Namis and Robin

"Now, what are we going to do?" said Nami impatiently.
"We are on this island for 2 days now and nothing interesting has happened so far.
What are the others doing?"
Nami was the only one who wanted to spend the day on the ship, but now she starts feeling bored.
>Why didn´t Robin stayed on the ship? We could do an girls day together. We never do something together.<
Thinking this Robin suddenly appears suddenly on the beach.
"Hey Robin, want to do a girls only day?"
"Yeah why not? sounds pretty interesting. What did you thought off?"
"Hmm- I didn´t thought of it till now. I just wanted to do something together with you; we never did something like that. I thought that might be fun."
"yeah! I know exactly what we two can do together", said Robin with a naughty smile on her face.
"I´m just getting something from my cabin".
>What might Robin think and do now? What did that smile earlier means? This women is a complete mystery for me< Nami wondered.
A few seconds later Robin came back with a little bag in her hands.
"That should contain everything we need to have some fun together!"
"What do you mean Robin? I thought of something like talking or going shopping."
"You perhaps, but i thought definetely of an other way of fun" Robin said with a wicked smile.
And while saying that she picked a two-way-dildo.
"NO, i can´t do that with you Robin. Im no lesbian you know!"
"Don´t behave like a kid. It will please you more than you think", and with these words she enchains Nami with her devilfruit power.
Robin undresses her gorgeous body and starts playing with herself.
At the same time she caressed Namis breats and pussy.
"Unghh, Robin thats wrong; please stop this."
"But why, youre all wet now. You can not deny your own desire" and with hese words she undressed Nami, too.
First she inserts the Dildo in herslef and starts moaning in pleasure.
After one minute she started licking Namis vagina, preparing her for the other side of the dildo.
Now even Nami started moaning.
When Robin put in the dildo she screams becuase of pleasure.
Now Robin increased the speed and soon both came.
"Thank you Robin, i was so wrong. That was the best orgasm i´ve ever had. We must repeat that another time when the boys aren´t there."
"I knew you would like it. It is nice to know that there is someone on this ship who understands my desires. I needed this for so long. Thank you Nami."

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