moving suggestively in a sexual rhythm in his lap. She was biting on her lower lip, whimpering, as he nibbled and sucked at her through the fabric of her dress.

I love looking at you like this, Nami. He looked at her, making eye contact before he continued. Do you want me to make you feel even better? Luffy licked his lips and grinned while waiting for her answer.

She knew he could see how aroused she was. On her face was a deep red blush and her breath was short. But she still couldnt help but feel hesitant and unsure about what was going to happen next.

What do you... want to do? Her voice drastically shakier than she wanted it to be.

Make you feel better than I am now. He soothingly ran his hands over the outside of her hips while running chaste kisses along her neck. He then whispered in her ear. I promise youll like it, Nami. He tilted his head back slightly and looked her in the eyes. If you want I wont look while I do it.

She laughed when he said that. Whatever you want to do, Luffy, Im sure it will be less difficult with your eyes open.

He gave a short chuckle before he leaned back against the large rock until he was flat on his back. He then pulled her hips so that she was sitting on his chest. Is that a yes? Luffy then licked his lips slower this time and slid his hands up her skirt between her thighs spreading them further apart. At that moment she had a feeling she knew what he wanted to do.

Namis heart was beating a mile a minute. She couldn't help but be nervous... but she also wanted to feel... fulfilled. Right when she felt his warm calloused thumbs rub against the rim of the crotch of her scanty underwear she made her mind up.

Yes, Nami answered, in an exasperated whisper. But it was obviously loud enough for him to hear because she saw his triumphant smile when he pulled her hips up toward his face. She felt his tongue trace along the area she had felt his thumbs a few seconds before.

She whimpered as her hips moved on their own accord and bucking to the sensation. Luffy stilled her movements, by placing his hands firmly on her backside before he continued. Nami felt his hot, moist tongue press against the silk of her panties, rubbing at the folds of her most sensitive spot through the thin barrier. Its hot wetness felt like fire against the most sensitive area on her body.

Wait Luffy, She said before she fell forward bracing herself up with her hands above his head. I want to feel... more than just that...

She heard chuckle from beneath her right before his tongue slid underneath the fabric just barely missing her center, the area she wanted to feel the blaze of wet heat he was creating with his mouth, lips and tongue the most.

Damn you Luffy... aaauuhn... please... She whimpered out desperately as her body kept trying to grind against his teasing mouth. But his grip on her backside kept her at bay.

Nami could hear the smile in his aroused tone when he moved one of his hands to where his mouth was and hooked his finger around the damp area of her undergarment and tugged on it. This is in my way...

THEN TEAR THEM OFF!! Please Luffy, Im ....on fire. I cant ...take it anymore.

She was breathing so hard her words were coming out in between pants and intakes of breath. She pushed up to lean back, holding herself up by grabbing on to his knees from behind her.

Hold this. He pulled up the end of her skirt and urged her to hold it up. Youre not acting shy anymore... and I want to see you. He shot her a devious smile. She returned it with her own grin and grabbed onto the end of her skirt with her teeth and let him continue. Luffy then tore off her panties and spread her thighs wider for his view with his hands. Nami blushed with embarrassment at his stare and closed her eyes trying not to think about him looking at her in such a seemingly undignified position.

Her bashful feelings were soon forgotten, however, when she felt his thumbs spread the damp folds of her most sensitive area and used his tongue to stroke at the soft slick petals of her center. Since Luffys hands no longer held her still, her hips ground roughly against his exploratory mouth. She squealed through clenched teeth when his nose rubbed against her clit as a result of her movements. Nami then roughly grabbed his hair with both hands as she felt him suck, nibble and pull. Her desperate whimpers and the aroused groans he gave as she pulled at his hair were all she could hear, as if they were an overwhelming ringing in her ears.

I think Im going out of my mind... Nami pulled his hair harder as she pushed him roughly against the area of her body Luffy had set his most intimate attention at that moment. A muffled gasp escaped her lips she felt his tongue enter her suspiciously deep. Is that...? Her question was answered before she could even think it when she felt the warm wet muscle of his mouth begin to piston at an intoxicating in and out of her. Oh god... hes making it bigger inside me... this is so perverse and... Oh god... IT FEELS INCREDIBLE!

Before Nami knew it, she was riding the length of his tongue with incredible enthusiasm. Her inhibitions had been let go as she bounced and rotated her hips shamelessly. When his fingers rubbed circles against her clit she felt her release building up inside her. The feeling of the rising release accumulating through her entire body began to make her shake uncontrollably hard. The sounds of her moans echoed loudly as she came. If Nami had not had the end of her skirt in her mouth she would have been screaming when her release hit her.

