is a distant and quiet Claymore, with an occasional impulsive side. At number 47, Clare is ranked as the lowest and weakest of all Claymores. Although the series starts with Clare being the weakest Claymore, Myria, Number 6, says that when she first met her she felt that she was in the presence of the strongest Claymore. She had obtained the right arm of Irene, Number 3, after Ophelia, Number 4, dismembered her original arm and destroyed it. Teresa was a Claymore that Clare met when Clare was still human. Just like Clare, Teresa did not accept Clare's company at first, but warmed up to her and even truly began to care for her. After Teresa was killed, Clare asked the man in black to put Teresa`s blood inside of her to become a Claymore. Since Clare took in blood of a Claymore, she is less Youma than any Claymore before her, therefore she has the ability to go over the limit of a normal Claymore. During the invasion of Pieta, Clare began to awaken, Jean, using the last of her yoki, syncs with Clare. After Jean died, her yoki is kept in Clare as a sort of mental block. After Clare defeated Ophelia (Awakened), she would have been rank 4 had she not deserted the Organization.

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