Keyblade Champions of The League

Chapter 1 - Instability

Sora and Riku ran across the island together. Just three days back, the two of them had a two day fuck fest with fourteen girls as a celebratory orgy of Xemnas' defeat. Olette, Aerith, Yuffie, Tifa, Mulan, Yuna, Rikku, Paine, Larxene, Xion, Fuu, Aqua, Kairi and Namine had all come together and fucked them until they could've died happy.

" that?" Sora asked, pointing at a glass bottle on the shore.

"I don't know, open it up." Riku chuckled, walking down to the shore.

Sora bent down and plucked the bottle from the sand. Pulling the cork from it, Sora shook out the rolled up note.

"Sora, please come to the remnants of the World That Never Was. Kingdom Hearts was not as stable as first thought. It has started to shred itself apart without any controlling force and heartless are swarming everywhere." Sora read.

"Well, just how the hell are we supposed to do that?" Riku asked.

"There's more. I am going to be able to contain the heartless here by severing the connection between this world and the rest. However, there is something strange going on behind the scenes here, so I need some help. Go to the heart of your world and I will bring you here." Sora said.

"What're we waiting for?" Riku said, turning to run towards the entrance into the center of the island.

"Yea!" Sora called, running after him.

They went down into the hollow under the island and Sora unlocked the door to the heart of the islands. Passing through it, Sora was sure to lock it behind them with his Keyblade. His world had been destroyed before and he wanted to make sure it never happened again.

The moment they stepped further, a blinding white light engulfed them. There was a pleasent uplifting feeling and the world disappeared around them. It felt like they were being washed down a pleasent stream of pure light. Neither of them was sure how long they moved through that tunnel of light, but at one point, they were pulled out of it and set down on solid ground.

Before them stood the Skyscraper. A bright, glowing structure that preceded the nobody's abandoned hideout. Neither of them knew what to think when they saw it. The note had obviously been from the King and both of them had expected to be brought directly to the top of the World That Never Was.

"Sorry, but I had to bring you here. This was the safest spot I could." The King said, walking around in front of them.

"Hello sir, hows it going?" Sora asked.

"Not that great Sora. I'm sorry to inform you two, but the moment you arrived, I severed the connection between this world's heart and the others. This should contain the least for a while. We need to get up there and figure this situation out." Mickey said, pointing up at the Nobody's home above them.

"So I assume we can't go back because you cut this world off from the rest?" Riku said.

"Yes." Mickey nodded, "However, when we figure things out, I can repair the connection with yours and Sora's help."

"So some good news. Well, shall we?" Riku asked them.

"I never do get tired of a good rumble." Sora laughed, running up the street.

They traveled all the way up to the glowing bridge that gave them entrance to the Nobody's base.

"I don't think this is going to be...that...hard..." Sora's voice trailed off, "Well shit."

A massive Heartless stood up out of the bottomless pit. A tangled mess of shadows with a great heart-shaped hole in it's chest, it was a heartless Sora had fought before. It took a single swing at the bridge of light and shattered it into a million pieces. Taking a step towards them, the buildings around them rumbled with it's size.

"Let's start off big then!" Riku hooted, leaping into the air.

He spun around and black fire circled around him. His dark keyblade appeared and Riku swung towards the Heartless. The black fire spread forward and engulfed it. The massive Heartless was completely engulfed in black flames as Riku landed deftly on the ground next to Sora.

"I bet I can do better." Sora smiled.

He turned and ran the opposite direction. Sora touched the side of a skyscraper and his Keyblade flashed in his hand. Leaping upward, he started to sprint up the side of the building, the Heartless' attention on him. Reaching level with the Heartless' head, Sora leaped off the building, his Keyblade leading him towards the Heartless. The shining silver blade struck and slashed the darkness without a problem, making the Heartless give a roar of anger. Sora spun and planted his heels on the Heartless' head. He leapt directly upward and held his keyblade high in the air. Magic coursed into his Keyblade and he swung it downward. Eight bright orbs of light burst from the end of the Keyblade and struck the Heartless. Each one of them exploded with a brightness equivolent to a sun. The Heartless howled and stumbled sideways. Sore used his magic to glide backward and land between the King and Riku.

"How's that?" Sora asked Riku.

"Flashy." Riku smiled.

"Enough boys." Micky said, hurling his golden Keyblade foward.

It struck the Heartless in the forehead. There was a single blink of light and the Heartless burst into a million tendrils of shadows that spread apart and disippated. The King's Keyblade circled around and returned to his hand.

"Shall we?" Sora smiled, holding his Keyblade forward.

Riku and Mickey nodded, touching their Keyblades to his. A bright beam of light burst from Sora's blade and shot upward towards the Nobody's castle. It spread apart and the glowing bridge reappeared. The three of them ran up it together. Past the bridge, the silver halls of the Nobody's castle flew by. They reached the large room with the elevator platform in the center of it. The platform itself was missing.

"I'll call it down." Mickey said, walking over to the small control pedestal near the docking spot for the platform.

He clicked a few buttons and something a distance away started to whine and buzz.

"Guys. Look." Riku said, pointing at the shadow moving down the wall.

"What's wrong Riku, afraid of one little shadow?" Sora teased him.

"No I am...oh hell." Riku said, looking around them.

From the corners of the ceiling, a black paint seemed to run down the walls, coating everything around them and closing in on them. The swirling shadows slowed to a halt and each of them stood at the ready. small Heartless began to rise out of the shadow. They moved forward, encircling all of them in a sea of writhing Heartless. Neo-Shadows began to poke out of the floor and bat Heartless popped free of the walls.

"Now boys, work together and keep your wits about you." King Micky warned as the Heartless swarmed even closer.

"Strength!" Sora cried, holding up his Keyblade.

A fiery red keyblade flashed in his left hand and his clothes flushed with the same color. Power surged through his muscles and he felt a wonderful rush of adrenaline as he transformed into what the Fairies had dubbed 'Valor'. The shadows lunged forth at them and Sora leapt into their midst. His two Keyblades flashed left and right, knocking the Heartless apart and cutting a swathe through them.

"Mwahaha!" Sora laughed as Heartless fell by the dozens at his blades.

Micky and Riku worked together, striking them down in careful precision. They struck them one by one, sure to keep their backs to each other and make sure the Heartless couldn't take them by surprise. They made a good team.

Sora on the other hand had cut his way to the wall. In a rush, he leapt up the wall and launched himself across the room, spinning like a drill. His Keyblades flashed everywhere, death to all Heartless that neared him. Landing near the other two, he slammed both his Keyblades into the ground and made a burst of light explode upward around them.

"Forty six." Sora told Riku.

"Twenty one." Riku sighed.

"Survival is not a comptetition!" The King called, throwing his Keyblade into the shadows.

It circled around like a deadly boomerang, cutting down every Heartless it touched.

"I got a new one for ya." Riku said with a smile.

"Oh?" Sora said, knocking away three more Neo-Shadows.

"Yea, here you go." Riku said.

He held up his blade and a long blade of dark fire engulfed it. He swung it in a deadly arc and slashed through a massive chunk of Heartless. Bringing it up in a overhead swing, he brought it down on the Heartless and a surge of black fire engulfed a large area.

"I believe Squall already did that." Sora laughed, pushing through more of the Heartless.

"Really? Damn it all!" Riku yelled knocking a Heartless against the wall ten feet away.

"The lift's here." Sora said, seeing it slip down from the roof.

The left set down among the Heartless and it's walls disappeared in a small glow.

"Light!" Mickey called, holding up his Keyblade.

Seeing his spell, the other two immediately did the same, joining their power with his. A surge of light encircled them and burned outward towards the walls. Hundreds of small Heartless were engulfed in the light and consumed completely.

"Quickly! Quickly!" Mickey instructed, leaping onto the elevator.

Darkness surged forth from the walls, stronger than ever, but Mickey was quick about pressing the button. The walls of the lfit reappeared and it began to move upward.