Nami climaxed hard falling forward letting Luffy catch her before she hit the ground. When he pulled her down gently against his chest she smiled to herself lazily. I knew he would catch me. He always does... She affectionately rubbed her nose to his shirt and snuggled against him.

She could feel him attempting to steady his breath and looked up at him. Luffy reached up to wiped his chin and winked at her.

You pervert... Nami grinned when she made the accusation.



I dont know... you just really looked like you liked it. He was still chuckling as he licked his fingers.

She playfully smacked him on his chest. That doesnt mean it wasnt perverted.

Nami sighed and leaned against his chest again. Then all of a sudden her memory kicked in when she noticed how dark the sky was getting.

Oh crap... Sanji ... I forgot! She jumped up trying to straiten her outfit and hair. She stopped her prepping to turn around and look at her captain who had his eyes closed sitting Indian style on the rock.



Are you mad? I mean... It doesnt mean anything. I just told him I would and...

Old ugly wrinkled men in a cold shower...


Trying to think about old men in cold showers... Then he pointed toward the lump in his pants.

Nami shook her head and laughed as she bent to pick up his hat and place it on his head before she gave him a kiss on the cheek. She turned to walk away.

You call me the pervert. Youre the one going on a date with no panties on. He opened one eye to look at her.

Nami snapped herself around abruptly on her heals to bark back at him. You jerk! I was going to get some before I went...

Dont He grabbed her hand before she finished.


I want to see how it has you feeling when I see you again tonight. He gave her a naughty grin placing his forefinger to his mouth. Shhhh dont tell. He then let her hand go closing his eyes again, still a slight grin staying on his lips.

Her face turned several shades of pink before she made her way back up to the street.

Luffy watched as Nami ran in the direction where they had come from. Her hips swaying with her usual cat-like swing which , it seemed, she did without even realizing. Even in her speedy jog toward her destination, her backside seemed to be seducing him, beckoning for him to follow her. A slow content smile spread across his face as he leaned back against the rock behind him. He placed his palms behind his head, taking in the vision of her luscious backside until she was out of site.

He, of course, had meant to calm his aroused state upon her departure, by closing his eyes, thinking of something different, and then going about his usual merry way. This seemed to be easier said than done, however.

His mind couldnt help but wander back to the flushed and desperate expression her face had worn earlier. It was a new look that he had never seen adorn the beautiful and innocent features of his lovely navigators expressions, until a few weeks earlier, that is.

Luffy had never thought much about why he had always felt compelled to make her laugh. He just always loved the feeling hed gotten as her eyes sparkled with laughter. Even her face when she would become flushed and angered at his behavior, seemed to elicit a form of excitement deep inside him. But, nothing compared to the feeling he got when he saw her swollen lips, rosy cheeks and foggy lust filled eyes when she was in the heat of passionate release. And the knowledge that he was the one causing her beautiful reaction only heightened the excitement he felt.

He could almost still feel the soft skin of her ass wiggling in his hands. There was still traces of the taste of the slick sweet nectar her body had released onto his coaxing tongue. He swallowed. The vision of her riding the wet plunging appendage filled his memory, causing him to feel his pulse quicken and blood to rush to his cock . Luffys face then made a more serious scowl as he looked down to acknowledge his uncomfortably swollen member, which seemed to have a mind of its own. He gave an exasperated groan, leaned forward, placing his elbows on his knees.

I didnt think it could get any stiffer, The frustrated captain reached his hand down, giving his crotch a sympathetic rub. He knew it didnt matter how much he attempted to ignore his bodys current state. Release was the only thing that was going to cure its predicament.

Luffy looked in the direction that Nami had ran toward, one last time, as if to make sure she was completely gone. Then, giving two side glances left and right , he began to unzip his pants. His erection fell forward, as if it had been trying to escape on its own. He licked his palm before giving his cock a firm grip. Then he allowed his mind to wander back to thoughts of the girl who had recently left his presence.

The pirate captain quickly found himself recalling her reactions to his touch the first night they had kissed on the deck of his boat. Namis whimpers when she arched against him had haunted his thoughts ever since. The way her hips had bucked, simulating the motions of being fucked, as she ground her hot aroused pussy against his leg were burned into his memory.

Luffy recalled how moist the panties had been as the wetness from her crotch had soaked through the fabric of his jeans. To this, his hand began to slide up and down his member slowly, at first.

His imagination began to carry his thoughts further, envisioning her naked body underneath him and her passionate pink mouth open, screaming his name. Thoughts of her legs hiked up, with her knees propped on his shoulders as he plunged as deep as could inside her, urged his hand to move faster.

Trickles of pre-cum escaped his strained cock . He only used it to make his palm more slick, so it could pump more fluidly across his swollen flesh.

