Roxy has power over animals. Roxy is the last Earth fairy, whom the Wizards of the Black Circle pursue, in order to imprison. The Winx fairies' newest mission is to protect Roxy from the evil Wizards of the Black Circle, who are after her. Roxy has waist-length, hot pink hair with yellow tips, and eyes of arbitrarily interchanging violet and amber colour. She also lives in Gardenia, just like Bloom, and is described as out-going. The Winx girls noticed her in the coolest bar in town-and got to befriend with her later in the series-where her father and herself work: The Frutti Music Bar. As the fairy of animals, she owns a pet dog, Artù, whom she loves very much. Her Fairy outfit theme colour was revealed to be dark green, in subtle contrast with Layla's aquamarine tone.

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