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    Ada Wong is first mentioned in Resident Evil, in a letter written by a dying researcher, named John. She makes her first appearance in Resident Evil 2, secretly working as a spy for an unnamed company to recover a sample of the G-virus. Ada poses as a bystander who is searching for her missing boyfriend, John, when she meets Leon S. Kennedy. Her secret agenda is exposed, but she is seriously wounded by Anette Birkin and the Tyrant T-103. An epilogue in Resident Evil 3, as well as a fictional documentary in Code: Veronica confirm that Ada survived the ordeal. The Umbrella Chronicles later retell the specific events of her survival. Her next appearance was in Resident Evil 4, where she assists Leon in his mission to rescue the new President's daughter Ashley Graham, although her true objective is to obtain a sample of the Las Plagas parasites for Wesker. Ada appeared in the sub-scenario "Assignment: Ada", as well as in the "Mercenaries" minigame. A new scenario starring Ada, titled "Separate Ways", was added to the PlayStation 2, PC and Wii ports, which depicts the events of the main game from Ada's perspective, as well as a fictional documentary titled "Ada's Report", where she describes her involvement with other characters in the story.
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