He remember how warm and wet the inside of her cunt had been, the way it squeezed and shuddered around his tongue as it penetrated her, and how it would feel twitching with urgency and want around his cock instead.

Luffy licked his lips. Her smell and taste had been like nothing he had ever experienced before. The memory and lingering presence of her womanly flavor brought back thoughts of her naked lower half that was riding his face vigorously .

Nami would be embarrassed if she had known the view he had had of her as those sopping nether lips swallowing the stretched muscle snaking into her from out of his mouth. The beautiful red head had shown all the passion her body had hidden inside for him. She had bucked over his face, not hiding anything, and giving into her bodies sexual hunger.

Beads of sweat appeared on his brow. He began to stroke himself at an even faster paced piston motion as his climax drew near.. A delicious image entered his mind of her bent over, skirt hiked to her waste, spreading herself and begging for him to take her. He could see himself plunging his cock deep inside her from behind. Her walls hot, pulsing and dripping wet as she wiggled, rotated and pushed her hips back to meet his every thrust.

At that moment, every muscle in his body suddenly tightened and he squeezed his eyes shut letting everything he was feeling take over. Luffy fell forward on his palm before his cum spilled onto the ground. With the last bit of strength he had left in his tingling hand, he put his half flaccid cock back into his shorts with numb, fumbling fingers before falling on his side then rolling onto his back. He took deep breaths attempting to calm to his breath, not bothering to zip his pants back up for the time being.

Yeah, thats betterA relaxed grin spread across his face after his last statement as he relaxed on the warm ground

* * ** **

Sanji sighed and leaned against the rail of the Going Merry. It appeared that he had been stood up.

Well, I suppose its not the first time. He shrugged to himself while tossing his cigarette over the edge only to pick another out of the pack and begin to light it.

Good evening cook. A sultry feminine voice sounded from behind him. He took a full swing in the direction of it had come from.

Goooood evening Robin He chimed as he took a gentlemanly bow. Can I get you anything? I can whip up something delicious for you to e

His statement was halted by the bottle of wine she displayed abruptly in his view.

Would you care to join me for a drink? She flashed him a seductive grin.

Sanji was aware of what that expression had in store for him. Robin had made it a point to take advantage of the cooks submissive willingness to please her., not to mention his adoration for the promise a busty female body had to offer. The two of them had been rather effective at keeping there little affair a subtle one.

The past interludes with one another had begun shortly after her arrival. He had felt one of her stray hands gripping at his ass firmly while he was cooking for the crew. Her constant teasing and stolen secret caresses from out of plain view had only escalated from that day on.

Sanji found himself following in suit by teasing her in return in a similar fashion. He would flash her a gentlemanly smiles before placing her plates of food in front of her making sure the sides of his hands would graze across the tips of her breasts. Or, he would caress her legs from under the table as knelt down to pick utensils that had coincidently fell in her general fascinate.

Most nights, both of their stolen touches would have them both unable to expose their aroused bodies too freely. Her book would have to stay perched in front of her tightened, stiff tortured nipples while he hid in the galley washing dishes with his stiff erection hidden firmly against the counter.

Soon, they found themselves separating from the group whenever they had a chance, to sate any pent up sexual frustration that had accumulated over the long months at sea.

And now they were alone. The perfect opportunity had been set in front of them once again.

He grabbed the bottle, making a point to give her fingers a soft caress with the tips of his before removing the bottle from her grasp. A delighted grin pulled at the side of his mouth before he answered her.

You know, I was intending to join Nami for dinner tonight. He winked at her, popping the cork of the wine. Then he smelled the nozzle of the bottle before he continued. If you decide to take advantage of me and she shows up, well be found out. He chuckled as he headed toward the galley to retrieve some glasses to pour the beverage in.

Robin looked around the boat. Before placing a finger on her chin, in mocking thought while following him toward the table and taking a seat. I dont see a trace of her, anywhere hmmmm when was your date set for?

Sanji laughed, making it obvious that he had known she making fun of him. He placed the two glasses on the table before pouring the alcoholic liquid into them. A long time ago. With that said, the cook made his usual gentmanly gesture of pulling out her chair so she could have a seat. He then sat across from her at the table, leaning back and taking a drag from his cigarette.

You realize shes not interested She raised a brow at him before taking a sip of her drink.

Yeah I know, it doesnt mean I dont enjoy her company. Both you and Nami are special ladys. Sanji smiled fondly.

He suddenly laughed, as if a thought appeared in his head. Also, women flock to a man who walks around with a beautiful girl on his arm. He winked at her then.

They both laughed and then had a momentary silence. Robin assumed that she might as well be the one to break it.

