Eliade (エリアーデ Eriāde?) was a Level 2 Akuma. She was a beautiful woman as a human and became obsessed with beauty and shopping once she evolved from her Level 1 form. Although her beauty let her become a popular woman, her Akuma nature always made her feel ugly. Even so, she felt incomplete and wanted to love someone else, but as an Akuma, she believed that was impossible for her. After some time, she met Krory and was the only person to live with him in his castle. He later kills her after learning she was an Akuma. Before her death, Eliade said she wanted to love Arystar Krory. Eliade wanted to believe that Krory was a vampire and always told him so because she did not want to feel alone. She could produce bubbles that absorb all the water inside the victim's body. She is voiced by Maya Okamoto in Japanese and Brina Palencia in English.

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