Simpsons: Part 1 - Bart And Lisa's Day Alone

Bart was all alone with his sister Lisa. Their parents had gone out. Since
they were alone Bart decided to watch one of Homer's porno videos. Lisa was
upstairs doing her homework like all ways. After a while Bart started getting
a hard on so he decided to pull his cock. Knowing that Lisa was doing her
homework he decided to jerk off, moaning and grunting as quietly as he could
having never felt any of this he was in his own private heaven. Then he heard
Lisa call him upstairs to get the dog out of the attic.

"Get him out on your own damn self bitch," he said.

"Forget it I have to finish my work and it's your dog."

"Stupid Lisa and her work."

He paused the porno and went upstairs. When Lisa came down stairs for
something to eat she saw the movie paused. She decided to press start to
watch it. Knowing that Bart takes a long time to get he dog out of the
attic she decided to pleasure herself like she saw Marge do once.

First she stuck one finger in her pussy liking it and moaning in pleasure,
she slowly pulled it out and in creating a small rythinm. Bart took less
time taking the dog out but said nothing knowing Lisa would want him to do
something else. He walked slowly to the living room when he saw the movie
playing. He snuck up and saw his sister fingering herself.

"Wow, sis, I never knew you liked pleasing yourself like this."

Lisa startled just froze with her finger still inside her. "Bart don't ever
do that again you bastard!"

"Now, now sis don't do something to break and leave your finger inside you."

Not really telling her that he liked what he was seeing cause he thought that
she would think worse of him. Lisa who saw Bart's cock erect decided to move
slowly towards her brother.

"Well seeing as how you are responsible for this new me, you'll have to take
good care of it."

"What are you talking about --" cut off by his sister undoing his zipper and
pulling out hi 2 inch cock.

"Oh this kind of taking care of I can do."

"Good cause I really need to be taken care of."

With nothing more to say Lisa took Bart's prick into her mouth sucking and
licking him. All Bart could do was moan. He then saw a dude licking a female
and decide to try that after he came. He took off his sister's dress so it
wouldn't disturb him and started licking.

After a while Lisa said, "Come on Bart fuck your little sister's brains out."

Bart more than happy to do it, placed his sister's cunt and placed it over
his hard ass cock.

"Oh god Bart harder, harder cum in meeeeeeee!!!"

After a while they heard a car pull up so they ran upstairs naked with their
clothes in their hands and went into Lisa's room.

Homer was passed out on the driver's seat and Marge was drunker than she has
ever been. She went inside to hear some moaning and panting coming from the
living room, she saw the porno movie on.

"Oh, Bart how could you be watching this filth. Hey you know this is kinda

Marge then decided to leave Homer in the car and took the movie to her room.

Meanwhile in Lisa's room Bart had Lisa on all fours ready to stick his cock
into his sister's sweet virgin ass. Lisa howled in pain making Marge startled
wondering if she should check on her little angel or keep sticking a 4 inch
dildo in her. (Which you think she chooses).

After 10 minutes of Bart butt fucking her Lisa was moaning and screaming in
ecstasy. Bart decided to stay asleep with his dick in Lisa's ass. Marge came
and now decided to go check up on Lisa.

"Hi, honey," said Marge barely keeping her balance, "is everything ok I heard
you scream."

"Everything is fine Bart made it all better, by the way so I won't get scared
at night can Bart sleep with me."

"Sure, honey, what ever you want."

Not knowing that Bart had his cock in his sister she went to her room and
dildoed herself into another orgasm before she went to sleep

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