Bunnie Rabbot

Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette (known simply as Bunnie Rabbot initially in comics) is a female rabbit, given cybernetic parts after being partially roboticized by Dr. Robotnik. In both the show and the comic, Bunnie is a member of the "Freedom Fighters" dedicated to combating the evil Dr. Robotnik. She speaks with a thick Southern accent, and shows her affection with folksy slang like "Hon'" or "Sugah".

Bunnie is a golden barefoot rabbit with light orange-brown/blonde hair, vibrant emerald-green eyes, a tuft of hair sticking down in front of her face, mainly over her left eye and between a usually-erect right ear and always floppy left ear. She wears a pink-purple leotard with a black belt that covers the parts of her torso that aren't robotic, leaving the upper chest and shoulder exposed, and Western-styled clothes on and off, usually consisting of a brown leather cowboy hat, and a brown leather cowboy jacket with tassels.

She was partially roboticized: both legs, her left arm, and shoulder are all robotic, because Dr. Robotnik tried to turn her into a robot but she was then saved by Sonic. In the cartoon and in early issues of the comic, her parts were primitive-looking, as was Dr. Robotnik's technology; a later upgrade gave her a more 'natural' shape. Despite being roboticized from the waist-down, Bunnie retains her natural tail. She originally had a pink stomach, but over time it transitioned into becoming a pink leotard. It has been confirmed by editors that her torso is also roboticized. Bunnie was shown to have a white stomach in an alternate future timeline, where she is de-roboticized. Eventually she was also restored to a fully organic form in the comics as well.

Her normal wardrobe consists of the aforementioned leotard (which is more pink than purple in the comic version), black belt, sometimes augmented by a jacket of some type (usually a cowboy jacket with tassels). More recently, she can be seen carrying a pair of revolvers and wearing a cowboy hat. Bunnie was also depicted wearing an outfit reminiscent of Daisy Duke from Dukes of Hazzard while attending Knothole High School (StH #94-95).

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