Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is portrayed as a large, fat woman. She wears a regal gown that has two skirts with white lining on the first skirt. The rest of the gown is black and red. It has a tall white collar that reaches her ears, and she wears gold earrings. The two skirts are inverted on each side. The left side of the first skirt has a red skirt, red sleeve, black cuffs, and black abdomen. The right side is vice versa, black skirt, black sleeve, red cuffs, and red abdomen. The left side of the second skirt is black with yellow lines, however, the right side is gold instead of yellow, with black lines. The second skirt is can be only seen in the front, as most of it covered with the first skirt. Also, she wears white panties with red heart prints, light gray-colored stockings, and red shoes (The Queen's panties, stockings, and shoes can be seen when the Cheshire Cat plays a prank on her in the middle of the croquet game). Her nose is round. She also wears a small gold crown. Her hair is black and tied into a tight bun with red ribbon. A few loose bangs dangle on front of her forehead, and she is always seen carrying a small wand with a red heart on the tip.

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