"Whew! That was fun." Sora sighed, letting the power of Valor leave him.

"Why can't I ever get fancy clothes like that?" Riku asked, tugging on Sora's sleeve.

"Because I'm too awesome to be replicated." Sora laughed.

"Funny." Riku said sarcastically.

"Alright you two. Now the fighting will only get worse from here on out. The Heartless will get stronger as we get closer to Kingdom Hearts at the top of the tower. I'm sure we can do this without a problem, but there's no harm in being safe." Mickey said as the lift docked in the upper station.

They ran down the hall and out onto the platform that circled around the center of the tower. The long staircase was held over a seemingly bottomless pit. Hordes of Heartless swarmed from the pit, moving up the outer walls. Up and through the large doorway, they ran through the echoing empty hall. The ramp that was outside the other side of the hall swarmed with Heartless. The three of them cut their way through and up the long winding pathway. It was an easy fight, for the Heartless were still weak and unorganized. Fighting through all the darkness, they kept pushing on and made it to the top of the tower.

Above them glowed the remnant's of Xemnas's attempt at creating his own realm. It was breaking apart little by little, raining hearts down on the world.

"What're we supposed to do with that?" Sora asked, looking up at it.

"Lock it like any other heart." Riku pointed out.

"That's possible. However, it's an incomplete heart, we don't know what will happen if we try." Mickey said, "However, it can't be done by just one Keyblade."

"Let's do it." Riku shrugged.

The three of them held up their Keyblades and three individual beams of light shot from them and connected with the broken Kingdom Hearts. Almost immediately a bright light began to emanate from Kingdom Hearts. It grew outward and began to engulf the entirety of Kingdom Hearts. Bands of light broke from it and shot into the distance. There was a great rumbling and suddenly a loud booming sound. Each of them lowered their Keyblades as Kingdom Hearts began to disappear from view.

"See...not that bad." Riku said with a smile.

The ground began to rumble.

"Wait...somethings wrong." King Mickey said as the entire castle shook underneath them.

"What?" Sora asked, looking around.

"I think...Kingdom Hearts...was holding this world...together." King Mickey called, "We have to get out of here!"

The rumbling increased. The Castle around them started to break apart. The top of the tower they were standing on cracked loudly and began to lean. Before any of them could get off it, the tower crashed over sideways and the three of them were dumped into the endless pit of darkness below.

"Fuck~!" Riku cried as they fell through the darkness.


Suddenly a bright light surged around them and they were left standing on a bright stone pedestal. Two other people and one grizly monster were near them. One was a young girl in leather boots and a short black and purple dress. A rather patched bear was held in her arms and her hair was long purple with purple cat ears. The other was a beautiful woman in blue clothing with long gold hair and a short blue skirt and small blue top. She also wore thigh length blue boots with lacy edges and white gloves. She held a glowing staff in one hand.

Behind them was a large glowing crystal and in front of them spread a large stone platform. Beyond that was a large forest and a few wide pathways.

The monster was rather grizzly looking. He stood on two thick legs with four large spiked arms. His face was ugly with green eyes and large mandibles. Sora immediately took him for a heartless and attacked. Keyblade flashing in his hand, he lunged at th monster and struck him across his head as hard as he could. The monster roared in anger.

"What is this? I will devour your soul!" The monster cried in a deep and gritty voice that struck fear in their hearts.

"Whoa!" Sora cried, "Heartless don't talk."

"And you will soon not breath!" The Monster cried, taking a swing at Sora.

"What the hell is going on?!" Riku asked.

Sora leapt back and dodged the Monster's attack.

"Cho'Gath stop! This is obviously a screw up. The Summoner must've made a mistake." The woman said, jumping between the Monster and Sora.

"Summoner? What is going on?" Sora asked, looking around.

"I'm sorry, but you've been summoned into the middle of a battle on the world of Runterra." The woman said, "I'm Luxanna Crownguard, you can call me Lux. This big guy here is Cho'Gath. Don't anger him again please."

"I'm Annie Hastur. This is my bear Tibbers!" The little girl said, holding up a stuffed bear.

"Anyway, we're kind of in the middle of a battle here, so if you all don't mind. There are three path ways here and we're trying to destroy a large crystal in the enemy's base over there. Annie, you go right. Cho'Gath, you go left. You two need to come with me down the middle." Lux said.

"Can you explain a little more?!" Riku asked quickly.

"No time, just follow me and kill anything I attack." Lux said, running down the stairs.

She ran forward, down the wide pathway between the trees. Riku let out a whistle and pointed at her.

"Damn that is nice." Sora smiled, walking after her, "Let's go."

"Aren't you worried about the King at all?" Riku asked.

"I am, but it's obvious we won't get anything done without managing to get some information from these people." Sora said, his bright Keyblade flashing in his hand.

"I suppose your right." Riku said, his dark red and purple Keyblade appearing.

The two of them ran after Lux as she sprinted down the grassy path.

Chapter 2 - Champions and The Council

"Be careful of these three. Orianna, Brand and Veigar. They are all champions as I am. I'm assuming you can fight at least some what?" Lux asked, seeing the three ahead of them.

"Somewhat? I bet I could take all three!" Sora laughed.

"Don't get cocky. Champions are stronger than you know. I will take Veiger, the small one. He's the most dangerous. You two take the clockwork and the fire ogre." Lux said, pointing at each of them

Veigar was a short creature with navy blue armor that was covered in metal plates and spikes. He stood half the height of Sora and carried a large glowing axe. Orianna was a clockwork being of metal and brass. Her eyes glowed with electricity. A strange sphere floated along side her, crackling angrily with electricity. Brand seemed the opposite, a man made of stone and fire. Lava dripped from his hands and sizzled on the ground as fire crackled over his body.

"Fire...or lightning?" Sora said, pointing at Brand then Orianna.

"Fire." Riku smiled, lunging at Brand.

"Alright, then it's you and me I suppose." Sora smiled, holding his Keyblade towards Orianna.

There was a bright flash of light and a surge of power of Lux. Veigar was knocked back and swung his axe in return, throwing a burst of dark magic at Lux.

Riku lunged at Brand without fear, Way to Dawn leading the way. He leapt into the air and struck him across the chest. Brand cried out in pain and lava surged forth from the wound. Riku struck again without mercy, slicing him dozens of times. Brand cried in anger and fire engulfed the two of them.

Sora was busy attacking Orianna. Electricity surged from her and Sora caught it with his Keyblade. The power of the Keyblade held off the magic easily and Sora lunged in. He struck Orianna ruthlessly across the face, denting her metal head. The Sphere floating near her shot towards Sora and hit him in the back. Stumbling, he spun around and hit the Sphere away like a baseball bat. Orianna punched him full in his lower back and knocked him ten feet away in a single blow. Sora groaned on the ground and got up.

Riku stumbled out of the fire and shook his head. The magic of his Keyblade protected him from the worst of the blaze. The fire fizzled out and Brand was standing uninjured in front of them.

"One cannot quell the flames of rage!" Brand cried, holding out his hand.

A torrent of fire burned forth from him, threatening to engulf Riku again. Riku dashed out of the way and threw his Keyblade at Brand. The wing extending from the side of it stabbed deep into Brand's shoulder. Riku lunged forward, dodging another fireball from Brand. He leapt up, grabbed the handle of his Keyblade and tore it free, almost completely taking off Brand's right arm.

Lux held out both her arms and a huge beam of light burst forth from her. It caught Veigar full in the chest and pushed him back. When Veigar finally came to a stop, the beam of light completely engulfed him, gouging a huge trench out of the ground. Veigar disappeared in a burst of black light and Lux let the spell go.

"Die!" Riku cried, slashing Brand in half at the middle.

There was a burst of red light and Brand also disappeared.

"Your done!" Sora cried, lunging into a complex combo against Orianna, "Finished!"

