Simpsons: Part 2 - Someone's Secret

The next morning when Lisa and Bart awoke, they had a quickie before going
into the bathroom and taking a shower.

Marge awoke with a huge hangover, and a satisfied grin on her face.

Homer woke up in the car, realizing it was 8:00 am; he took off to Moe�s for
his morning drink.

Marge got dressed and left her room to go to the store to buy the groceries,
and some more batteries. As she walked past her daughter�s room she heard
some light moaning but made nothing of it. As she was walking out the door
she saw Maude (Note: the story is taking place before her death ok). Maude
was wearing a tight short shirt, and some tight, tight shorts that showed of
her perfect figure. The sight of Maude was turning on Marge, and thinking of
what she would do to her, she got hotter and hornier.

As Marge left and came back from the store, she couldn�t stop thinking of
Maude and her figure.

When Marge got home she was thinking of how she could get to see Maude naked,
then she went up to the roof of their house and put up a video camera looking
into the Flanders�s bathroom. Maude saw what Marge was doing but didn�t seem
to mind. As soon as she saw Marge get off the roof and the camera was in
place, Maude started to get ready for her bath.

Maude slowly took off her clothes, teasing the camera, as to say �Come over
Marge I�m waiting for you.� When her clothes were off, she moved her hands
up to her big, full breast. Then slowly moving them down to her pussy. She
stuck one finger in then another, and slowly moved them in and out.

Marge had the camera hooked up to the TV, so she was watching what Maude was
doing. Happy she went to buy some more batteries she stuck the dildo in her
and left it there. Marge was moaning and pleasing herself while looking in at
Maude. Marge couldn�t take it anymore and took off running to the Flanders�s
home, and ran up to the bathroom. No one else was home so it was easy to go
to the bathroom without any interruptions.

Maude: �What took you so long to get here, Marge�

Marge: �Wh...what do you mean?�

Maude �Oh, come on now Marge I saw you putting up that camera on your roof
facing our bathroom.�

Marge: �Oh, you saw that, yet you still continued with what you usually do,

Maude: �Not really everything you saw, I never do that when I�m taking a
shower, I even close the blinds and lock the door.�

Marge: �Oh, so you know what I planned to do right?�

Maude slowly moved to Marge and took of her dress, and realizing she had no
panties; Maude started to stick her finger in Marge�s pussy. With that Marge
just moaned.

Marge: �Oh, oooh, oh yeah u know how to please a woman don�t you?�

Maude: �Of course you silly, billy, I was a slut for a while you know, when
I first saw you I knew that I wanted you. I just wanted to wait for an
opportunity to do you.�

Marge and Maude went into a passionate kiss for 10 minutes. Marge went down
on her neighbor and sucked her pussy dry. They then went into 69 position and
stayed like that for 30 minutes. Marge then grabbed a soap and stuck it into
Maude�s tight ass.

Marge: �Maude, why is your ass is so tight?�

Maude: �That�s because Ned never did my ass, he did my pussy twice; Rod and
Todd then I never got anymore.�

Marge with this insight reached into a drawer and took out a nice fat dildo,
�I guess she sticks this into her pussy� she thought to herself.

Marge stuck the dildo into Maude�s ass and made her scream in pain. Maude
loved it and asked for more. After a while of them sticking things into each
other, licking their poussies and French kissing, they fell exhausted.

Ned and the boys came home.

Ned: �Were home dear, the boys were angels at the retirement home�

Maude: �Oh god, here he comes with his holier than thou crap!�

Marge: �How do you put up with that?�

Maude: �I don�t know.�

As they dressed they came down and told Ned that they were just talking about
girl stuff.

As Maude walked Marge to the door, they kissed again making sure no one saw

After a while of leaving her neighbor�s home she remembered she had the
camera on the roof. When she went to go get it and the tape was gone.

Homer was home and not too happy, what will happen? Where did the tape go?
Why is Homer pissed?

More to come, I know this isn�t too good but the rest will get better

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