Paulina is a non-gymnastic cheerleader and the most popular girl at Casper High School. She is voiced by Maria Canals. Paulina has a Hispanic background and a accent that is a mixture of Valley Girl and the slight Hispanic accent that Spanish speakers who become fluent in American English sometimes retain. She is 15 years old, celebrating her birthday in the episode "Memory Blank". In the episode "What you want" Tucker and Danny both take control of Paulina's body, replacing Paulina's voice with Danny and Tucker's voices. 

Her father spoils her and is shown to be extremely egotistical. Since "Parental Bonding", it has been shown that Danny has a nearly obsessive crush on Paulina. The two of them dated in "Lucky in Love", although it is revealed halfway through the episode that Paulina is being overshadowed. Paulina (having no memory of the events that happened while she was overshadowed) still has no interest in Danny Fenton, but grows madly in love with his alter ego, Danny Phantom (she even has a shrine to him in her locker, complete with candles), since he has saved her on more than one occasion. But that wasn't the only time Danny and Paulina have dated once when Danny asked Paulina to the dance. Their relationship had Sam in the pits. When Danny and Paulina dated Sam was in a rage of jelousy seeing as she had a secret crush on him. At the end Paulina tells Sam in the bathroom during the dance, she thought Sam and Danny were dating, so she tried to steal Danny to make Sam jealous. 

In "Reality Trip", Paulina (along with the rest of the world) finds out the connection between Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom and kisses him, putting Sam into a jealous rage. She also says at the time that she can get used to "Paulina Fenton" (Which is a reference to the episode "Pirate Radio"). Despite the "Paulina Fenton" comment, it is generally believed that Paulina was only into Danny for the Phantom, and it has been said that the chances of those two being happy together long-term are slim to nil. However the revelation of him continuing to protect the entire school, despite the way he's treated there, may also have been the influence of her statement. In "Forever Phantom", she met Danny Phantom and she decided to fall in love as if she could remember that he was a true hero, chasing him as a mob of fans. 

Now that Danny's identity is revealed at the end of "Phantom Planet" it is likely that she will try to steal him away from Sam, this of course will most likely lead to rejection and a growing envy towards Sam (something that Paulina will likely hate having).

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