He struck her one last time and held up his Keyblade. Bright light engulfed Orianna and she disappeared in a surge of lightning. The three of them were left standing in an empty path.

"What the hell? Why're they just disappearing?" Riku asked, looking around.

"Because we inflicted mortal wounds on them. That's how these battles work. When the enemy is inflicted with a mortal wound, they are teleported off the battlefield before they die. That way they can be healed to fight again." Lux said, "I'm sorry, but there's a lot you need to know about this world. First things first, we need to destroy the enemy Nexus."

"Gotcha." Sora nodded, following Lux.

It took them another few minutes to make it down the path and to the enemy's base. They were quickly joined by Cho'Gath and Annie soon after. Together, the five of them strode up the stone pedestal and Lux destroyed the Nexus with a spell.

"Delicious souls." Cho'Gath rumbled.

"This was fun and easy!" Annie giggled.

"They're right. This did seem a little too easy." Lux said, looking up at the sky.

There was a flash of light around them and they were left standing in a large stone room. Magical gems lit the walls around them and they were standing on a raised platform. Cho'Gath was missing and Annie left almost instantly.

"Congratulations on the victory." One man in a long robe near them said.

"Something was off about it. We won far too easily." Lux said, stepping down the stairs.

On the other side of the room, two beautiful women crossed towards them. One had long brown hair and was wearing a white nurses outfit. It went down just below her crotch and white socks reached her thighs. Her hair was in a pony tail and Sora caught glimpses of of her white panties as she walked. The other woman had enormous breasts and long black hair. A short white and red outfit started at her breasts and went down to a revealing white skirt that flowed gently around her thighs. The strangest thing about this woman was that nine long white tails flowed and twisted about behind her. Upon closer inspection, Sora could also see black fox ears poking out of her hair.

"What the hell happened? We were supposed to be out on the field with you!" The Nurse girl said angrily.

"I do also feel stolen from." The Fox girl said, her voice smooth and warm.

"I'm sorry girls, but I don't know what happened. Talk to the summoner." Lux said.

Suddenly there was a flash behind them and a man in a long black robe appeared. The man pulled back his hood and smiled. He had short blonde hair and cold brown eyes. Walking across the pedestal towards them, he slipped off the pedestal and stood near them.

"So Justin, what the hell happened?" The Nurse asked.

"I'm not sure Akali. I teleported to the battlefield, set it up and prepared to summing you five here. I did so and instead, those two came to the battlefield. Though I must say, they did some damage." The Summoner Justin said, "And Ahri, don't even start with me. Last time you went into battle, it took us like five hours because you broke down, hid in the bushes and masturbated."

"I...I...I regret nothing." Ahri huffed, crossing her arms across her bust.

"Of course you don't. So what about you two? What're your names?" Justin asked.

"I'm Sora." Sora said, letting his Keyblade disappear.

"And I'm Riku." Riku said.

"Sora, Riku. Thank you for your help." Lux said, shaking their hands before she left.

"So when can we go home?" Sora asked.

"Sorry, but you can't. We don't know where you came from and I doubt we could send you home if we did." Justin said.

"Who're you kidding Justin, you've only a year experience under your belt. If anyone would know, it would be Kayle. She's the only one old enough to know if it were possible." Another summoner in the room said.

"I just don't want to get up their're damn good fighters." Justin said, shrugging.

"We are not staying here to be your little puppets. I have to find a way home, even if it's through the corridors of darkness." Riku said sternly.

"You're not going anywhere until The Council of The League has had a chance to talk with you." Justin said, putting an arm on Riku's shoulder.

"No! We're leaving Sora!" Riku said, throwing his hand off.

His Keyblade flashed in his hand and he pushed the others in the room out of the way. Sora chased him out of the door. They ran into a large stone hall that was full of people milling around, busy with other things.

"I think I see sunlight this way." Riku said, running towards a large hallway.

They pushed past Lux and kept running.

"Sorry!" Sora called back to her as they sprinted down the hall.

People jumped out of their way as they ran. Riku turned and kept running.

"Wait!" Lux called after them.

They kept running and Riku led them out onto a grand staircase. A sun shone brightly above them and Riku stopped on the highest step.

"Where do we go?" Sora asked, running up to his side.

"I don't know!" Riku said, "I don't even know where we are."

"Your going nowhere." A girl called behind them.

They turned and saw Lux and the Fox Girl standing there.

"Come on boys...don't you want to stay with us." The Fox Girl said smoothly and seductively, "It can...really be fun."

She walked down to them and circled around Sora, running her tails around his body. Riku turned to her and she smiled, running a sharp fingernail up his neck and chin. He smacked her hand away and pushed her back. Riku brought up his Keyblade threateningly.

Annie walked up next to Lux and looked down at Sora and Riku. Riku was watching the Fox Girl carefully with his Keyblade at the ready. Sora looked up at Lux and Annie, his Keyblade appearing in his hands.

"We just want to go home." Sora said simply.

"You can't." Lux said, "Nobody summoned here leaves without consulting the Council."

"I'll get them." Annie smiled, "Tibbers!"

She tossed her teddy bear in the air and it grew quickly. The bear grew into a huge five feet tall stitched bear. He was thick as a wall and very intimidating. the bear stepped forward and the ground shook.

"Capture them Tibbers." Annie said.

The huge stitched teddy bear growled and stepped forward. Riku jerked around and looked at it with wide eyes. Before either of them could do anything, Tibbers the Bear wrapped it's arms around them both and hugged them both close to its chest. Sora groaned and Riku cried angrily. They both struggled madly as they were pressed into the grizzly, rough fur. Tibbers' arms were far to strong for them to break free and the bear turned to its master.

"Good boy. Bring them." Annie said with an innocent smile.

"Most men can't resist me." The Fox Girl said, walking next to the bear, "I would've killed you."

"Oh your just hurt that they didn't fall for your tricks Ahri." Lux chuckled, "Although I have been feeling their eyes all over my body since they arrived. I'm thinking they might want me too."

Lux smiled back at them and ran a hand down the blue skirt covering their backside.

Tibbers carried them through the large stone halls and into a rather length stone chamber. At the end of it was a large table sitting raised up in the air. Five men in dark robes sat behind it, their faces hidden by hoods. Glowing Cyan crystals floated about the room, giving it a soft blue light.

"What is the meaning of this?" One of the men in robes asked.

"Councilmen, we've brought you two young men who were summoned to this realm through accidental means. Or at least that's what it seemed." Lux said, walking up near the table.

"Are they to be champions?" The Councilman asked.

"No, just let us go home!" Sora called.

"We can't do that. You will stay here for a time until we can discern your motives and decide what is best for Runeterra and the League." The Councilman said, "Take them to the guest's holding room."

"Yes Councilman." Lux nodded.

"You heard 'em Tibbers. Take those two down to the holding room." Annie said.

"God damn you! Why the hell can't we go home!" Sora cried angrily, struggling harder in Tibber's arms.

"Oh just shut it." Annie said flatly.

They took Sora and Riku down a set of stairs and through a long hall. Riku half expected them to shackle them up in some dark room and leave them to rot. However, Tibbers set them down in front of a nice oak door. Lux opened the door and waved to them. Sora and Riku followed her into the room and looked around.

The room was rather nice. It had plush blue carpet and a nice crystal light sunk into the ceiling. Two large fluffy beds sat on either side of the room and a single magical window opposite the door showed a nice flowery field and bright sunshine. A single white door on the east side of the room was presumably

"Stay here, Dinner will be brought to you. When the Council observes the battle and learns what they need, they will send their verdict down to you. Don't worry, the worst they can do in this situation is tell you that you have to stay here." Lux said, "But I'm sure they will let you out to either be Champions or go home. Sorry, but the door here is enchanted to be one way to it's prisoners."

