Simpsons: Part 3 - Blackmail And Fun

When Marge went into the room she found homer pissed off.

Marge: "what's wrong dear"

Homer: "don't `what's wrong' me Marge, you know dam straight what's wrong.
There isn't anymore fucking beer."

Marge: "Homer watch you language"

Homer: "Fuck that, they either know this words or they don't ok. Now give me
money so I can get drunk again dam it"

After Marge gave Homer the money he left happier. Marge though was still
worried, if Homer didn't have the tape then who did.

* * *

It's been 2 days since Marge and Maude fucked. Since the tape hadn't appeared
Marge didn't worry that much about it.

The next day when Maude was alone in her house, someone went over started to
feel her breast while she was in bed asleep. Maude thought it was Marge since
Ned never touched her at all. When she awoke she saw Bart, standing over her,
with her breast in her hands and a devilish smile on his face, more than
usual. Maude jumped up and demanded that Bart leave. Bart didn't like that
idea and showed Maude the tape of her and Marge fucking.

Maude: "What do you want Bart"

Bart: "I only want what every other man in Springfield wants, your ass"

With that Maude slowly lost her gown, and stripped Bart nude. Since Ned never
gave her any, she got it where it came from, even a 10 year-old. Bart wanted
to savor this so he went down and sucked Maude's pussy. Maude enjoyed this he
was better than Marge. Bart stuck one finger then two into her wet pussy.

After that Bart demanded that she get on all four. Maude didn't hesitate and
did as she was told; Bart was thinking that if she's this obedient then she
must not be getting any. Bart stuck his cock into her pussy, since she is a
virgin there; she screamed louder than Lisa on the first time, luckily they
have soundproof windows (don't ask why they just do). After pumping in and
out for one hour, they both collapsed. But Bart wasn't finished; he then
stuck his cock into her still wet pussy and fondled her breast. After both
of them came 2 times they let go and went into frenching each other for 30
minutes. As Bart was leaving he went back over to Maude and frenched her
once more before saying, "I'll be coming back for more you whore, got that?"

Maude replied, "I would love for you to come back and shove your cock in any
opening that you find."

As a week went by Bart went on doing his little sister and Maude, but Marge
ain't gotten any action since Bart was doing Maude, though Marge didn't know
why Maude stopped "inviting" her over guess it was a one time thing then.
Maude had gotten to love Bart for his cock and the pleasure he brings her.

Marge had gotten tired of not getting fucked at all, so she went to look for
someone to do. She came across a depressed Manjula. Marge seeing her there
alone and crying thought she might comfort her. She went over to talk to her
after finding out that Apu was cheating on her she divorced him. Marge
didn't know since they told no one, their marriage just faded away with no
one to remember it. Marge decided that if she couldn't get Manjula's pussy
then she would get no one.

After talking they went back to Manjula's apartment. They talked foe a while
then all of a sudden Marge started kissing her. She didn't mind and was naked
in 3 seconds. They rubbed each other's pussy, they went into the 69 licking
and swallowing each other's juices. They would fuck each other whenever they
could, but would tell no one.

Bart went on fucking his sister and Maude, Marge fucked Manjula. No one ever
found out of these relationships, maybe that was for the best

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