Timmy's Mom

Timmy's parents are Timmy's dimwitted parents. Wanting to get out of the house more often, they lie and have Vicky take care of him; they are oblivious to the fact that she is evil (even when it seems perfectly clear). They often forget his birthday, tend to punish him for situations that are beyond his control, and frequently take any possible opportunity to place Timmy in Vicky's care and have fun on their own, though they nonetheless care about him (supposedly). Many of their household appliances were made by Timmy's Dad himself such as a lawnmower and blender, though many of them are excessively dangerous. Timmy's Mom works as a real estate agent and home dealer, while Timmy's Dad is an office "pencil pusher". In the "Oh Yeah! Cartoons" series, they were only shown from the neck down. Their first names are unknown as they are referred to as "Timmy's Mom" and "Timmy's Dad" in the series. Usually, when their first name is mentioned, there is a loud noise, such as a truck beeping. Timmy's Dad apparently loves Eggnog, as what the most thing he wants is to be a Nog-Man Superhero, or have 20,000 gallons of Eggnog.

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