She stepped back into the hallway and Riku turned and jumped towards her. He slammed into an invisible barrier in the doorway as if the door was closed. Riku groaned loudly and held his shoulder in pain.

"Just stay here, it could be worse. You could be locked up in a stone cell." Lux said, walking away.

"Damn it." Riku cursed, slamming the oak door shut.

Sora sat down on the edge of one of the beds and looked around the small room. Riku walked across the room and opened the door. Inside was a shower stall, toilet and sink.

"What the hell are we supposed to do now?" Riku asked.

"I don't know. But you know that the King can take care of himself. We shouldn't worry about them. We just need to worry about getting ourselves back. Remember, the King closed off the World That Never Was and we locked Kingdom Hearts." Sora said, "So we're not really that bad off."

"Locked! Of course! Use your Keyblade to unlock the barrier and let us out!" Riku cried, pointing at the oak door.

"Oh god I feel stupid!" Sora laughed, his Keyblade flashing in his hand.

Walking over to the door, he pulled it open and put his Keyblade tip against the barrier. There was a glowing around the Kingdom Key and Sora turned it. The barrier flared brightly and dimmed. Stepping forward, Sora put out his hand.

" good. It's still there. It didn't work." Sora said.

"Damn. What now?" Riku asked.

"I dunno. Take a nap?" Sora said, closing the door.

He walked back to the soft bed and flopped over on the down comforter. It was fluffy and Sora sank into the bed.

"Alright...fine. I guess since we're trapped here we might as well rest up." Riku climbed onto his own bed.

Chapter 3 - Convincement

"Oh Sora...Wake up~!" A sweet voice met Sora's ears.

He blinked and looked up.

"Whazzat?" Sora mumbled, his eyes blurry and his mind hazy.

The room was dark and he was having trouble focusing. There was a soft rustle of clothing and hair and a weight dropped down on Sora. He looked up and focused on her face. The Fox Girl Ahri was looking down at him with a lustful smile on her face. She licked her lips and bent over him. Sora felt her teeth bite into his neck playfully as she rubbed herself against him.

"R...Riku?" Sora said, looking over at his bed.

"Don't worry...he's occupied too." Ahri said with a smile.

A brown haired girl in a pink dress was crawling over Riku's sleeping form. Her hair bounced down in long locks and her pink dress covered her from her beautiful C cups down to her pale thighs. She locked lips with him and put her hands on either side of his head. Riku's eyes snapped open and he looked around. He pushed on her shoulder and lifted her up.

"Hey hey now. I'm here for your pleasure and maybe to convince you to stay." Caitlyn said with a dirty smile, "I'm Caitlyn."

"Oh really? You better do better than this." Riku smiled.

"Attention here hon." Ahri said, pulling Sora's face back to her's, "I'm going to need your full attention. I'm...needy."

"I've had nympho's before. Do you think you can really take me?" Sora challenged.

"Let's see." Ahri said, taking off Sora's shirt.

"I have fucked multiple women into pleasure comas before, you're nothing special." Sora smiled, sitting up with his arms around Ahri.

He pushed her back and crawled on top of her. The white fur of her tails was very soft under his fingers. Pulling down her top, he exposed her enormous breasts. He bent over her and bit and sucked on one nipple while his fingers played with her other. Ahri bit her lip and let out a soft moan of pleasure. Her right breast completely filled his hand and more, soft as a cloud beneath his hand.

"Looks like he's taken charge, what about you?" Caitlyn asked Riku as she undid the buttons of his shirt.

"I like it when the woman plays with me. So please, enjoy yourself. I will." Riku smiled, putting his arms behind his head once his shirt was off.

"Oh I like you. I love it when men are at my mercy." Caitlyn said, trailing a finger down his bare chest.

"I'm definitely yours." Riku smiled as she undid his shorts.

"Lick me." Caitlyn said, pulling up her skirt.

She pulled down the lacy white panties that covered her bottom and pulled up the short pink skirt. At Riku's request, she turned around and settled herself over him. Riku ran his hands over the fine, pale skin of her ass. Leaning up, Riku licked her hairless pussy and Caitlyn gave a small shiver of pleasure. She ran his hands up her crotch and pulled down his pants. Riku's hardening cock slowly stood up and Caitlyn went down on him.

Sora could feel the heat radiating from Ahri's aroused body now. She was letting him do what he wanted at this point. Pulling up the bottom of Ahri's short dress, Sora found her without panties.

"Naughty naughty." Sora smiled, trailing a finger around Ahri's pussy.

She had a fuzzy tuft of pubic hair at the top of her pussy. Ahri let out a loud squeak as his finger rubbed over her clitorous. Sora smiled and pushed one finger inside her. The inside of her pussy was as hot as any other woman he had ever been with, if not hotter. Ahri was a very sexual person and Sora could tell that she wasn't shy about it. She obviously had sex often and craved it just as much as any of the other women he had fucked, especially Larxene. She had been a crazy nympho as well.

"Ohh...Sora...deeper!" Ahri said, "This naughty fox needs an orgasm!"

"How's this?" Sora smiled, pushing two fingers deep into Ahri.

She squeaked and jerked with pleasure, gripping the covers with her long nails. Sora pushed up and rubbed against the upper side of her pussy. She moaned loud as he found her G-spot and began to rub it vigorously. The pleasure that exploded through her was amazing as Sora rubbed and pushed her soft, convulsing insides. Her muscles clenched and convulsed about his fingers.

"Soraa~!" She squealed, "I'm cumming!"

She jerked and thrashed under him, squirting moistly in his hand. She fell limp, panting heavily as he pulled his wet fingers out of her. She seemed to be shaking with the after effects of the pleasure.

"Hey, keep it down o...Ohhh...Ahh...ahhh...ver" Caitlyn moaned loudly as Riku licked her pussy.

She had a hand wrapped around his cock and was rubbing him off. She could barely stop her panting and moaning as Riku pleasured her. His tongue seemed to find every weak point of her pussy, making the pleasure all that more intense. Caitlyn cried out and came without warning, her pussy squirting in his mouth. He licked up all her juices and kept at it, making Caitlyn moan loudly. Caitlyn came again almost instantly as Riku licked her.

"Oh god yes~!" Caitlyn cried.

"Sora, I want it now!" Ahri demanded.

"You're going to love me." Sora smiled, unzipping his pants.

He pushed Ahri's legs apart and avoided kneeling on her tails as he mounted her. Ahri cried with pleasure as Sora's cock pushed into her wet and desperate lips. He felt her burning hot insides envelope him. She was incredibly hot and tight around him as he pushed deep inside her. Ahri squealed in joy and pulled on her nipples. He could feel her body shaking with pleasure at his first penetration. This Fox Girl was really more exciteable than most others that he had been with.

"Oh Sora, you're so biiiig~!" Ahri moaned happily.

Sora pulled back and dove quickly into her pussy. Ahri squeaked and moaned as he did so. She seemed more like an animal writhing about in pleasure than a person having sex. Sora loved every bit of it.

"I need it too." Caitlyn breathed, crawling over Riku's body, "However...I like Cowgirl."

She straddled his waist, facing him and rubbed herself against his cock. Holding him up, she speared her tight pussy on him. Her breasts bounced wonderfully as she took in Riku's entire cock. He felt her body spasm with the sudden influx of pleasure. She put her hands on his chest to steady herself as she rode him. Riku ran his hands up her fine, pale legs. Caitlyn lifted herself up and slid back down his cock. She seemed to be having trouble getting started. Grabbing her ass, Riku gave her a hand. He lifted her up and began to hump upward, making Caitlyn cry out happily.

"Oh god Riku, it's so good!" Caitlyn howled, "Pound your naughty nurse, she needs punishing!"

Sora pushed Ahri's legs up and let them set down agaisnt his shoulders. He picked up the pace and Ahri was panting as he plowed her. She couldn't seem to do anything but scream and grab at the bed beneath her. Sora felt the sweat on her body against his chest as he fucked her. Ahri bit her lip with fanged teeth and cried out in an animalistic howl.

