Ember McLain is a hard rocking ghost girl who feeds off the idol worship in teenagers. Ember's appearance, song, and character in general, portrays her as a ghostly embodiment of teenage rebellion and disobedience to authority figures. 

Ember has long blue hair put into a ponytail at the top of her head held back, she has two flock of hair in front of her face which from an angle makes it look like an "m" and purple lipstick. Her clothing consists of a black choker around her neck while her upper body consists of a black tanktop exposing her midriff, one long glove that coves most of her right arm and one black bracelet on the left arm. She also wears a pair of what appear to be leather pants with a silver belt and skull boots
Ember is a hard-rocking ghost teen with disrespect towards any kind of authority figure, she obviously has a great amount of pride in her singing abilities, as she wanted revenge on Dark Danny in The Ultimate Enemy for destroying her vocal cords. She also has somewhat of a childish personality (whilst frequently shouting 1970's phrase such as "dipstick") due to her hatred she shares with Youngblood when it comes to adults, and distressed when things don't go the way she wants (Fanning The Flames). 

She is not above revenge since in all the episodes she was featured as a villain she has either tried to hurt Danny or anyone who defeated her or annoys her in any sort of way. Ember also could get really low in her schemes when it comes to world conquest as she has used her music to control people, whether it's only for mind control or by changing one's emotions. Despite being a dangerous enemy, she is not insane or murderous like other ghosts in the series (in fact, she could be considered nothing more than a teenager with her own little desires).
Being a ghost, Ember has many of the same abilities as other ghostly characters on the show; including: flight, Invisibility, Intangibility, and ghost rays. She also appears to have pyrokinesis, using her flaming hair at least once--adding to her given name. Whenever people cheer for her, the effect seemingly causes her hair to flare wildly and her eyes to glow, thus rapidly increasing her power. If people don't chant her name her fiery ponytail goes off, rendering her powerless. 

She is an expert electric guitar player. In the episode Fanning the Flames, she uses the guitar as a weapon when she plays a ghostly "love song" to place Danny under a love spell. This in turn makes him fall in love with Samantha Manson, his "platonic" girlfriend. The effect is broken by the end of the episode.

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