Sonoko Suzuki

Serena Sebastian, known in Japan as Sonoko Suzuki, is Rachel's (Ran's) best friend. Serena comes from a wealthy family with a high social status though she does not show any. She is a typical, social girl, and is usually chasing after and flirting with attractive boys. Her current boyfriend is Makoto Kyougoku, a promising martial artist whom she maintains a long distance relationship with. She admits she wants Kaito Kid and Makoto to become candidates to be her boyfriend. Sonoko's last name in the English manga is Sebastian. Her sister is named Ayako Suzuki /Ayako Sebastian (Viz) or Angie Sebastian (Funimation). She thinks Jimmy (Shinichi) is a loser and is always trying to set Rachel up on dates with new guys. Her seiyū is Naoko Matsui and her English voice actress is Laura Bailey.

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