So A hand appeared from on top of the table snatching the cigarette from his lips, and then, putting it out in the ash tray . Another arm appeared from beneath his chair reaching up to make quick work of unfastening his belt buckle. are you willing to pass some time with me or do I have to get you drunk first? Robin asked, before taking a sip of her wine. She then leaned over the table, pressing her lips against his partially opened mouth, letting the sweet liquid transfer into his as their tongues came in contact.

Sanjis zipper could be heard coming undone. His hips gave an abrupt jump as her hand closed around crotch of his pants. She separated from their kiss, lazily letting her tongue take a final lick at his bottom lip. The seductive historian couldnt help a small giggle when she took a good look at his expression. The blond boy looked exasperated and elated all at the same time. His cheeks were bright red and his eyelids were half open. He had a wide grin spread across his face.. Robin couldnt stifle her naughty giggle when she saw that his gaze had fallen upon the exposed upper half of her breasts that were now pressed against the table.

Cook, you are so much fun to play with like this She purred moving toward him.

The fingers from beneath the table had worked their way into his open pants to feel for the prize hidden there. She wasnt surprised to feel that he was already hard a leaking of pre-cum.

And always so eager

He groaned and leaned back in his seat. Robin made her way across the table, sitting on the edge in front of him. She placed her heal on his chest, pushing his chair back away from the table just enough to make the activity that was taking place underneath visible to her.

The site of Sanji at that point only proved to amuse her further. The boot she had placed on his chest was rising and falling with his sharp panting intakes of breath. He was relaxed back with his legs spread as if his entire body was communicating to the dominating woman above him Do what you want with me.

She had no intention of turning down the blondes obvious invitation. And gave him a wicked sultry grin. The hand that had been groping in his pants, pulled his now stiff dick out of hiding.

Tell me something She stated in more demanding tone than she had had earlier, keeping her foot on his chest while stretching out the other leg letting it rest on his shoulder. The heal of her other foot remained placed firmly on his chest, shifting only slightly to give him a full view of the swollen mound between her legs. The scanty lace fabric that adorned the area did little to hide pink folds that were peeking out from the two thick outer lips of her vulva. One of her hands had grown from the top of her thigh pulling up her skirt to give the cook a more effective display. Do you like what you see?

Sanji found himself speechless as he gazed upon the delicious site before him. His breath became even shorter than before as he attempted find the appropriate words to retaliate with. Robin, on the other hand, was becoming inpatient with his silence. Another arm appeared behind him, roughly grabbing a hand full of the cooks blond hair, pulling his head back roughly. "Well? Demanding her inquiry.

YEEES..! The words came out in a high pitched squeak. Sanji closed his eyes and cleared his throat, in an attempt to regain his composer before attempting to answer her in a more dignified manner. Yes.. He breathed.

By the look of the strained, twitching cock in her view, Robin knew Sanji was enjoying every minute of what she was doing to him. She reached beside her for the bottle of wine that she had pushed to the side before perching herself on the edge of the wooden surface. Grabbing it, she tipped it between her legs, letting the liquid drip over her thighs and then drench the fabric of her lacey panties.

If you want it Robin flashed him a devious smile before removing her foot and using the hand that had in his hair to push him forward, putting him face to face with her wine soaked, lace clad pussy. She wrapped her legs around his neck pinning him in place before she finished her statement. You have to clean me off first

** ** **

Nami felt like she was starving by the time she had found her way back to the ship. Sanji was nowhere to be found, of course. She had a feeling he wouldnt be. She had shown up a lot later than the time they had planned. The navigator had assumed he would find his way to the nearest bar with the other crew members.

She had encountered Zoro, Usopp and Chopper on the way back to the Going Merry. They were very near to where they were docked, so it wouldnt be hard to find them,.

Zoro seemed to have been holding his own. However it was obvious the ships sniper was already half wasted, being held up by a giddy doctor, who just seemed to be enjoying being in the center of all the enjoyment.

She shrugged, stepping up the ladder onto the floor of the pirate ship. Her stomach had begun to growl. She assumed that this time would be as good as any to make her way to the where the food was at and rummage up a snack.

But a million fortune tellers could never have prepared her for the site she beheld upon approaching the galley. The door was cracked open but Sanji and Robin had obviously not noticed her arrival. Nami could do nothing but stare.

Sanji was pinned to the floor by two of Robins extra legs she had sprung from the wood beneath them. They were crossed over his chest in an X shape, . His shirt lay open and his pants pushed down around his thighs.

Robin, on the other hand, was completely exposed on top of him with sweat rolling down her pale skin. The tall blonds shaft could be seen penetrating the busty black haired woman who was bucking on top of him wantingly in lustful ecstasy. The cooks large hands had a firm grip on her full, swollen breasts with her stiff nipples protruding from in between his squeezing fingers.

