Avatar: The Last Fuckbender Chapter One: Beauty on the Beach

Avatar: The Last Fuckbender Chapter One: Beauty on the Beach Aang could not keep his mind off of Katara. Ever since the young waterbender and her brother Sokka had discovered him in the ice several days ago, he had kept fantasizing about her, about her perfect teenage body and her gorgeous tanned face. Although he had never had sex, Aang loved masturbating and since he had met Katara and Sokka, whenever he had a moment alone to himself he would whip out his seven-inch dick and jerk out a quick one while thinking of the beautiful water tribe girl he was traveling with. Every time he climaxed he imagined it was all over Kataras pretty face. Tonight was no different. They were camping on the beach. The next day was the day Aang would take Katara and Sokka to the Southern Air Temple. But right now Aang wasnt thinking about his old home. Right now Aang was sitting stark naked on the sand in front of the moonlit ocean with his cock in his hand and his mind on Katara. He knew she was laying just a few yards behind him in the shelter of Appa, Aangs sky bison. It turned him on to know she was so close. He slowly stroked his hard cock and imagined removing her thick robes and gazing upon her tight body, her tan skin, her perfect breasts, her perky young ass, her sexy little pussy just waiting to be penetrated. Aang was about to come when he heard a small sound. He stopped for a second and listened. He could hear nothing except the gentle lapping of the tide on the beach and Sokkas snores from the other side of Appa. Aang shrugged and was just starting to pump his dick again when again he heard the sound. This time he stood up and turned around, his dick standing at attention straight in front of him. He couldnt see anything out of the ordinary, just Appa lying asleep and the embers of the campfire to the left just starting to die down. He knew Sokka and Katara were asleep on the other side of Appa so he sat down again and started to fondle his hard member. He thought of Katara, splashing around in the water in front of him, rubbing her body, putting on a show for him. Again Aang was just about to come when a voice whispered in his ear, Having fun, Avatar? Aang leapt up and spun around, his heart racing. There stood Katara in her night robes, thin blue drapes that shimmered in the moonlight and clung to her every curve. She stood with her hands on her hips and a playful smile on her face. What the fuck, Katara, said Aang, what the hell do you think youre doing? Katara gave a little giggle. I could ask you the same thing, she said. Aang stood there awkwardly, completely naked and his hard dick still standing straight out. Kataras eyes slowly moved down his body and rested on his manhood. My, my, she said, isnt he excited to be out? She giggled again. Aang turned away from her, his face glowing bright red. He had never been so embarrassed in his life. He just wanted to jump in the ocean in front of him and drown himself. He was just contemplating doing this when he heard Kataras soft voice in his ear again, Can I help? Aang didnt have time to react; he felt Kataras warm body press against his and her hand reach around the front of him and grab his quickly softening cock. He thought he would die with pleasure as she started to slowly stroke it. Just relax, whispered Katara in his ear, I know what Im doing. Aang let his eyes close and let himself enjoy the wonderful feeling of Kataras soft hands on his shaft, which was already back to full staff. Katarashandjob went on for a full minute, but it seemed like an eternity to Aang. Nobody but himself had ever touched his dick before and he wanted it to go on forever. But things only got better when he heard the soft voice again in his ear, Why dont we see how your seven inches taste? Aang thought he was going to have a heart attack as Katara moved around in front of him and slowly dropped to her knees. She brought her face close to his throbbing cock and blew lightly on the tip. Aang shuddered. Then she brought her tongue out and licked the tip lightly. Aangs knees almost gave way. Then, with one fluid movement and without any warning, Katara grabbed Aangs ass and pushed her mouth down over his cock, giving him one mighty deepthroat. This time Aangs knees did give way. He fell backward onto his ass with a small gasp as Katara grabbed his dick and started stroking it with both hands. The next five minutes were a blur to Aang; five minutes of a warm mouth and warm, soft hands all over his manhood. A tongue on the tip, then on the shaft, then a stroke from the hand, then a deepthroat from Kataras glorious wet mouth, then a hand fondling his balls; it was paradise. Aang started to moan deeply. Uuuunnnh, uuuuunnnh, yes, he moaned, oh, yeah, uuuunnnhh. When he felt the tingling sensation deep in his balls that he knew heralded his orgasm, he placed his hands on the back of Kataras head and pushed her down onto his cock, then pulled her back and repeated the process over and over again. As he fucked Kataras face he felt the come building up inside of him. Im going to come, Katara, he said, Im going to shoot my come down your throat. Katara couldnt say much because of the seven-inch dick pounding her mouth, but she managed a throaty moan: Mmmmmmm. The moan was too much for Aang and he exploded into Kataras mouth, his body jerking as wave after wave of hot, thick come shot into Kataras warm, waiting throat. He held her head on his dick until the full length of the climax subsided, then he released her and collapsed panting onto his back. Aang had just had the greatest sexual experience of his life, but it was just getting started. My turn. The words were almost enough to bring his softening cock back to life. He sat up and gazed upon Katara, who had removed her robes and stood fully naked, glorious