Mirta is a kind hybrid fairy/witch who stands out quite prominently from the other witches of Cloud Tower. Her sweet and shy nature makes her a target of ridicule and scorn there, except for her roommate and childhood friend Lucy. Mirta doesn't think the fairies are bad and even attempts to help Bloom on one occasion. For interfering in the Trix's business, she is turned into a pumpkin for the second half of the first season. Flora keeps the pumpkin in her room and takes care of it affectionately, trying several times to turn her back. By the end of the first season, she is turned back into a girl and becomes a transfer student to Alfea. Each time the Winx Club goes to Cloud Tower, Mirta joins them as a guide. She is seen in Winx form in the 10th episode of the third season. Her winx outfit is a pink spaghetti strap top with a matching skirt as well as blue boots and blackish-blue gloves. Her wings are pale purple. In the movie, Mirta is featured a couple of times. When Stella, Musa, Flora, Tecna and Layla are graduated, she cheers them. When Mandragora attacks Alféa, she takes down one of her monsters. Finally she appears, when the teachers, pixies and fairies restore Alfea after the battle.

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