Robin swung her hair back as she arched her spine. Her eyes were squeezed shut as she rode his cock faster. Ah yes!!! . So good !! Your stuff cock is so thick .and stiff ! It feels so fucking good inside me!

Sanjis low grunts were interrupted, Really? He spoke in a breathy voice, .as he grunted, using his legs for leverage, thrusting his hips up to meet hers. hows that? Sanji looked up at her with an almost evil grin.

Robin responded by letting out a desperate sounding whimper. Her pace then began to accelerate letting him fuck her roughly from beneath her in retaliation.

Nami suddenly became aware of the air hitting the bare wet flesh beneath her skirt. The red headed girl squeezed her thighs tightly together as a reflex. She instantly tore her eyes away from the revealing spectacle her two crew mates were creating.

I need to get out of here She turned to leave only to run strait into a hard body that seemed to have suddenly appeared behind her. Nami was about to scream in surprise before Luffys large hand clasped over her mouth to silence her. He winked, using his other hand to place his forefinger over his grinning lips.

Shhhhh you dont want to disturb their fun do you? He tilted his chin, motioning toward the room that the cook and historian were. The pirate captain gave Namis hand a gentle tug to lead her away. She began to move in the direction he was leading her until she heard Sanji moan louder than before.

As if it were a reflex Nami turned around to see Robin had changed positions on top of the pinned cook. Her hand slapped the side of his thighs before she grabbed a hold of his gradually softening cock.

Damn it, Cook, not yet Im not done. The black haired woman whimpered in a low passionate tone Nami had never heard her use before. The young navigator gasped quietly when she saw Robin hungrily lay sloppy licks along the length of his member. Hungry moans could be heard escaping Robins throat before she placed her lips on the tip and sucked it into her mouth.

Sanjis hips jolted off the ground at first. Then he began to thrust. She let him piston his shaft in and out of her sucking lips. The cook then grabbed a firm hold on her peach shaped ass . Licking his lips, he lifted his head toward her dripping cunt to return the favor.

Nami? A surge of electricity shot strait down her spine when her captains lips touched her ear and whispered her name. She blinked in surprise, frozen in place. Do you want to do that?

Oh my god She thought as an embarrassed flush crossed her cheeks. Luffy was watching me as I stood here staring at them like some sick, perverted voyeur! She abruptly swung around to meet his gaze, expecting a mocking grin.

Her lips were a breath from his. She hadnt realized until that moment that she was panting as if she had just ran a mile. Not until the steady breaths of her captain were evident, that she could feel against the skin of her warm cheeks.

The laughing grin that she expected to see was not present on his expression. There was nothing joking about his eyes as they stared at her with lust. His gaze centered on her lips as he leaned closer to kiss her.

She turned her head, ashamed of her own arousal to the situation she was witnessing. But despite her minds bashful feelings her body reacted when Luffys hand reached under her skirt to trail up her thigh. Namis mind was screaming at her that this whole situation was wrong. She should push him off of her deny everything or make an excuse for her reaction to Sanji and Robins behavior.

Instead, she fell forward leaning her cheek against Luffy shoulder. Her legs complied to his silent request when he used his knuckles to nudge her thighs further apart. She bit her knuckle when his middle finger trailed along the pink labia of her slit. His finger tip felt like it was hot to the touch to her.

He pulled his hand from under her skirt , displaying his glistening wet fingers in her view.

Nami likes to watch He whispered in her ear before he gave a soft chuckle. She turned to yell in his face, only to be silenced by his mouth pressed in a demanding kiss against her lips. After she relaxed against him he pulled away.if you yell theyll know were here.

Luffy picked her up and carried Nami to her and Robins room. Upon entering the quarters, he used his feet to quietly shut the door behind him. He then placed her feet on the floor in front of the door pressing her back to it.

Nami couldnt explain why her body was responding in the way it was. But, it seemed to move on its own as she pulled him to her for him to kiss her again. Her tongue fumbling against his mouth in desperation for contact with his. It didnt take long for him to comply. Luffys lips never completely pressed against hers this time, letting their tongues twist and play with one another till a trail of saliva trailed out the side of her mouth.

Nami paid it no mind as her fingers gripped at his shirt pulling it down over his shoulders, Never breaking away from their tongue war, Luffy made short work of shaking it from his arms and then taking his hat and throwing it on her desk.. He then pushed her back up against the door once again. His shoulders then dipped to one side as he grabbed one of her slender legs to drape it over his elbow. Her skirt fell backward exposing a great deal of her lower half. At that moment Nami broke their frustrated kiss.