"Cumming!" Ahri cried.

Sora really felt her pussy convulse this time as she came. He kept fucking through her convulsions, determined to show her that he was not someone to be bested in bed. As her orgasm waned, Sora pushed harder, flying in and out of her wet pussy. Ahri howled and arched her back as best she could beneath him. His cock was slick with her juices and she cried out louder as he pushed in and out of her without mercy.

"Ohh...Ahri...I'm gonna cum." Sora moaned.

"Let inside..." Ahri panted, "I cum...inside me..."

Sora pushed deep inside her hot pussy and let loose a burst of cum. He moaned and felt his cum start to fill Ahri's tight pussy. Ahri moaned happily, feeling the hot sticky cum fill her insides. Sora filled her to the brim and pulled out, sitting back on the bed.

" weren't...kidding..." Ahri panted, rubbing her buzzing pussy gently.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god!" Caitlyn howled, "Yes, yes yes yes! I'm cumming!"

Caitlyn was bouncing fast atop Riku's hard cock. Her body clenched and her pussy came on Riku's lap, drenching his cock in her juices. She fell forward on him, panting in his ear. Riku kept pushing, sliding in and out of her slower.

"Oh Riku~!" Caitlyn moaned quietly.

Riku was close to an orgasm, so he didn't stop when she came. He pushed up into her one last time and felt himself top the peak of pleasure. His cock twitched and spurted, shooting sticky cum into Caitlyn. Her pussy bulged with his cum and his cock slipped out of her as she laid, breathing slowly on his chest.

" good..." Caitlyn breathed.

"So can we do it again?" Ahri asked, sitting up.

"Um...maybe not just quite yet." Sora said, looking down at his flaccid cock.

"Well that's no fun. I'm already ready to go again!" Ahri said.

"Why don't you go play with the other girl." Sora said, pointing at Caitlyn, "That always makes little me happy."

"Alrighty then!" Ahri said, scooting off the bed.

"W...What?" Caitlyn asked, looking up.

"We're going to have fun." Ahri smiled as Caitlyn sat up.

Riku sat up and Ahri pushed him away. She crawled onto the bed and kissed Caitlyn. Pushing her onto her back, Riku was forced off the bed. He stood and watched as Ahri turned around and pressed her pussy into Caitlyn's mouth. She leaned down and started to lick the sticky cum from Caitlyn's pussy. Caitlyn did the same, licking Sora's cum from Ahri's hot pussy.

"Oh yea...that's good. Lap up all that cum." Ahri breathed, rubbing Caitlyn's clit.

The girls licked at each other, enjoying the taste of the guys' cum inside one another. Caitlyn moaned loudly as Ahri's skilled tongue dug deep into her wet folds. The pleasure flowing between them made them both incredibly horny again.

"That's it. I'm ready again." Sora said, getting to his feet.

He walked over to the girls and grabbed Ahri around the waist and picked her up.

"Eek! No! I'm not done!" Ahri squeaked.

"Here, keep licking." Sora said, putting her down over the edge of the bed with her face between Caitlyn's legs, "In the mean while..."

He spread her cheeks and eyed her tight little anus. He rubbed his cock agaisnt her wet pussy, getting it all covered in her sweet juices. Grabbing her waist, Sora pushed his hard cock against her ass. Ahri squeaked and jumped forward slightly.

"Ohhh...Sora...that's so naughty!" Ahri moaned as Sora's cock slipped into her tight asshole.

"Now this is tight." Sora groaned, pushing deeper.

"So biiiig~!" Ahri moaned, grabbing Caitlyn's thighs.

She moaned happily as Sora's balls pressed against her. Her insides were burning hot around him as he started to pull back. Ahri felt shivers of pleasure course up and down her spine as Sora pushed deep into her insides.

"What about you?" Riku asked Caitlyn.

"Sorry, I don't do anal. However, I'll take it here again if you want." Caitlyn smiled, spreading her saliva moist pussy open.

"I could do that." Riku said, grabbing her heels.

He pulled her past Ahri and flipped her onto her side so that she was facing the Fox Girl. Pushing her legs together and her knees up, Riku bent over her and pushed his cock into her pussy, keeping her legs together and off to the side. Caitlyn moaned loudly, reaching out to Ahri. She grasped Ahri's hands and Sora pushed his cock deep into Ahri's ass again, making her howl in pleasure. Caitlyn leaned forward, moaning in pleasure only inches from Ahri.

"Oh god yes, I mmm...mmm...hmph." Caitlyn mumbled as Ahri locked lips with her.

Caitlyn moaned incoherently into Ahri's mouth as Riku fucked her and Ahri's tongue danced around her's. Ahri was lost in dreamland as pleasure burned through her body from Sora's ass fucking. She reached out and pinched Caitlyn's nipples, making her squeak loudly and jerk back from Ahri.

"Deeper Riku! Push me as hard as you can!" Caitlyn cried.

"Ohh Sora! Me too! Pound me like a dog!" Ahri howled.

Sora adjusted his grip and pushed harder and faster, feeling Ahri's tight hole moving around him. He buried himself inside her in one strong push, making Ahri cry out loudly. Sora reached forward and grabbed her massive breasts with both hands, drilling her tight ass even harder. Ahri loved every shock and jolt of pleasure that popped through her nerves from Sora's cock.

"Oh yes! Yes! I'm cumming! I'm cumming~!" Ahri cooed in pure ecstasy.

Sora felt her ass clench like a vice around his cock and he had to fight to keep moving in and out of her. The orgasm made Ahri cry out loudly, arching back until her head was laid on his shoulder. Sora put his arms under Ahri's breasts and pushed in and out of her faster. Ahri moaned loudly and Sora kepy shoving her up and down.

"Inside?" Sora whispered into Ahri's ear as she bounced up and down.

"Yes! God yes! I want you to fill me up! I want to be full of your hot cum!" Ahri howled.

Sora pushed her all the way down his shaft and painted her insides with hot, sticky semen. He grunted and kept cumming deep inside Ahri. Ahri felt the wonderful warmth fill her insides and tingle through her limbs. Sora set her down on the bed and pulled out of her hot, cum filled ass. She laid her head on his arms and sighed.

"Mmm...Riku...I love how you make me feel..." Caitlyn moaned, toying with one of Ahri's ears, "Oooh...I'm cumming..."

She pushed her head into the mattress and felt the orgasm course through her waiting nerves. Her knees clenched up to her chest and she held her breath for a moment. The orgasm finished it's wave of pleasure and Caitlyn sank back into a limp pile.

"We're far from done. We fuck all night." Sora smiled.


The morning came with Lux delivering Breakfast. She walked in the room and dropped the tray of toast and sausage. Sora and Riku were sitting next to each other on the bed. Ahri was cuddled up next to Sora, licking and rubbing his cock. Caitlyn was on the other side of Riku, doing the same.

"Sora...your cock..." Ahri sighed, rubbing her face up against his cock.

"I love yours too Riku..." Caitlyn mumbled.

"What the hell? They were just supposed to convince you not to leave!" Lux cried, tossing all the food back on the tray and picking it up.

"Don't blame me. These two came onto us like dollar store whores and so we fucked them into submission." Sora said, "They're ours now."

"And?" Lux asked, dropping the tray on the bed between the guys.

"I think we could hang out for a while." Sora chuckled.

"Oh definitely. Your right Sora, the King is fine." Riku said.

"Not to mention all the friends we have that can fight just as good we can." Sora pointed out as Ahri started to suck his cock again.

"You know, I didn't think of that. That is an excellent point, I bet our friends can handle it just fine." Riku said.

"Well at least they got the job. done. The Council has decided you two are to be tested for championship. In about four hours, another battle is scheduled. You two, me, Ahri and Akali will be fighting against Assassin Master Yi, Nocturn the Nightmare, Ashe The Frost Archer, Sarah Fortune the bounty hunter and Gangplank the Pirate." Lux said, "Be ready, this match won't be so easy."