in the moonlight. His first glimpse of a nude female body actually did immediately bring his erection back. Katara was standing with her hands on her hips and her legs shoulder width apart. Aangs eyes drank in the body he had been fantasizing about for days: the dark hair falling over perfectly tanned skin, the breasts that were large enough to fill a hand but small enough to support themselves, the toned legs that ran up to the trimmed pussy, a small glistening area that Aang longed to touch. But I dont know what to do, Aang said. Youll figure it out, said Katara, her eyes smoldering, it isnt that hard. Katara lied down on the sand and spread her legs apart. She didnt have to say anything; Aang immediately crawled over to the first pussy he had ever seen. He brought his head close and smelled the musty odor of a horny woman. This was the first time hed ever smelled it, but he knew he would love that odor for the rest of his life. He brought his hands up and carefully inserted one finger into the waiting snatch. Katara immediately moaned, Uuuunnnhh. Her pussy was wet and warm and Aang loved it. It was tight, but not too tight. Aang instinctively knew she wasnt a virgin. He started to bring his finger in and out of her, slowly at first and then picking up speed. Kataras hand grabbed at his shoulders. Uuuunh, yeah Aang, yeah baby, she moaned, like that, like that, uuuuunnnh. Aang was really starting to pick it up now and inserted two fingers inside Kataras dripping wet cunt. Yes, baby, moaned Katara, now lick my clit. Aang hesitated; he didnt know what she meant. Katara released her vice from Aangs shoulder and touched herself, a small button-like piece of skin at the top of her pussy. Aang tentatively leaned down and licked it. Katara immediately tensed and moaned even louder. Uuuunnh, UUUUUNNH, yes, Aang, lick it. Lick my clit while you finger fuck my pussy. Uuuunnnh, she groaned. Aang began to finger Kataras snatch with renewed energy as he licked her clit with vigor. He loved the taste of her and he loved the reaction he was getting from her. Katara placed her hands on his head and pushed her down onto her pussy. After a few minutes of this Kataras breathing got heavier. Keep it up, Aang. Dont stop baby, Im going to come, uuuuunnnhh. Aang was incredibly excited at the prospect of making Katara climax. He picked up his efforts on her pussy. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, fuck yes, Katara whispered. Aang felt Kataras hand clench his hair and felt her body tense up, then he felt a rush of fluids cover his face and hand. Katara was beside herself, Fuck! Fuck! Im coming, Im coming! Fuck yeah, Aang, uuuuunnnnh! Aang lapped up the fluids from Kataras pussy as her legs jerked spasmodically. He couldnt remember being this happy in his life. Fuck me. The words took a second to register in Aangs mind. He looked up and saw Katara, her eyes locked with his as she throatily whispered it again: Fuck me. Aang hesitated. Now that the moment had come he didnt know what to do. Now, said Katara, fuck me now. I need it, Aang. I need that cock in my pussy. Aang moved up as if in a trance as Katara again spread her legs. Aang grabbed his raging hard shaft and directed it towards Kataras beautiful cunt. As the tip met her pussy, Aang hesitated again. Do it, Katara begged, please fuck me. Aang didnt wait again; with one mighty push he buried his seven inches up to the hilt in her. Katara almost screamed in surprise and elation. FUCK! Fuck, yeah. Oh, yes. Aang began to fuck her slowly, bringing his hips up and then down in fluid motions. Uuuunnh, yeah, uuuuunh, moaned Katara. Her pussy was tight, but like before Aang knew instinctively that she wasnt a virgin. As he fucked her he closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her warm, tight box clutching at his hard cock. Uuunnh, harder Aang, harder, Katara whispered. Aang began to bring his cock all the way up to the entrance of her snatch and then slam it all the way down. He pounded away at her and started picking up speed. He leaned down and their mouths met. Aang found it ironic that the first time he had kissed Katara was while he was fucking her. She moaned into his mouth while he railed her, her hands grasping his back and pulling him into her. They broke the kiss and Aang really started to pick up speed now. Katara sat up halfway and began to rub her clit. Yeah, baby. Fuck it. Fuck that pussy, she said seductively over and over. Im going to come again, baby. Im going to come all over your cock. Aang slammed away at her, holding her legs and pounding into her pussy. He felt her tense up again shudder as her warm juices flooded over his cock. She fell back onto her back and thrashed back and forth. FUCK YES! she moaned, Oh, oh, oh, yeah, uuuuunnnh, Im coming! Aang felt himself getting close to his own orgasm. The familiar tingling sensation was building up in his balls. He had always fantasized about coming all over Kataras face and he was so excited to do so that he missed the timing. He began to shoot his load into Kataras pussy, but after about two shots he managed to pull out and shoot the rest of his hot come all over her toned stomach. Aang sat back, panting. He was afraid Katara was going to be angry with him, but she just sat up and made a movement with her hand. The come he had planted in her a few seconds ago came whizzing out of her pussy and into her waiting mouth. Comebending, said Katara, its a technique I learned from watching my mom. I used to sneak into my parents sleeping quarters at night and watch them fuck. It was so hot and I learned how to comebend from her. I love the taste of hot come. With that she comebended the rest of Aangs seed off of her stomach and into her mouth. Mmmmm, she said, Im going to have lots of fun with you, Avatar.

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