Luffy wait! Her hand shot down in an attempt to use her skirt to cover her now exposed nakedness. What are you doing?

Luffy gave her the most bewildered stare. Then he looked down at the hand that seemed to be determined to block his view. His gaze then drifted back up to Namis face.

What are YOU doing? He blinked.

She meant to shoot back a nasty remark about him being a pushy asshole. But, she noticed his face was honestly, completely confused. He truly had no clue why she was stopping him. Nami sighed. Sometimes she forgot who she was talking to.

Look Luffy, dont you think were moving a little fast?

Oh, O.K. He nodded. Ill do it slower His hand started going in slow motion as he attempted to pull her hand out of his way.

Thats not what I meant you dork! She smacked his forehead with her free hand.

Luffy huffed and jerked her hand away and abruptly plunged his finger into her. Nami grabbed his arm trying to ignore the boiling heat the simple penetration was causing. He leaned in to nip at her neck before he breathed against her skin.

Are you thinking too much again, Nami? His finger began to slowly slide in and out of her as he continued. Your so wet Nami, your body wants me you should listen to it.

Her hips started to move against his hand on their own accord. He added another finger and picked up the speed of the pace, pumping them faster inside of her. Despite all her arguments with her captain, her body did nothing but beg for more with its movements.

Just,. tell me this wont change anything and you wont think I didnt mean to look at them I Her mind was becoming foggy with need and it was becoming difficult to think.

Nami,.. He pressed his lips against her ear. You know I wont. His mouth then moved down her neck. His teeth found the string to the top of her dress that held it up around her neck and gave it a tug. The front of the thin fabric fell forward leaving her dress barely hanging on, as if it was clinging to the tips of her stiff nipples.

Luffy you didnt let me He tugged the straps from behind her dress loose with his free hand, sending her black dress to the floor at her feet. With the dress missing the only thing she had left on was her black thigh high stockings, high heals and jewelry.

I know you better than you think Nami. Your special to me and nothings going to change that. He leaned back slightly taking in the naughty vision that Nami was at this moment, with his fingers manipulating the wet folds between her soft pale thighs.

Nami reached her arms up to cover her breasts. He effortlessly pulled her hands away with his free hand.

Dont hide from me Nami you look so sexy. He used the thumb of his penetrating hand to rub circles around her clit making her back slam back against the door again as her whole body jolted.

Luffy, your your making mefeel so She breathed between desperate intakes of breath.

Do you still want me to stop? He gave her a curious look while tilting his head. Before he was done asking the question, Luffy stretched his fingers so they would penetrate her even deeper and screw her at an even faster pace.

No god no more, I want more. Her hips began to move against the pace of his fingers.

With that last statement he pulled his fingers out of her and used the flexibility of his digits to twist the two fingers together and bury them deep inside her again. Nami squealed at the new sensation the ribbed intrusion created as it stretched and rubbed her sopping inner walls. The juices from her cunt began to dribble down her thighs as the movement of Luffys fingers fucking her vigorously made sloshing noises.

Luffy dragged his tongue down her neck before diverting his attention to the breasts that had been ignored thus far. Her hips wiggled as he nipped the top of her breasts not even an inch away from her stiff pink nipple.

Luffy no longer looked young or innocent to her as he concentrated on pleasuring her body. His jaw seemed to appear more sharp and chiseled . His eyes were focused and filled with passion, similar to the way they looked when he was in the heat of battle.

His eyes met hers and she could have sworn he was able to read her thoughts. His lips had curled up in a smirk. She turned her head and closed her eyes in bashful shame of her own lustful abandon and wanton gazes.

Nami had thought she was going insane before, but now that his hot, wet tongue flicked across the taut tips of her pink nipples, her body began jerk and jump against his pumping hand. A sharp sting at the tip of her breast made her look into the face of her captain once again.

The look on his face told her that he had been watching her reactions the entire time. Nami quickly became aware of what the sting had been caused by however as she saw him use his teeth to nip at her nipple again and tug before letting loose. The he used his tongue to give it an apologetic lick.

Luffy then pulled away from her damp swollen breast only to blow on the tip at the same time his thumb continued to scrub roughly at her clitt. as he buried his stretching fingers deeper into her snatch. Then he curved them slightly so they hit a hyper sensitive area inside her, making her see stars and her toes curl. Her body began to convulse into a climax.

Nami couldnt stifle the scream that erupted from the back of her throat. She fell forward, letting Luffy brace her up as her chin fell on top of his shoulder. She took deep breaths that could be felt against his neck. Luffys let go of her leg to bring his hand behind her head. The tips of his fingers stroked the nape of her neck as if he was attempting to calm her exasperation. He untwisted the fingers of his other hand letting it go back to its original shape.