"Alright girls, you heard the cute demanding one, we've gotta get dressed." Sora chuckled, fiddling with Ahri's ear.

Chapter 4 - Champions on The Battlefield

Sora and Riku stood on the teleportation pedestal with Ahri, Akali and Lux. Akali was wearing her nurse outfit still and Ahri stood very close to Sora, staring at him the entire time.

"What?" Sora sighed, looking back at her.

"I love you~" Ahri sighed moving closer to him.

She pressed herself up against him and started to nuzzle his shoulder.

"You two better not do this on the battle field." Lux said.

"You're the one that's jealous now. You want me too don't you?" Sora smiled, "You want what she had."

"Tsch, you are a self-centered bastard." Lux stamped her foot, "Not everything revolves around your penis."

"And your a nympho who's been masturbating. I saw the way you were looking at us this morning when you came to give us breakfast. You weren't wearing panties and you missed a bit of girl cum on the hem of your skirt." Sora said, "Not to mention you smelled of hormones."

"I...I...You...Gah!" Lux huffed and looked down at a summoner, "Get that son of a bitch to teleport us to the battlefield."

"Yes ma'am." One of the summoners nodded.

There was a bright flash of light and they were taken away from the Institute of War and back to the same battlefield they had been on yesterday. However something was different. On their right and left, there were trees fallen across the paths. This forced them to take the center path. However, they were in moonlight and dense fog. They couldn't see more than ten or fifteen feet away.

"What the hell is this?" Sora asked, looking around at the trees.

"The battlefield is changed occasionally. You get used to it." Lux said.

"The upside to this means that we can all fight side by side." Akali said, "And we can back each other up."

"Sounds good, let's go." Riku said, his Keyblade flashing in his hand.

"No reason to wait!" Ahri said, leaping down the stairs and running down the path.

Sora and Riku ran after her. Behind them, Lux and Akali followed. They ran down the long forest path, waiting for their opponents to appear in the distance. Suddenly out of the fog came a strange whistling. Each of them slowed to a walk and looked around carefully. Ahri suddenly jerked back and turned around. There was a large ice arrow sticking out of her chest. There was a look of rage on her face before she disappeared in a blue light.

"Ahri!" Sora called.

There was an explosion in the distance and Sora lunged to the side out of instinct. Something shot past him and hit Lux full in the chest. She was knocked over backwards and disappeared in a golden light.

"Son of a bitch!" Riku called, holding his Keyblade forward.

There was a flash of black fire around Riku's Keyblade and a large burst of black flames shot away from him. There was an angered cry in the fog and a surge of green light from the fog. Four people came out of the fog, two women, a man and a black ghost-like creature. Sora, Riku and Akali were left to fight them.

"I got Master Yi!" Akali called, running straight at the man with a large sword and purple seven-lense goggles.

"Die!" Sora cried, hurling his Keyblade forward.

It spun around and struck the woman with the pistols across the head. Her head seemed to cave in before she disappeared in a black light.The other woman with an icy blue bow stopped and took aim with an arrow. She was only wearing a blue skirt, a blue armored top and gold armored boots. Her white hair fluttered about behind her and magic surged into her bow. Sora took his Keyblade back and rolled forward. An icy arrow shot overtop his head.

Akali's twin Kami struck forward at Master Yi, blocking his sword and counter attacking. Master Yi moved into a skilled chain of attacks, striking back and forth with Akali.

Riku lunged upward at the black shadow monster, meeting the shadow monster's two blades agaisnt his Keyblade. The shadow monster had two blades attached on the outsides of both his arms and he floated a few feet of the ground. He started out from under an armored silver helmet, behind bright blue eyes. Nocturne's blades twisted around and threw Riku's Keyblade away from him. However, before he could get a hit in, Riku summoned his Keyblade back and blocked.

"You are mine!" Sora called, dashing forward at Ashe.

He swung at her and she blocked with the side of her bow. Ashe struck back at him, striking him in the side with her bow. Sora grunted and jerked back at the blow. He spun his Keyblade in a backhanded attack and locked weapons with Ashe.

Riku gave a blood curdling scream as Nocturne's blade punctured his chest and slashed his vital organs. He cried in anger and held an arm across his chest. There was a moment of stillness and Sora watched him disappear in a flash of purple and black light.

"RIKU!" Sora cried out, "Power of Light!"

Power surged through Sora and his clothing flashed bright silver. A second Keyblade appeared, this one was blue, yellow and silver and covered in beautiful filigree. A gold crown topped the blade and it glowed with power. Sora let go of his Kingdom Key and it floated way from his hand. Both Keyblade floated near his hands, rotating gently. Sora raised his hands and brought them down. Both Keyblades spun wildly and struck Ashe multiple times. He floated off the ground and spun around in a flourish. Both the Keyblades smashed and struck Ashe all over.

Ashe disappeared in a flash of whitish-blue light and Sora turned to Nocturne. He cried and raised both his hands in the air. His Keyblades spun in circles around him and a massive surge of electricity burst from around him, striking Nocturne and Master Yi without mercy.

While they were recovering from the shock, Sora dashed forward, floating in the air. Both his Keyblades slashed around madly, cutting Nocturne apart. He turned and flourished upward, flying into the air. A massive surge of light blasted into the sky, completely engulfing Nocturne. He disappeared in a blink of darkness and Sora fell to the ground. The power left his body and he sank to one knee, holding his Keyblade tightly as his other Keyblade disappeared. His clothes faded back to normal and Akali took a swing at Master Yi.

His skillful swordsmanship blocked the attack and he returned the assault. Akali's defense was caught with a crack in it and Master Yi's sword slipped through. He stabbed upward between her ribs and Akali cried out in agony.

"We're done!" Sora cried, lunging at Master Yi.

Before Master Yi couldn't pull out his blade in time or Sora was faster than he thought, but Sora's Keyblade struck Master Yi across his goggles. They broke into pieces and Sora struck again, uppercutting him across the chin with the guard of his Keyblade. There was a nasty crack of Master Yi's neck and he knocked over backwards, disappearing in lavender light.

Sora stood up, panting with the exertion.

"That's it. We're done here." Sora said flatly, walking down the path.

Four quick blows and he busted the Nexus. Within a few seconds, he was teleported back to the Institute. He looked around quickly.

"Where's Riku?" Sora asked quickly.

"Over here Sora. I'm fine." Riku said, standing up from the other side of the room.

"Thank god." Sora sighed.

"Turns out that when you get killed on the battlefield, your teleported here and all your injuries are instantly fixed during teleportation." Riku said flatly.

"Oh Sora~!" Ahri cried, leaping on Sora, "I'm horny again."

"What is with you?" Sora chuckled, putting an arm around Ahri to relieve the weight on his neck.

"I looove your cock." Ahri breathed into his ear, "And I love feeling your cum deep inside me."

"Sora...your fuck me." Lux said, walking over to him.

"What?" Ahri turned to look at her.

"Sora was right before the battle. Now I want him to fuck me." Lux said flatly.

"Well I don't know about you two, but I think I like Riku better." A voice came from the doorway.

Sora looked up to see Ashe standing there. He pushed both of them away and his Keyblade flashed in his hand.

"Whoa! Hey now. We're not enemies here. It's only battles on the battlefield." Ashe said, holding up her hands.

"Who says you get my Riku?" Caitlyn said, pushing past her.

"Because he's cute and I bet he'd want to fuck me more than you. Your just a stupid mechanical whiz. What's so good about you?" Ashe pushed Caitlyn.

"He already fucked me and I want him to fuck me again!" Caitlyn pushed back.

"Whoa, ladies. I can have you both." Riku said, standing between.

"Works for me." Caitlyn said.

