Yuffie Kisaragi

Yuffie Kisaragi, is an optional playable character and daughter of the leader of Wutai, who feels her country has lost its former glory and has become a resort town. Yuffie is prone to motion sickness and obsessively steals and collects Materia, originally having joined the party with the intention to steal theirs. After Yuffie joins the party in Final Fantasy VII and they enter Wutai, Yuffie steals their materia and hides, only to be kidnapped by the crime lord Don Corneo. After being rescued, she returns the stolen materia and continues working with the party. Yuffie appears within Before Crisis when the player Turk visits Wutai and they are forced to work together in order to survive. In Advent Children, she reunites with the group to fight against Bahamut SIN, and the film's prequel novella "Case of Yuffie" details how Geostigma spread to Wutai and the measures Yuffie took to find a cure. Yuffie reappears in Dirge of Cerberus to help Vincent and aid the WRO in their fight against Deepground, and makes brief cameos in Crisis Core; after Zack encounters her, she enlists his help to find treasures in several side missions. Outside of her Final Fantasy VII series role, Yuffie has appeared in Kingdom Hearts,Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts : Chain of Memories, Ehrgeiz, and Itadaki Street Portable. She is voiced by Yumi Kakazu in Japanes. For the English releases of Kingdom Hearts and Advent Children, Christy Carlson Romano voices Yuffie, while Mae Whitman voices all other appearances

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