Bringing the soaked slick fingers to his mouth, he locked eyes with Nami in a lazy gaze before making a point to slowly lick her juices from his fingers. A renewed heat erupted from between her legs as she watched him indulge himself. But, before she knew it he picked her up and tenderly seated her on the edge of her bed.

Luffy kneeled between her legs spreading her knees apart. He leaned forward, nipping at one damp, stocking clad thigh. She knew how scandalous she must appear to him But, she found that it no longer bothered her. As a matter of a fact, she was enjoying the way he was staring at her. Knowing that the way she looked was exciting him. She sighed and leaned back spreading her legs, inviting his attentions.

A moan that almost resembled a sigh erupted from Luffys throat as he hungrily licked the soft skin of her thighs before leaning back.. His hands slid up between her legs. Then his fingers spread apart her swollen outer folds of her cunt. Her hips jolted up a little at his touch before settling down again on the sheets of the bed.

Nami Luffy said in a breathy tone from between her legs. He took a single lap at the rosy, leaking lips of her pussy .

Nami fell back to lay against the soft and comforting fabric of her covers. She raised her arms up above her head. Luffy lazily lapped at her slit a little more before dragging his tongue past the red curls above, making his way up to dip the warm wet tip in her belly button.

She gave a low moan, enjoying the sensation of his mouth on her skin as it moved further up still till he was between her breasts. She entangled her fingers in his hair, urging him on further. It wasnt until he reached her chin when she felt him stop. She looked down into the adoring stare of her captain. Nami bit her lower lip and returned his smile.

She could tell he was about to speak. She found herself holding her breath, waiting for his compliments on her beauty, the softness of her skin, or even how much he wanted her.

Nami your so tastylike meat.

You are such a idiot Luffy She raised a brow at him.. Im wondering if I should be afraid now. I may wake up inside your stomach.

He laid down leaning on his elbow beside her, giving her a devious smile. Actually I was hoping youd let me get inside of YOU . He winked at her before pulling her chin toward him for an affectionate kiss. It was not as desperate as his kisses had been earlier. But, the way he sucked her tongue into his mouth letting his twirl around hers made it just as sensual to her.

Luffy reached down, undoing his shorts, before pushing them down his legs. Nami diverted her gaze, a portion of her embarrassment returning. She closed her eyes , pulling him on top of her as she continued to engage in a deep kiss with her lover.

He pulled his mouth from hers to look at her. His eyes pleading needy. At that moment, she became aware of the hard flesh that was pressed against her skin.

Please, Nami touch me. He took one of her hands and placed against his throbbing manhood. Nami resisted the urge to pull away when the hot pulsing fleshed jerked to her touch. She heard him grunt before his breathing became labored. Yeah. I wanted to feel that so badyour hand feels so soft. His last words came out in a whisper.

Something inside her began to bubble when she saw the reaction he had to the simple caress of her hand. She looked down then, taking in the site of the cock that stood at attention between them. Nami began to move her fingers along his shaft. Becoming fascinated with the reactions she was getting from the strong male that seemed to be turned weak and vulnerable with the simple ministrations of her fingers.

She stroked him faster.

Yeah thats it He put his hand onto hers ,without words, showing her how he wanted her to jerk him off. Yeah Nami thats perfect Letting her hand go to continue what he had showed her he braced himself on his hands as his fingers twisted in the sheets. His hips began to thrust into the movement of her fingers.

Nami remembered what Robin had done, and the intense reaction it had caused. She wanted to see what Luffys would be.

She pushed him back, pouncing on top of him. He did little to resist to the change of position. As she lowered herself onto her knees at the foot of the bed face to face with his jerking erection. The young navigator touched his cock with her tongue moving it along the underside of the ridged flesh.

Dont tease me Nami He grabbed the back of her head pushing her mouth directly over the tip of the swollen helmet that was pulsing with need. Put it in your mouth and suck it.

She lifted her chin up giving her captain a wicked smirk. It seems the tables have turned.. Hmm? Her statement was meant to remind him of the way he had tortured her with his licks and made her beg him for his tongue when they had made out in the woods.

Besides Luffy, theres something Ive been very curious about. She raised herself up to loom over his prick. He was caught by surprise when she yanked on his dick, making it stretch before letting it loose so it would return to its original shape. thought so Nami giggled.

Ahhh Luffy threw his head back and moaned loudly. Fuck, Nami that felt awesome

Really? Lets see how you like this She took the head of his prick in her mouth. She made sure the suction in her mouth griped it firmly before raising her head causing it to stretch upward once again. Her mouth moved further down the shaft when she let it return to normal again. Then she repeated the process over and over, watching his face to see his reaction.