"I suppose so." Ashe said, "I really can't argue.

"What about you three?" Riku asked, looking over at Sora.

"Girls?" Sora looked between them.

"I could go for it too I suppose." Lux shrugged.

"I always wanted to fuck your self righteous little ass. I bet you're nice and tight from being so stuck up." Ahri smiled and growled at Lux.

Chapter 5 - The League Orgy

Sora walked down the hall with Ahri clinging to his back. Riku had Caitlyn in his arms and Ashe following close behind. Lux said that she had to run ahead to get her quarters ready, since she obviously couldn't have sex one of the tiny beds in the holding cells. At least that's how Ashe had made fun of her.

"Is this is?" Sora said, stopping in front of an arching ten foot door.

"I would say so." Riku chuckled, setting Caitlyn down.

There was a click and shorter six foot door opened in the center of the arching door. It swung open and Lux stood aside. She was only wearing white panties and bra.

"I'm surprised. I expected you to be in something made of solid gold." Sora teased.

"Shut it with the princess jokes." Lux said flatly.

"Nice room." Riku whistled.

The room was an easy thirty feet square with a ten foot ceiling. Dim yellow candle light lit the room in a nice ambiance. In the center of the room was a massive round bed that looked big enough for all six of them to sleep in cozily. It had soft white covers and a plush blue carpet beneath it. Lux walked over to the large bed and sat down on the edge of it.

"So what do we do first?" Ashe asked.

"What, never been in an orgy?" Sora chuckled, looking up at her.

"Um. No, I haven't..." Ashe fumbled her words.

"Well let me help you then." Riku smiled, wrapping his arms around from behind her.

He kissed her neck and pushed his hands up under her top, feeling her bare breasts. Riku pulled her top off and pushed a hand down the front of her small skirt, feeling over her soft panties.

"Girls?" Sora smiled, holding out his arms.

Lux and Ahri both stripped their clothes off in haste and then ripped his clothes off faster than either of their own. Ahri pushed him back on the bed and Lux crawled over next to him. She began to lick up one side of his cock while Ahri sucked on his balls.

"What about me?" Caitlyn said, looking around.

"We're all in this together." Riku smiled, pushing Ashe's skirt and panties to her ankles.

He picked Ashe up around the midsection and threw her on the bed.

"Well, get her!" Riku laughed, pointing at Ashe.

Caitlyn tore off her clothes and jumped on top of Ashe. Riku grinned and crawled down behind them. He spread their legs as Caitlyn made out with Ashe. Riku crawled closer and began to lick Caitlyn's waiting pussy. His hand worked its way down to Ashe's pussy and he started to finger her. Both girls squealed and moaned happily.

Sora grabbed Ahri's thigh and pulled her over to him until she was lying on top of him. Her sweet little pussy sat right above his face as licked his cock alongside Lux. Ahri moaned twitched back from his cock. Sora's tongue delved into her pink lips, making pleasure tingle through Ahri's pelvis. She leaned up and put her hands on his chest, pressing her ass over his face. Sora loved the smell of her wet and aroused pussy. While Ahri was moaning and writhing on Sora's mouth, Lux took his cock in her mouth and deep throated him without waiting. Sora moaned into Ahri's pussy as Lux's tongue circled around the base of his cock.

Riku licked deeper into Caitlyn's wet slit. His fingers her soaked and slipping easily in and out of Ashe. Both of the girls were just moaning and squirming now, both moaning for him to pleasure her more.

"Riku! Riku, fuck me! Let me feel your glorious cock inside me!" Caitlyn begged, moaning loudly.

"I think I'll fuck the new girl first." Riku said, kneeling up behind them.

He pushed their legs into a more comfortable position and grabbed Ashe's soft thighs. He pushed his cock quickly deep into Ashe, making her shriek loudly at the sudden penetration. Caitlyn sat up and scooted down Ashe's body, holding her in place while Riku's cock shoved in and out of her. Ashe moaned loudly and squirmed around beneath Caitlyn.

"Here, lick me." Caitlyn said, moving forward to straddle Ashe's mouth.

Ashe moaned loudly into Caitlyn's crotch as Caitlyn rubbed her wet pussy on Ashe's mouth.

"Sora, I want it!" Lux said, mounting him, "Oh god yes! So big!"

She settled down on his cock, stretching her pussy around him. Lux moaned loudly, rolling her pelvis around on top of him.

"Ooh...Sora...I want to fuck her too." Ahri said, getting off him.

"I'd bet, almost as tight as you." Sora said, putting his hands on Lux's waist.

"I am going to fuck her." Ahri said, climbing over behind Lux.

She started to rub her clit with a soft moan. There was a small blue glow from her fingers and her clit started engorge. It grew to a cock that rivaled Sora's and she started to rub it's length with both hands. She reached between her legs and rubbed her wet pussy and used her juice to wet the entire length of her thick shaft.

"I told you I wanted to fuck your tight little ass." Ahri said, pushing up behind Lux so she could feel her hard cock pushing against her ass.

"Wait...what?! No! Don't!" Lux cried.

"Oh damn you're tight." Ahri groaned, pushing her head into Lux's vice-like asshole.

"Oh god! It's fucking huge!" Lux howled, "It's gonna rip me in half!"

"Oh this feels great!" Ahri moaned, pushing deeper.

Lux howled and laid down on Sora's chest to try and get away. Ahri laid down on top of her and pushed her fat cock deeper into Lux's insides.

"Oh Riku! I love it! So biiig~!" Ashe moaned happily from Caitlyn's crotch, "I think I'm almost cumming! Cumming! Ahhh!"

She clenched up and wrapped her arms around herself, howling loudly. Riku kept pushing until Ashe squirted all over the bed. Riku pulled out and Ashe sank into unconsciousness.

"I think you broke her." Caitlyn said, sitting back on Ashe's breasts.

"Okay, what about you?" Riku smiled.

"Fuck it hard." Caitlyn moaned, scooting back on Ashe's unconscious body.

She laid down on Ashe and used her breasts as a pillow. Riku grabbed her hips and rammed his cock deep into her hot pussy. Caitlyn cried out in ecstasy and pressed her face into Ashe's breasts.

Sora felt Lux clench and convulse as Ahri's hard cock bottomed out inside her ass. Ahri moaned pleasurably and started to pull out.

"Oh god I feel so deep...ahh..." Lux moaned loudly, "It feels good!"

"I agree...ohh..." Ahri moaned, "Your so hot inside."

"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cuuum~!" Lux cried out.

"I can feel you tight...Oooh..." Ahri moaned, feeling Lux's ass convulse around her shaft.

"Harder Riku! Harder!" Caitlyn cried.

Riku grabbed her waist and twisted her around. He wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up off Ashe. She wrapped her arms around Riku and he bounced her up and down his cock even faster. Her legs half-heartedly wrapped themselves around his waist.

"Aaaaah!" Caitlyn howled, "Yes~!"

Riku fucked Caitlyn hard until she came in his arms. Her legs slipped down and he twisted her around until her feet touched the ground. Caitlyn hung limp and panting in his arms and he started to fuck her again. His cock shoved in and out of her, making her pant and moan weakly. Riku reached down and grasped her wrists. He kept pounding her pussy until she felt another orgasm explode through her.

"Ah...ah...I...Again...ohhh..." Caitlyn mumbled incoherently.

"Oooh...Lux...I'm gonna cum..." Ahri moaned, "I'm...gonna...fill your cum..."

Ahri made Lux squeal with pleasure by burying her cock completely inside her tight ass. Ahri moaned with her powerful orgasm. Her pussy dripped wet juices down her legs and her cock painted Lux's convulsing insides with sticky white spunk. Lux moaned happily as her insides filled with Ahri's seed.

"Oooh...Lux...I'm cumming too." Sora moaned, "We're gonna completely fill you up."

