Pearl Slaghoople

Pearl Pebbles Slaghoople was a fictional character on the animated TV show The Flintstones. She was the mother of Wilma Pebbles Slaghoople Flintstone, who is married to Fred Flintstone. In the original series, she portrayed Fred's stereotypical antagonistic mother-in-law, acting as a nagging irritant. Her appearance was similar to Wilma's, although Pearl was noticeably heavier, similar in build to the men of Bedrock rather than the more shapely Wilma and Betty. In the original series, she had red hair like Wilma's; in later specials and films, it transitioned to gray. In the original series she was voiced by Verna Felton.

It has been stated that Pearl has four children: Jerry, Wilma, Mickey and Mica Pebble Slaghoople.

In the first few seasons of The Flintstones, Wilma's maiden name was said to be "Pebble". Pearl's maiden name was Pebble and after her marrieg with Ricky was Slaghoople, but the familian Pebble was aristocratic and famous. So Pearl gives to her childern and her maiden name and her housband name, namely Slaghoople, and Wilma's maiden name was Pebble Slaghoople.

Pearl married at twenty years old with Ricky Slaghoople, the son of wealthy Colonel Wilburh Slaghoople and rich heritage Cornell Elvira Margared Richstone. Ten months after her marriage she gave birth to their first child named Jerry, seven years after birth to their first daughter Wilma and five years after she gave birth to twin girls Mickey and Mica. Until forty-five was married to Ricky, five months one week and three days after her birthday she found Ricky with a girl twenty years old in a five star hotel, then broke Ricky and never said anything to their children.

When the series was adapted into live action films, Pearl Slaghoople was played by Elizabeth Taylor in The Flintstones and by Joan Collins in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, ironic casting choices due to the large figure of Pearl Slaghoople in the cartoon.

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