Holy shit!! His eyes squeezed shut as he moved to meet the motion of her mouth. His fingers grabbed her hair and pulled urging her to go faster.

A popping noise could be heard from her mouth as she let go. Being a little forceful arent you? She raised her brow at him.

Damn it, I cant stop anymore Nami He grabbed her, throwing her on the bed next to him. She didnt have time to say anything else as she hit the bed covers. Before she could turn to look at him he had grabbed the left leg placing it on his shoulder pinning her on her side. His other hand took hold of the base of his stiff cock guiding it toward her pussy.

With one swift motion he was buried inside her to the hilt. Nami squealed at the sudden intrusion. Her hand shot out to brace itself on the firm muscles of his abdomen in an attempt to still his movements so she could adjust to his size.

Nami its so tight and wet feels so good. He leaned back pulling her foot toward his mouth. Luffy yanked her shoe off and rolled his tongue over her toes. The fabric of her stocking did little to block the sensation his mouth was creating. It shocked her how her body relaxed and responded to the pulsing cock sheathed inside of her.

He rocked back slightly then buried himself into her again.


Yeah? He asked before sucking on her big toe.

Dont stop

He moved out of her slowly , but only slightly only to slide his shaft back into her all the way once again. Then he became still dragging his tongue down to her heal.

Dont stop what? She looked up at him then rolling her hips in an attempt to tell him without words what her body craved. Despite his mouth working at her foot, his gaze was fixed on her. A devious grin pulling at the corner of his mouth. He moved up her leg planting wet kisses and flicks of his tongue over her ankle.

Quit playing around you DUMB-ASS! Nami yelled with frustration, You know what Im talking about!

Luffy did not seem to be the slightest bit insulted by her comment however, and only chuckled. He ran his tongue up her calf as a response. Placing her leg so it would rest back on his shoulder, he kissed the stocking clad skin of her knee.

Nami began to scratch violently at his stomach with her nails, pulling at his rubbery skin in a vain attempt to get her way.

Nami, your not being nice. I really dont know what your talking about, He smiled at her innocently, I am a dumb ass after all He pulled out of her slightly again, this time, stilling his movements instead of pushing himself back in.

FINE Im so going to get you back for this!! She glared at him before bending up toward him as much as she could. It was enough to where her hand could reach his ear. She tugged his head down to grab his hair. She fell back, stretching his neck with her to bring his face down to where his nose was touching hers. FUCK! ME!. She flashed him a glare before letting go so his head could snap back into place.

Good enough Luffy he stuck his tongue out before he shoved himself roughly into her only to pull out and do it again and again. Soon he was rocking at a fast rhythm, moving in and out of the thrashing female underneath him.

Ahhhh Luffy, .faster harder! Namis hand reached down to rub viciously at her clitt as he pounded his cock into her snatch. Yes YEEES!

Her leg still resting on his shoulder, he gripped her knee, leaning back to watch his cock fuck her as she lay sideways. Her pussy became more verbal with slapping and sloshing noises as the moistness of her cunt increased. Luffys eyes then traveled up her beautiful figure, watching her breasts bounce to the rhythm of their motions. Then his eyes fixed on her face once again. Her cheeks were flushed bright pink. She had her mouth open and was moaning in ecstasy.

Nami was, by far, more beautiful than he thought she would be at this moment. He felt like his chest was going to burst right then and there.

He dropped her leg before pulling the gorgeous girl into his arms. He then sat on the bed placing her in his lap. Her hips rotated in his hands. He responded to the silent request she was giving him with her body this time. Luffy lifted her up and down on top of his manhood.

Nami grabbed both sides of his face before pressing her lips to his again to kiss him passionately.

Luffy, it so good I Im going to. She said those words against his mouth before her head fell back. She began to move frantically on top of him then.

Me too Luffy wrapped his arms around her slender waist to pull her close as she continued to ride him to her climax. She moved one last time before she fell limp in his arms. Nami fell back as he pulled himself out of her , using his hand to masturbate himself to completion. It only took three strokes before his cum sprayed over her belly all the way up to her breasts. Luffy then fell forward on top of her.

Luffy? *pant*

*pant*Uh huh?*pant*

Nami took a deep breath and swallowed. You said this didnt change anything right?

*pant* Uh huh. Nami?


We can do this again sometime right?

He looked up at her before she answered. Nami responded by looking away.Maybe.


Depends on how much money you have at the time. She grinned.

He fell forward laughing against her shoulder.

He was never good at words. But he knew he loved his fiery red headed navigator. Luffy had no doubt in his mind that she would be his woman when he took his place on his throne He would tell her so when the time was right.

But right now, no one needed to know.

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