He humped into Lux's tight hole, feeling his crotch spasm with his orgasm. Cum shot in thick globs from him and into her. Lux's tight pussy filled quickly and it bubbled out around his cock, making Lux all messy with it. Lux was blissed out with the pleasure from two hard cocks pumping hot semen into her. She collapsed on Sora with another orgasm as her body jerked and spasmed. Ahri pulled her softening girl-cock from Lux and rubbed it gently, coaxing another glob or two of cum to fall onto Lux's ass. She sighed and sat back on her ankles.

"Wow she felt great." Ahri breathed.

"No kidding. Lux? Lux, you awake?" Sora asked, "Riku, we broke another one."

"Good job." Riku chuckled, setting Caitlyn down next to Ashe, "I think she's still tired from last night."

"So who do we have left? Just Ahri?" Sora asked, rolling Lux over next to Caitlyn.

The three unconscious girls looked rather humorous, grouped together and exhausted.

"Suppose so. She's magical huh?" Riku said, eyeing the flaccid cock between Ahri's legs.

"I guess...what's that?" Sora asked, turning his ear to the door.

Sora and Riku shut their mouths and heard a sound from the closed door. A girl's soft moaning was floating underneath the door. Sora got to his feet and walked over to it. Putting his ear to the door, he heard the unmistakable moans of a woman. Turning the knob, he opened the door and looked out.

Akali was sitting back against the door, her nurse dress hiked up to her waist. She had her frilly white panties pushed aside and was rubbing her wet pussy with one finger.

"Akali?" Sora asked.

"Ahh! It's not...I mean...I'm not...I...I'll just go!" She stuttered and tried to get to her feet.

"What're you doing out here?" Sora asked, walking shamelessly into the hall.

"I was" Akali only got more incoherent when she saw Sora's large cock, "I just...came to...find you all and...I found you...doing that...and...things got hot."

"Well come on. There's more flesh to go around." Sora said, holding out a hand, "Hey Riku! We got fresh pussy!"

"Really! Sweet!" Riku called from inside the room.

"I don't know...I...I think..." Akali stumbled over her words and started to back up.

"Sexual repression is bad! Your getting the shaft!" Sora said, grabbing Akali around the middle.

He picked her up and turned to the door.

"Whaa! No! Put me down! I don't...I don't think I'm know...have sex...with a man...yet..." Akali struggled in his arms.

"It's alright. Ahri can fuck you senseless then." Sora said, kicking the door closed behind him.

He set her down next to the bed.

"Ahri! have...a..." Akali was still rather flustered.

"No, it's a spell." Ahri said, "And a very good one at that."

Ahri started to rub herself until her cock started to stand up and grow.

"It's...getting big..." Akali said, staring at it.

"And it only get's bigger." Sora said, wrapping his arms around Akali.

"Eeep!" She squeaked as he pulled the top of her nurse dress down.

A pair of beautiful pale, ample breasts bounced youthfully free of their constraints.

"Those are beauties." Ahri said, moving close to Akali.

She began to toy with Akali's breasts as her cock stood up at full mast. Sora slid his hands down and lifted up her short dress. His fingers slipped quickly into her lacy panties and he felt how hot and wet she was already.

"Alright fine! Give it to me! I need it!" Akali cried, "I'm just...a little scared..."

"Scared?" Ahri smiled, looking up, "We're too big for you?"

"No...well...I don't know...but...I'm a virgin..." Akali mumbled.

"Did I hear virgin?" Riku said suddenly.

"Oh crap." Sora sighed, "Akali, I'm sorry, but you shouldn't have said that."

"Why?" She asked.

"Because I love showing virgins just how hard and much they can really cum for the first time." Riku smiled lustfully, "I am going to plow you until you die."

"Till...till I...die?!" Akali looked horrified.

"And what a wonderful death that would be." Ahri said wishfully.

"Top or bottom?" Riku asked, "It doesn't matter either way, you're getting fucked into next week."

"Now your penis causes time travel?!" Akali cried.

"Akali, just shut up." Sora groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose, "Ahri, rip her clothes off and grab her other arm."

Ahri smiled and did just that. With a single pull, she ripped Akali's dress in half and Sora tugged her panties and thigh socks off. Akali seemed to be shaking with fear as the two of them grabbed her arms. Sora nodded and they lifted her up off the ground.

"Top then." Riku smiled, lying down next to the unconscious girls.

His cock stood up tall and thick. Akali eyed it with a fearful look as Sora and Ahri hefted her on top of Riku. They spread her legs, lined her up and set her down gently.

"So...just like...this..." Akali asked, pushing down softly, Riku's head prodding her insides, " hurts!"

"That's just your hymen. It'll get better." Sora said, kneeling behind her and playing with her breasts.

"'s so's filling me up so much..." Akali moaned loudly, putting her hands down on Riku's chest, "It's starting to feel...good...ohhh~!"

"It'll only get better from here." Sora smiled, rubbing the head of his hard cock against her asshole.

"Ohh...S...Sora...that tingles..." Akali giggled, "Are...are you...gonna...put it there?"

"Yea, I was thinking about it. In the mean time, you better suck on that." Sora said, pointing at Ahri, who was straddling Riku's face.

"I...I'll try..." Akali said, intimidated by Ahri's size.

"Oooh...Riku...naughty like licking my pussy don't you?" Ahri moaned as Riku licked her wet slit, "Mmm...That feels good Akali."

Akali put a hand on Ahri's cock and began to lick around his head. Sora spit on the head of his cock and moistened it up. Gripping Akali's waist, he pushed his head inside her tight ass. Akali cried out and jumped forward, shoving Ahri's cock down her throat.

"Ohhh Akali! That feels amazing!" Ahri moaned happily.

Akali pulled back.

"S...Sora...that...that's too big...I'm gonna break..." Akali said.

"You'll stretch a little. Your a virgin here too huh?" Sora smiled, pushing his cock deeper.

"Aaahhh!" Akali moaned as Riku's cock also started to shove in and out of her.

"I've still got a hard cock here." Ahri said, snapping her fingers in front of Akali.

"Ohh...O...okay...s...sorry..." Akali mumbled, putting her hand back on Ahri's cock.

Sora pushed his cock completely into Akali's ass and Akali cried out loudly, arching her back quickly.

"S...Sora! You feel so deep! It feels like your going to...going to put me...on a...spit..." Akali moaned loudly as Riku's cock also kept pushing in and out of her.

"Sora, would you cut that out? I'm trying to get a blow job here." Ahri sighed and moaned from Riku's tongue.

"Sorry...Ahhh...Ah...Ahri..." Akali moaned, leaning back down to Ahri's cock.

She wrapped her lips around Akali's cock and began to suck on her with a renewed vigor. Sora and Riku pounded Akali's tight little holes more and more, making her howl with pleasure.

"Oooh...Akali...I'm gonna cum inside you." Sora moaned, pushing his dick back into Akali.

He pushed deep inside her and came, letting his load out deep inside her. Sora grunted and moaned happily, letting out the rest of his cum inside her. He pulled out and sat back on the bed.

"'s so hot! I can't believe it..." Akali moaned.

"Mmmm...Akali...drink my cum. Drink it all down." Ahri said, pushing her cock further into Akali's mouth.

She jerked and came in Akali's mouth. Her cum splattered out around Akali's lips and dribbled over Riku's chest. Ahri sighed and fell backwards, behind Riku.

"That was great~!" Ahri sighed, pulling a pillow under her head.

"Ahhh...Riku...something...I'm...I'm cumming..." Akali moaned, "Oohhh...yes..."

She came and collapsed completely on Riku.

"Soo...good..." Akali breathed, nuzzling Riku's neck.

"I don't know about you, but I could really learn to love this place." Sora sighed, "But then again, all the girls we have back at home..."

"Hard choice huh?" Riku chuckled, rubbing Akali's hair gently.

"Yea...we'll just have to see what happens." Sora sighed, lying back next to Ahri.

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