Hinano Kurahashi

Kurahashi's personality is best described as "yurufuwa" (a person who is warm, gentle, and relaxing). She is an energetic and positive girl and is always seen with a smile on face regardless of whether she's trying to assassinate Korosensei, or whatever else. She's an animal and nature lover as shown inChapter 56. She was also noted to be a "reliable assistant" for the group of boys who are on the path to becoming "sleazebags." This stems from the fact that she has older siblings who are all boys and as a result can handle even the sleaziest talk. She is a very soothing and calming person and is described as being innocent and genuine. She is also good at making money, particularly being able to assess the price of the stag beetles she was hoping to capture and sell and at the end of the manga managing to get parents to pay her handsomely to take their kids on nature hikes.

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